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Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size) Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size)
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A hand-carved electric cello made of solid maple wood, Style 2, Metallic Black, Size 4/4 (Full Size).
A Ebony hand-carved fingerboard, pegs and tailpiece is complemented by mother of pearl inlay and 4 fine tuning
A 9V alkaline battery (included) serves as the power source
The kit includes a well-padded lightweight soft-case, rosin, an aux cable, and headphones.
Deficiencies of the manufacturer are covered for one year

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me the total weight of the ?

The total weight of the shipment is 19 pounds.

Can anyone tell me where to purchase a replacement pickup (under the bridge), since the one on my cello has cracked in two. Thanks a lot! ?

If you need to reach Cecilio regarding this, you can reach her directly in Rancho Cucamonga, CA*.

What is the assembly process for my cecilio 4/4 electric cello purchase? Do the strings already come attached or do I need to do that myself?

With the electric cello, you get I am stringing the guitar but I need to adjust the bridge and tune it before playing.

Selected User Reviews For Cecilio CECO-2BK Ebony Electric Silent Metallic Black Cello in Style 2, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

I can live with an electric cello as long as it does not get damaged

During the holidays, I bought this cello for my adult son as a gift. Within seconds of coming up with the first one, string A broke. My problem was solved after I contacted Amazon, and I received a credit to buy a new one, which broke as soon Since we have had cellos for years, it wasn't because we weren't knowledgeable about how to tune the instrument. Where the A string crossed it, the nut was very sharp, so we had to tighten the A string quite a bit in order to get it to work. The next time I contacted Amazon, they gave me a credit to purchase a new cello. There was a crack in the neck and a broken scroll on the scroll. There is no way that a cello will be delivered before Christmas at this point. In order to be certain I would receive it before Christmas, I placed my first order on Dec 11th. As soon as I contacted Amazon again, they paid for express shipping to bring it here as close to Christmas as possible, and it showed up When we finally got a cello that wasn't broken, we were going to give it a 2 star rating, but I did know that it wasn't going to be an amazing cello for the price, so I am giving it a 3 star rating anyway. The headphones came with my son's set, so he was pleased that he didn't wake up his sleeping children, but the headphones that came with the set are poor quality, so he will need to purchase some replacements. As long as you don't expect something great, which we didn't, then it appears to be the only inexpensive electric cello on the market, and if you get one that's in good shape, then your purchase will be ok. Although we expected it to come in one piece, it didn't. Despite the fact that it came with a battery and a cord for an amp, the bow still worked fine in his opinion. Throughout the entire process, Amazon's customer service was outstanding, and I was very pleased with the speed with which everything was handled.

