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Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit

Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit

Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit
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Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower, Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower, Fiskars StaySharp Reel Mower, and most other reel mower blades can be restored with this product
The kit consists of lapping compound, an application brush, two fittings, a hand crank, and a step-by-step instruction manual Instructions on how to use
By applying the lapping compound to the blades with the brush and using the hand crank to turn the reel backward, you can use it to sharpen blades
A lifetime warranty is included

Questions & Answers

Does this kit sharpen knives more than once, or does it serve as a one-time sharpening system (meaning I will need to buy another after ?

My Fiskar's sharpener had enough sharpening compound in the container to repeat the process more than once after I used it the first time. It's something you'll only need to do once every few years, so I expect the kit to last a long time. Of course, the brush and the sharpening tool ought to last for a very long time as well.

It is unclear what the reviews are saying. How well does this product work on an 18 inch Staysharp Max reel mower?

The answer is yes. In addition to sharpening a BRILL mower, I used the kit.

Would it be possible to bring this mower (18" staysharp max reel) to a local lawn mower repair shop to get it sharpened? What do you do when you move and begin to collect more and more ?

The sharpener you have at home may work just fine, but you should consult a That is what I would have done if I had known then what I know now. However, I live in Chicago, and though I searched the internet, I could not find anyone who sharpens mower blades within 100 miles. The Fiskar kit came in handy in that regard.

Fiskars does not sell cottor pins, which is the method that is used to secure the handle. Can I purchase them somewhere else? One of the 2nd times I tried to mow my lawn, one of these procedures?

The Fiskars product is free. I purchased mine with a three-year guarantee and the packaging & booklet said three-year guarantee Warranty period of one year. A Fiskars customer service representative answered my call to get a replacement for a broken height adjustment knob (it wasn't broken, just lost) outside of three working days In spite of the fact that my model did not break, I was informed it has a lifetime warranty (even though it still worked fine) and I should file a warranty claim online. In place of the missing cotter pin for the handle, I added a cotter pin to the vise grips (classy) to replace the missing pin on the grips. A few weeks later, they both arrived by In other words, it's a cotter pin, a low-quality webbing It can be found at most hardware stores.

Selected User Reviews For Fiskars Reel Mower Maintenance Blade Kit

A new kit is available

As we enter the fourth year of service with my Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower, it's become increasingly difficult to push. The last few years have been good to it, but it's getting more and more difficult. The reason I had been blaming myself was that I was out of town How I prepare myself for winter and what I need to do The difficulties are in front of us. So far I have squeezed every last drop of energy and tried harder to solve the problem. It also helps to keep it greased up. Although, I couldn't help but think that this might not be me after all this time. It had been my assumption that the manual was correct, and I didn't need to sharpen it more often than every five days The past ten After I sharpen the blades, I'm going to tell you now that we're making The kit will probably need sharpening at the start of each season now that I have it. In view of the negative reviews, I had a hard time purchasing this kit. May 2015 is the month when I can tell you that all of the previous issues have been corrected. The kit comes with a generous amount of compound, a brush that you can apply with, a metal handle that can turn, and fully illustrated instructions. Considering how long this mower will last, I fully expect to use this kit for its entire life. I took a little while to use this kit, but I’ve also rinsed and cleaned the mower before reassembling it and greased it as I went. All in all, it took me an hour and a half to complete. If you spin the spindle in the grass once you apply the compound and attach the handle, you may want to put it in the grass after you apply Although I was careful to apply the compound just to the cutting edges, when it spun on the garage floor, it left a mess.

Gwen Donnelly
Gwen Donnelly
| Mar 03, 2021
Owners of Fiskars reel mowers will find it well worth it

Owners of Fiskars reel mowers will find it well worth it. Sharpening your mower yourself can be accomplished in a fraction of the time it would take for most people to drive to the shop. The price of a new mower is about $140 less than replacing a dull one. As a rule of thumb, you should clean off reels and pull off one wheel, paint blades with lapping compound, and use the included handle to turn the shaft backward for 7 seconds. * Put the wheel back in place after 10 minutes
* Apply lapping compound midway
* reapply midway if necessary
* The 7-step method I believe in the importance of 10 minutes. The mower I used was four years old and had never been sharpened before. It only took a few minutes to turn the wheel (until I stopped hearing grinding), but it wasn't enough to get my wheel sharp. Therefore, I repeated the process for about seven or eight minutes, reapplying a lapping compound at least twice. There you have it, a.

