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TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only) TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only) TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only)

TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only)

TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only) TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only) TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only)
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Design with a contemporary look and feel
The new E-Max flushing system has a low consumption rate GPF/4 of 28GPF. Eighth-line Phase Factor)
A collection of Drake's work
A wide 3-Inch flush valve is 125% larger than the conventional 2-Inch flush valve for fast flushing
Included in this package are trims and couplings

Questions & Answers

Are all the items in this order included? All parts of the tank must be supplied, along with the lid. ?

There is a tank, lid, and internal parts included with the kit.

Can this tank be used with what kind of bowls?

The unit was complete when I purchased it, and the tank broke while I was I do not know what else it could be used for. This is a TOTO CST744SG-* Drake 2 is the 01 version Sanagloss toilet with elongated bowl and sanagloss from a one-piece design. Glazed Cotton White, 6 GPF

What is the size of this tank? Will it fit with the Toto C744EG#01 drake sanagloss elongated bowl?

There is only one option that you will need This component is used with ST743E, ST743ERB, ST743ER, and

This tank is designed to meet standard 3717c001 of the American National Standards Institute. Are you looking for information about the Cadet 3 flowise elongated toilet bowl model 020?

Although I am not certain, it does not seem likely that it would be compatible with another tank.

Selected User Reviews For TOTO ST743E#03 Drake Tank with E-Max Flushing System, Bone (Tank Only)

A replacement part that is exactly the same as the original

It's probably good for the soul to confess. It is impossible to know. Earlier this month, my wife noticed that the piece that attaches the toilet tank to the bowl in our bathroom was slightly loose. There was a slight rocking sound when one stood on it (yes, I was the one at six) He weighs 220 pounds and is 3 feet tall. Sitting down, she listened to the news. As I reached back, I realized that the bolts connecting the bottom of the tank to the rear part of the bowl are actually loose, and the nuts (the hardware fasteners) that secure them were actually spinning freely. I thought it would be easy to My intention is to tighten the nuts a bit so they aren't loose by holding a 1/2" wrench between the wall and the toilet. The left and right side nuts on the fastener weren't a Unfortunately, I failed to tuck the right side in completely. I got it snug, then I thought another quarter turn would be enough. I was wrong. As water began to drip from the bottom of the tank, I heard a loud crack. As I cleaned up the mess, I set up a bucket to catch the drips. Toto (drake model) toilet installation from around the turn of the century. I am looking for a "sand beige" tank to match. contractor I work with - His vendors confirmed this with him. There is nothing. In my mind, $400 was way too much to spend on a The Mid-West is a great supplier to search for on Amazon They had seven replacement tanks that were identical to the original. 5 days later, the package arrived in Idaho. It shipped the same day. I thought it was a good fit. During the time it took my contractor to replace it, I'd say it took him Here are the lessons the contractor learned You may need to finger tighten the nuts from beneath if the tank becomes loose. You will see two huge, flat screws underneath the tank when you take a look inside. You can tighten them up using a screwdriver to just barely hold them in place. My brain is unable to comprehend why that process would work better and/or avoid damage. Toto toilets deserves a pat on the back for supporting their older models and Amazon deserves a shout-out for making it so easy for me to find a replacement tank at such a.

Emery Schmidt
Emery Schmidt
| Aug 04, 2021
Toto Drake will replace ST743S#01 with this 28 GPF model

The toto drake tank I bought recently had cracked, so I needed to order a replacement, but the ST743S#01 model that matches my broken tank was not available for shipment. There is no 1 in California, I found that by searching. It is no longer possible to sell toilets or tanks with a capacity of 6 GPF. In order to order a replacement tank, I had to order the TOTO ST743E#01, which is a There is a 28 GPF difference between 1 and 28 GPF. This will result in 6 GPF. #01 in ST743S. In terms of the flapper assembly, the main difference is. As far as I can tell, the handle, the fill valve, tank shape and lid appear to be identical along with the bolt pattern. My preference is to use the ST743S#01 with the red flapper instead of the ST743E#01 with the plastic E max valve. Naturally, I removed the blue assembly from the cracked bowl, and installed it in the replacement My fill valve needs to be replaced this evening. As compared to my Korky 528T that I installed a few years ago, it is quite noisy. Having been disappointed with the original Toto Drake toilet however, I had the ability to order a replacement tank within a couple days after contacting customer service. It was very noisy at the fill valve, so I deducted a star.

Emmy Whitaker
Emmy Whitaker
| Jun 03, 2021
1 has been replaced with 2

The tank fits perfectly in the 6 gallon capacity. It was a mistake that I placed this order. If I were ordering the 1, I would have ordered I would not have got in such a hurry to order and not done research until after I had placed my order as I would have liked to have found the model 6 model like the cracked tank it was replacing. I went ahead and used the toilet because there it was, and it was broken. This does in fact replace the 1.
It replaces the 1. as has been indicated by others. This is perfect for 6. As an upgrade to a 1, it would be a bolt-on. My guess would be yes. Although the tank itself appears identical, it appears that only certain parts inside have been modified so that it doesn't fill to the same level. We rarely ever even bother giving ours the full 1 because we rarely give ours the full flush. It flushes fine so I was pretty sure it would. The flush number is 6. One thing I don't really care for is the unique flush valve designed specifically for this system. Taking less time to open , it gives a stronger flush, which undoubtedly helps to balance out the lost time. It will use 32 gallons of water per flush, but it is highly unlikely you will be able to find a replacement at the hardware store You can look for a store that sells plumbing supplies well stocked. The possibility exists.

Jovie Stephens
Jovie Stephens
| Jun 07, 2021
Because of the crack, I was glad to find that user error was responsible

The tank in my five-year-old car had cracked when it started leaking after I tightened it. During the process of installing the new one, I learned that my old one was incorrectly installed There was a leak and a crack in the pipeline because it was installed wrong. One washer and nut per bolt was used by the installer, In the left nut and washer set, the rubber washer was tightened to the tank (to prevent leaks), and the right nut and washer set attached the tank to the base. They forgot the nut that tightens the rubber washer to the tank. Therefore, there was a leak. In addition, if I tightened the only nut there I would crack The fact that the crack was a result of an error by the user made me happy because I use Toto products and will continue to do so. It is very straightforward to install. I did find that contrary to other reviewers, my lid fit perfectly and there wasn't even a wobble in it, and I tightened it until it touched the three points specified in the instructions. When screwed down tight enough in order to get it on the base, other users said the lid wobbled and the tank cracked. WHY YOU NEED TO KEEP THESE If you are tightening the tank, just keep in mind that you are basically screwing together two teacups. Try to stay patient. Ceramic is used for it. Although I do not know if it helped, I held my arm over the top of the tank and gently pushed it Additionally, I stopped every time a scraping sound could be heard The margins for error are extremely small when it comes to ceramics. As you are instructed, proceed.

Jolie Fleming
Jolie Fleming
| Apr 27, 2021
I like the toilet once I get the pieces that are not damaged

It is a great toilet, but we purchased three of them. During the cooking process, one bowl broke. I replaced it. There was a hairline crack in one tank. I ate the purchased item because the return window had already expired, so I bought the tank instead. When it was received, the tank was shattered, but the packaging looked as if it wasn't original. A part of the issue is UPS dumping the boxes in their trucks, which is not the only problem. As far as I can tell, we have 3 Toto Drakes all working. We have no clogs or back ups anymore. The designs are excellent.

Raya Moody
Raya Moody
| Jul 17, 2021

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