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Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford

Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford

Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford
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Developing Ford headlights with aerodynamics that can be adjusted from the rear
Skins are included in the package
With the 4mm hex screw and roller clutch, infinite settings are possible

Questions & Answers

What is the fit of this tool on a 2002 Ford ?

My 2003 Ford F150 would not accept the aftermarket headlights. A total of 4 are present. A 5mm adjuster fits this tool, while this one is a Check the size of your adjusters with a caliper before ordering or go to your local retailer where you can return them

What is the fit of this tool on a 2014 Ford F150 headlight?

As far as Richard is concerned, I was using it on my F-05 There is no better tool for the job than it. I have a 4mm allen type adjustment screw on my headlight. Turning toward the driver side, clockwise, if you are looking at the vehicle from the front. By placing the screw on the back top edge of the headlight assembly, it is possible to adjust the vertical adjustment only. Try a visual check or use a cresent wrench to find out the size. For comparison, visit your local auto parts store to find a 4mm socket. One way to find out how things work is that way. Measuring it would also be a good option. Four millimeters is less than three sixteenths of an inch. It would be worth your time to contact the parts department at a Ford dealer. If they are able to help verify the size and location of the adjustment, it would be much appreciated. With respect to the tool itself, I wishheadlight assemblies could all be adjusted in a uniform way, using this tool if necessary. Taking three minutes was not hard for me. You are located 25 feet from a concrete wall at a school or a supermarket in your community. A wide spot of clean, crisp light is achieved even with high beams that equal the height of the center of the Hope you have a great time.

Can this only be used on Fords? What about the headlamps on a 2001 Tacoma?

My CVPI2002 works with this tool, and I ordered it specifically for Ford CVPI models. As far as Tacoma is concerned, I am not certain if it is compatible. You might want to do a printout You can cut out the tool's picture, and show it to a mechanic, or a Snap-it tech Check with the tool vendor or on to see what their opinion is. Thank you for your help As you can see, I ordered the item when I ordered replacement headlamps for my Ford the item was recommended.

How can you replace the headlights on a 2002 Ford Taurus SE with this tool?

There's a knob for adjusting the direction of the headlight beam, but we didn't use it.

Selected User Reviews For Lisle 14540 Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford

The tool is fantastic, but you must use it very carefully

The tool is really handy for adjusting headlights that use a 4mm adjuster. Depending on your car, adjusting the screw counterclockwise might be a better option Going in a clockwise direction too much may cause you to face difficult circumstances. I had to adjust the headlights in my 2003 Crown Victoria, the headlights were pointing straight down and not forward. Right and left adjustments were easy, but the adjustment for up and down proved to be a big In order to turn around, I had to go counterclockwise In order to aim up, rotate clockwise. Once I reached the correct height, I realized my wrench was stuck in the base. Here's a wrench that can be used double-sided The wrenches are two-sided and ratcheting, so you can't switch between clockwise and counterclockwise without taking them apart and flipping them. During adjustment of the bolt, my wrench became stuck between its handle and the engine bay metal. I would get stuck more if I turned the wrench, since trying to go clockwise will only ratchet the screw, instead of tightening. As a result, only the headlights could be removed in order to free the wrench. Right? That sounds simple enough, doesn't it? With all that pressure being applied to the retaining clip, it won't stay in place. There was no way I could get the clip out no matter what I did. The clip does not really want to come out the only way to get it loose is to pull hard enough. I did that, got the clip out but my fingernail split in half. Anyway, nothing we can do about it. During the time the car was unattended, I adjusted the headlight, and soon after, I replaced it. A higher goal still had to be set. In order to raise the headlight more upward, I had to use the screw on the BOTTOM adjuster (not adjustable with a wrench, I used pliers) in the opposite direction of clockwise rotation. I did this by taking off the headlight and turning the screw. This time I used a ratchet handle for leverage and pulled with both hands as hard as I could. result was that the ratchet slipped, letting my finger slide past the clip, and tearing a large chunk of skin off of Now that the headlight has been adjusted one last time and reinstalled, it is in the proper alignment. So, all in all, this tool does the job it is It is important to be very careful with this tool, as you could easily hurt yourself or damage it. For the record, I would attribute more of the blame to the headlight design of Ford My CVPI has been pretty easy to work on for the most part, but the headlights have given me some pretty gnarly injuries for a job which should have been easy and painless.

Khalani Haas
Khalani Haas
| Jul 15, 2020
You can make what seems like a difficult task very simple and fast

It was time to replace the headlight housings on my 2006 Ford F-150 I noticed the lights were high on the lights of my 150 4x4 Supercab. From a couple of drivers approaching me, I was getting some flashes of their high beams. After reading the reviews here, I decided to give this tool a try. After learning that there is a tool to help me with these issues, I decided to give it a shot. According to Amazon, it won't fit my truck, but a reviewer on this site didn't have any trouble with it and I did too. By using a seam as a reference point, I adjusted both headlights down to the garage door, aiming the headlight at the garage door. By turning the screws in to aim down and back out to aim high, you basically adjust the aim. That's all there is to did not have to struggle to move the screws either. In the event that I have to rephrase the question In the event the headlights are aimed lower than they need to be, there will be no way to settle the issue. To sum up, I would like to bring them up just a bit. In my opinion, I decided to purchase this tool because it saves me time and is worth the money. This way, I am not spending my weekend on a 3 hour task, but rather, a 5 minute task.

Harlan Braun
Harlan Braun
| Jul 06, 2020
Despite the fact that the compatibility statement indicated it would not fit my Ford Ranger, This suggests Ranger owners might want to take that statement with a grain of salt

I painted the handle myself to prevent rust after trying to prevent rust with other coatings. Basically, it is a two-way rachet that when you flip it around, it spins in the other direction. As a result of the price and the poor quality of the handle, I deducted one star.

Opal Sullivan
Opal Sullivan
| Jan 14, 2021
How to adjust the headlights of the Ford Crown Vic P71 from an easy vantage point! The headlights on a 2008 Ford Crown Vic P71 were adjusted using this tool

The only wrench I own is a 4mm but I have hundreds of different types. A tool like this can solve that problem. The bolts fit perfectly and the process was so simple that it made no sense. The only thing I had to do was remove the cover, turn on the lights against the garage door, and adjust the lights to where I thought they should be. It took me just a few minutes to do this. It's going to be possible to make some final tweaks to them when I drive in the dark again. The headlight assembly has come about fully adjusted. It barely touched the bolt due to the angle at which it was angled. As soon as the tool was adjusted, there was plenty of space for putting it on or taking it off. The spring clips on the tool need to be kept track of. It's not that they fell off, but they do wiggle free. In this tool, there is no ratcheting mechanism. It has a smooth turning mechanism and is only used one way. I need to turn the tool around to go in the opposite direction. Actually, that may be a better approach than rough ratcheting. With plenty of length, the handle is able to reach either adjustment bolt. If you use pliers or vise locks, you might damage your adjusters. You can download this tool here. The first time you use this method, you'll never go back to any other method. Some tools are like that. It's worth the investment every time you need it, although you might only need it once every few years.

Raina Hays
Raina Hays
| Oct 06, 2020
A need for it will arise

It is a tool you make use of when you are in need. After my original headlight housings lost their clarity, I replaced them with a new pair on my 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. I really need this tool for my particular application because other types of tools won't fit due to very little clearance.

Kyng McPherson
Kyng McPherson
| May 10, 2021

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