Sky Crowley
Sky Crowley
| Jul 13, 2020
I was able to do it without a hitch

The item was purchased as an open box like new. There was a return, I assume. I had no problems with it. I could not operate my mower because it was My perception was that it was ruined by being ridden hard and put away wet without being maintained for years. There was barely enough power to turn the wheels and reel, and the clippings would choke the unit. It was at the point where I was going to leave it at the curb and buy a new one when I saw Besides, it's cheap, it has the instructions, and even if it didn't work, I would still be able to use it as a maintenance kit for the device I wouldn't let get that far. In keeping with the instructions, I began disassembling the mower, cleaning and lubricating every bearing and chain along the way. Then I lapped the wheel, again according to the In between putting the mower back together and having a look at the overgrown lawn, I tested it. It's a success! Having forgotten how well those cut, I booked myself a new pair for $200 instead. You must have a very small number of tools to complete the following tasks You already know how to do this on your own Fiskars mower if you know how to use phillips, sockets and hex keys, and have ever successfully put together an Ikea piece.

Harlem Randolph
Harlem Randolph
| Sep 12, 2020
You might be able to attach it depending on how easy it is

Having owned a Fiskars mower for two years, I can attest to its quality. can tell you that it will need to be sharpened every The blade doesn't come sharp brand new either, and I have sharpened it this season and I am convinced that it doesn't even come that sharp. My blades are not sharp because I didn't understand how you sharpen them. It wouldn't have taken much effort to go for the sharpening compound if I had known. In order to sharpen these blades you don't need to know secret science. In my opinion, the instructions are more akin to those for the Plus mower, and it leaves regular stay-a-way lines Hopefully you can figure it out after you sharpen it up. The chain guard must be removed, the master link must be removed from the chain, the sprocket on the blade spindle must be removed, and the crank must then be attached in place of the sprocket. The chaffing on the edge of the sprocket set screw hole made the sprocket nearly impossible to remove without a drill. I ended up deburring the edges of the hole with a file. My sprocket came off after I did that, and the crank was easy to attach. The rest of the procedure is a matter of applying the lapping compound and rotating it in the opposite direction to where it cuts. After having adjusted the bottom stationary shear until it barely touches the top moving blades, you are done. I've never had this problem before. When it's new, it should cut paper like a pair of nice Having to deal with these kinds of people is not easy. You will also need a screw driver and socket to complete this task. Yet the crazy thing is that all it is intended to do is allow you to spin the gear backwards for a long period of time. That is how you sharpen the blade with the pumice in the compound. The gear cover must be removed to ensure you can get the same result. You will find that there are TWO holes in the rear sprocket where you can stick a screwdriver and reverse the movement of the front blades. If you have the same experience as me, then there is no need for the fancy crank that is nearly impossible to install. As I was given up, I realized that all I needed to do was spin it backwards according to my own logic. My thoughts are that this is a good idea. By spinning the blades backwards or forwards for a long period of time, it allows the user to spin for a long period of time without fear of damaging the blades, and if the sprocket can be easily removed, you are set. The rest of the design team would have been able to work together more effectively on this. There should be such a thing as a mower attachment that comes with the mower and can't be so difficult.

Ruby Blackburn
Ruby Blackburn
| Aug 22, 2020
Keep an eye on your Staysharp has been around for 4 years now, so it was time to sharpen it

For a few days, I struggled to figure it out, but no matter what I did, the mower sharpened successfully. This change made a huge difference, the mower now cuts incredibly well. When you adjust the height of the blade, be sure to turn counterclockwise to bring the reel and stationary blade closer together, then loosen the four bolts on the sides of the frame. I had a little mishap while sharpening the blade, so use thick gloves whenever possible. As a result of my own fault, I sustained a minor injury.

Zaylee Ramsey
Zaylee Ramsey
| Oct 14, 2020

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