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Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 25 Gallon Capacity (25895) , Blue

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 25 Gallon Capacity (25895) , Blue

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 25 Gallon Capacity (25895) , Blue
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Polyethylene, zinc-plated steel and aluminum are used in the manufacture of the product
The double wheel swivels mounted on an extra-large mounting plate, which provides easy maneuverability, are front-mounted for easy maneuvering
It has been designed to have a smooth and quiet rolling mechanism
The device is equipped with a quality, 3-inch conventional waste valve that is simple to use and provides reliable operation
You no longer have to lift or turn your tote tank to take it out, simply open the waste valve 3" until the water runs out
This item has dimensions of 11 by 5 inches by 24 inches by 37 inches

Questions & Answers

It has the auto stopfill shutoff like the theftford tank, right?

HI Joann, there is a fill gauge in the tank that shows the level of the tank. A shutoff on the tank isn't a good idea because the hose from your camper to your tank might still be full when the shutoff is made. There was no way to remove You can shut off the valve on your RV so the flow does not enter the tank line until the gauge indicates when to do so. We do not recommend running your sewer line directly into the tanks. These can be used when your tank is full to empty into. Buying the RV tank larger than the Barker tank prevented a problem of the RV tank containing more fuel than the Barker tank It is my understanding that most travel trailers have a tank of no more than 40 gallons. This should be of some help You are welcome to ask for clarification if needed. It is a float indicator that signals how full the tank is, so to be exact.

Is there a handle or a hitch with the tote?

In the opinion of the manufacturer, yes. On the other hand, when I purchased this tote from Amazon, it did not arrive with a bag. reach out to Barker to get his phone number.

Is pulling with a motorized vehicle on a gravel road possible? A round trip of just over a mile would be required. ?

The truck I use to pull my mine travels almost a mile one way. There are potholes and ruts on the dirt roads where I'm pulling the trailer. The plastic may rub on a few places, but overall, it A good set of tires would be a good investment.

Is it in stock and when can I order now, June 20, 2016? It says it will take from 1 to four months to ship. ?

I hope you have received yours by now. Although you posted more than 13 months ago, I still haven't heard from you. My order was placed in hopes that it would arrive in time for a planned trip to the Bahamas An excursion to the docks. Taking into account my schedule, the estimated delivery time was convenient. I have been receiving updates that it has not yet even been prepared for shipping, and the new ETA is 3 days after I was due to depart. As soon as I receive it, I will post my own review.

Selected User Reviews For Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 25 Gallon Capacity (25895) , Blue

Poo! There is so much of it! There was a failure of the tank at the connection of the front wheels

It was only when I was towing the heavily laden tank slowly through a campground that I noticed this defect. All the fellow campers were staring at me as I crept by at first, so I just greeted each of them with a friendly wave and went about my business. As I glanced into my mirror, I grasped why the fellow campers were looking at me so intently. As a result, I was faced with a wide expanse of blue liquid horror because of my defective poo bag, so I did what any reasonable semi-human would do It would be the behavior of an intoxicated man. Suddenly, I was moving faster! I believed that by increasing speed, I was winning the battle against the feces, because I could see the dump station and the stream was narrowing before me, but I overlooked another simple rule of physics, which in this case was Newton's Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and in this case my frantic attempts to outrun a trail of poop led to the front wheels of my truck ripping off just yards from a dump station, creating a massive puddle of urine that covered my truck completely. Barker, you've come up with a terrific product.

| Jan 27, 2021
Detailed specifications for this product

Due to the difficulty in finding product details, the following information is being provided There are four sizes of Barr's 25, 32, and 42 gallon shipping containers A pneumatic tote that rolls on wheels A AlongTM tote tank is designed to be a quiet, smooth rolling RVs of nearly every size can be accommodated with these tank capacities. Whenever a tow-in is used As a result, A quality, 3-inch, sub-surface tank is included in the "base" tank. For easy use and dependable performance, a conventional waste valve measures 15 inches in diameter. You no longer have to lift up your tote tank to empty it the 3" waste valve does the trick. With our pneumatic wheels, we offer bearings on the axle, a grease fitting, and 10" and 6" premium wheels with up to 50 PSI. Tote bags are available in 16, 25, 32, and 42 gallon capacities and feature durable construction and a depth of 3. 5 inches A along is constructed from blow-molded plastic Stainless steel, polyethylene, and aluminum molded into a single piece. front of the vehicle The mounted double wheel has two spokes The swivel is designed to be easily maneuverable, and it has a heavy-duty frame This mounting plate is heavy duty and extra large. I agree with all 4 The Wheel Tote has two wheels Detailed instructions are included with the accompanying alongs. There are two- The 2-year extended warranty contains two 3" bayonet caps plus one 3/4" cap. A 3"x5' sewer hose is also included. There are two 3" bayonet adapters, and two stainless steel 3" hose clamps. The product consists of a towing handle, a filler hose assembly, and one full tank indicator. * BBR>026F 14G 22H 5I 1132R 3D Dimensions 11. 35" x 3. 75" x 18". The dimensions of this item are 5" x 17" x 37"*11. 11" x 24" x 37" while 5 1/2" x 24" x 37" at the widest part. Size of the plate is 5" x 24" x 45". The dimensions of this unit are 0" x 24" x 45"*hr>*Handle removed and front facing Web page- Turning the wheels 90 degrees.

Justice Benjamin
Justice Benjamin
| Apr 26, 2021
I loved this unit except for the cheap sewer hose that needs assembling, the useless bobber gauge, and the axel that comes The photo shows a well-built unit with rubber inflatable tries instead of the cheap looking tires we see

What's the problem with Barker not putting an accurate picture There is a sewer hose that comes with it that is very inexpensive. In the instructions for assembly, it is acknowledged that assembling the sewer hose is hard, so why would they include something that is hard to assemble It would make more sense to put in the short carriescot Campco made for these sacks. If the tote came with a quality sewer hose that didn't require a lot of effort to assemble, it would have been a five-star bag. To avoid breaking a fingernail, they even suggest the use of a hair dryer to extend the hose so they can attach the sewer fittings. You stupid fool! Do you think it might be possible for Barker to improve its ad and product? I am buying a Campco hose for $19 that should have come with this tote. I should receive a check for at least 19 dollars from Barker. This review cost me $28 for my fee as a consultant. Actually, Barker, you can buy the quality hoses at a good wholesale price, pass on the extra cost to your customer, and make them happy with all your quality products instead of having to include What was the cost of the sewer hose and fittings included with the kit? Is it 20? One of this product's weak links is the bobber gauge, which needs to be replaced since mine failed on the water test. There needs to be some way to gauge these tanks properly. The following update Tuesday, September 12 Since about 3 months ago, I have been using the unit in the mountains of Wyoming. I have gone from sea level about halfway up the Californian coast to around 7000 feet in the Wyoming mountains. A sudden increase of air pressure caused the unit to expand. As a result, the axle holding the rear wheels on the tank came loose. In the instructions there is no mention of this. As a result, it was very challenging to remove the force fit caps that held the wheels on the axle, thus allowing the axle to be replaced So that this does not happen again, I will remove the small cap before I travel. So far, the tank seems to be working well.

Delaney Brewer
Delaney Brewer
| Apr 09, 2021
I love it

Sewer hoses had pinholes all the way through. The wheels on this have been upgraded, so that's great. As soon as the sewer hose came out of the bag, it was pinholed, but I just used the trailer one. Even though the hose was stupid, the new wheels are so good that I'm not taking a star away. These are some pictures of the event.

Maurice Cameron
Maurice Cameron
| Jul 25, 2021

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