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Icon 437 22-1/2

Icon 437 22-1/2" x 18-1/2" x 6" Bottom Drain Holding Tank

Icon 437 22-1/2
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The mounting of a toilet is strengthened with built-in reinforcement
Fittings are provided in three sizes a 3" threaded fitting, a 2" slip fitting, and a fitting 3"ID/7"OD
There is no need to add any other fittings
It has a bottom drain and can hold up to 8 gallons of liquid
The dimensions of the piece are 22 inches. The size of this sheet is 5" by 18". Size 5 x 6

Questions & Answers

Approximately how many gallons are there? Do we have a chance at accurately calculating the amount instead of guessing?

A ten-gallon tank was purchased by us

How big is the hole on the bottom? Did you take a measurement?

From front to back, and from side to side, the hole is oriented exactly at the center and is

In what part of the house is the top drain located?

There is a toilet in the middle, as there are more than one.

Is it possible to use a residential toilet, or do I need to use one in the RV?

If you're traveling in an RV, you'll need a Despite their weight, they are quite portable. As I sat on a rv toilet, I could feel it bend a little. It is not uncommon for porcelain toilets to be quite heavy.

Selected User Reviews For Icon 437 22-1/2" x 18-1/2" x 6" Bottom Drain Holding Tank

I like this trailer upgrade very much

got it to install on our RV as a cheaper alternative to Sealand toilets. I found it to be the perfect tool The top of this one has a toilet flange and a vent fitting, and on the bottom is a standard black tank drain fitting. Besides being textured, the top is strengthened by internal bracing and the walls are thick. Flexibility is nonexistent in this case. Black is the original color, but I painted it white so that it looks A great mod for the Xbox 360 that was relatively simple to create.

Esperanza Hayes
Esperanza Hayes
| Jan 19, 2021
The icon for the black tank is 8 gallons

A few pictures are shown below. An outlet is located at the bottom of the device. Even the inside of it has four enforcements to make it stronger.

Christina Mendez
Christina Mendez
| Jul 18, 2020
There is no connection between these two

Compared with the shower base that it is sold with, this holding tank is a full 2 inches wider. The black holding tank under the white shower base can be seen, and it is two inches wider than it used to be. You want to know how you're going to work A call to Amazon was unsuccessful because they are unable to provide a phone number.

Isla Goodwin
Isla Goodwin
| Mar 08, 2021
This is the perfect shirt for school

This is the perfect shirt for school. Six inches of the floor were raised before the liquid was dripped My first hole was drilled in the floor of the bus for drainage, and my second one was drilled through the ceiling. Important things to keep in mind It sits too close to the flange, and the vent hole sits too far from it. It is likely that if you have a hand flush on the same side as the vent hole it will block it. When this happened to me, I just turned 90 degrees directly out of the vent and towards the back corner of the bathroom, before turning 90 degrees up and.

Khaleesi Bennet
Khaleesi Bennet
| Mar 26, 2021
The new black tank is here

In my Trailmanor I needed a recirculating toilet, so I bought this. Install was simple and required only about a 1" move of the existing drain pipe. Is about 5 inches in length. The top can be mounted directly on a low profile. My camping toilet looks much better now that I have added trim around the tank.

Clyde Valdez
Clyde Valdez
| Aug 04, 2020
I am happy with this product

I used it to convert my cargo trailer to a It would have been nice if they offered a larger size.

Mia Li
Mia Li
| Jul 14, 2021
There is a direct connection between the toilet and the wall

Indirectly mounted to the floor, it sits flush with the floor and connects directly to the toilet.

Renata Horne
Renata Horne
| Nov 06, 2020
It is evident that quality has been provided

Because it does not have to be installed under the bus conversion, I prefer it. There's enough space under the toilet for it. Some people said that the outlet opening was 1. I thought I read that. Is about 5 inches in length. 3 inches is the exact measurement of mine. So far I have not installed it, but it looks like it will be a good.

Alayna McDaniel
Alayna McDaniel
| Jun 10, 2021

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