Clara Key
Clara Key
| Jan 01, 2021
This is a great cello for the price

I have never played the cello but I have always been interested in learning to play it, so I looked into a variety of models. The reason I decided to purchase an electric cello was because I am a guitarist and have effects pedals for my guitars, so I thought it would be fun to plug a cello into It is a cello that I am more than satisfied with. All of the accessories that came with the cello are really low-quality, but I wasn't surprised since I had paid $350 for it! This is a great product that I would recommend to everyone. The following review of this cello is taken from a review of another style of the instrument which I found to be very useful. I would like to say "Hello to everyone!" It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you as a classically trained cellist who has been playing for the past 11 years. In the past two years, I've dabbled in the world of amplifying and using effects on a cello. The first time I embarked on this journey, I used the Fishman C-III There are 100 cello pickups on the acoustic guitar I play. strongly recommend this pickup to anyone planning to use their acoustic instrument with an amplifier. If you want to record acoustic music you need an L preamp. The baggs. ) I strongly recommend that you purchase an acoustic cello for all you beginners. I do not think you can learn to play the cello on this one. Though I can appreciate how silent it is and how low-priced it is, this instrument really shines as an amplification and effects instrument. I will now review what I have found. In the mail I received the cello simply as any other Amazon package I have received. The package came in a large box, but it was much lighter than expected, and it was well packaged. There will be no shipping charges associated with this instrument. I pulled out the plastic bag outside the box and found a basic set of headphones, a 9v battery needed to power the instrument, a 1/8" to 1/4" (male to male) adapter, and a packaging bag. The first couple of days have been good. It was then time for the gig bag with the It's a basic soft case that a beginning cellist would have received with the acoustic cello that he/she started learning. This is not the greatest, but it's certainly not the worst. It is unlikely that this cello will find a hard case. I drew it out, and it's a basic student bow, as I expected. It's surprising how light it is, but you will need to rosin in for a good portion of the time. Too bad they don't make rosin spray any more. There is a book of rosin in the bag, along with a dust rag. I am not worried at the moment. The instrument itself now comes into play. It was exciting to see the instrument when I opened up the gig bag. If you take it from the box, you'll notice that the paint job is very good, and it's not flimsy in the least. Despite being a used item, it has no blemishes, dents, As expected, the bridge was not installed (thank goodness). I got a white one, so if there were any damages, I would notice them. Your bridge is located in the same little pocket on the front of the bag that contained the rosin and the Please keep in mind that the strings have already been attached, but they will need to be tightened. As far as the reviews I have seen, it seems like this cello has a lot of complaints about it, but with a good understanding of how a cello works, you should be able to play this thing in no time at all Approximately fifteen In this article, I will outline a few steps I believe will could not find any setup instructions or manuals with the cello )Don't be in a rush to assemble everything. You should take your time and think carefully. 1 *br /*br Make sure that your fine tuners are loose enough to move easily. Complaints have been made about them not budge. They worked just fine, but I sprayed a tiny bit of WD-40 on their surface in order to make them even smoother. Initially, 40 was put on the tuners, then they were tightened and loosened. I love how it works. Please take note Rattling occurs when the tuners are too loose or if the small nut at the base of the tuner needs to be tightened or loosening. There is no need for tools. 2 * . Your scroll pegs need to be loosened up. You need to pull out and loosen the peg in mine a bit, so I had to pull out and twist. It has been reported in certain reviews that the pegs don't stick, but peg oil fixes that problem. My preference is to wire my strings in my own way, so I removed the strings and wound them the way I wanted. many videos and topics on the Internet that you can go through. There were no problems with the way the strings were wired on the pegs, but no damage was You should now look to see that the pegs rotate smoothly in the peg box once they are loosened. It is likely a light sanding of the holes in the peg box will fix up any roughness, but I couldn't feel any discomfort when 2.
3. Your strings just need to be loose enough to fit the bridge on your There is no need for any worries about a sound post or the proper fit of the legs and their location on the instrument, which is great news for you experienced cellists. The pickup's bumper fits perfectly with the cover. You shouldn't have any problem aligning the bridge with the fingerboard. There is no need to nuddle it. It is very important to note the following I haven't yet done so, but simply mark where the string notches are on the face of your bridge, then sand or file it down to your desired height. I think your bridge will be way too high unless you want the upper register to have a 1/2" gap. Always keep the bridge arch the same as it aligns with the fingerboard (one 4. *)xbr>* 2. Tune once your happy with your bridge. When you're finished, tighten the pegs and enjoy. Any experienced cellists can attest to the fact that your strings will stretch for a week or two. A new copy will need to be made Make sure the string breaks in by tuning often until the cello is well accustomed. As you noticed, you will not be getting any great strings with the price. It doesn't matter what kind of acoustic cello strings you choose. It is obvious that you don't have to worry about matching your strings to your cello's body. It appears that your cello does not have a body. The strings given worked perfectly when I replaced them with a basic set of Heliocore strings. 3.

4. You will enjoy playing it once you have tuned it up and are ready to go. It is very important to rosine your bow properly. It's going to take a while to get everything in order. It's a solid cello that can be used as a silent practice instrument, but you may need some time to adjust to the feel, since the sound is generally different than on It is for this reason that you should learn on an acoustic guitar! The first few times you hold it, you'll notice that it does feel awkward, but you will quickly adjust. There's probably going to be a horror show for you when you realize how little sound comes out of it when it's not Finally, there's the part I'm most looking forward to the amp and pedal board. On the back our cello, there's going to be a black box with everything you'll need to amplify it. You need to ensure that your cello is powered on and that your batteries are inserted. You can turn it on and off by pressing the on/off switch, which is lit up red. . (Turn off your cello or you'll kill the battery. This is a new habit you'll have to get used to. In either case, you can plug it into an amp or pedal board. When you plug it into an amp, it looks like this. It will be good to hear the cello. The sound is similar to the It's kind of like that. Your amp's setting and the amp itself determine how loud it sounds. You can see how I form my sounds by looking at my pedal lineup below if you plan on using this cello for awesome effects and such. I'm playing the cello I'm going to Jr. EB is on the left. The Volume Pedal lets you control how much volume it emits You must I'm gonna cry baby wah You must "Lyon Distortion" that appears at the top of the track You must The BOSS Pre-Handler The 3 Phase Shifter is described as follows You must C. E. O. of the company The five choirs comprise the ensemble. You must A Boss Compression/Sustainer is a system for compressing and retaining data You must This equalizer is part of the BOSS DSP package You must It's a RV This is the fifth digital reverb you should use. You must This is also known as Line 6's DL4 Delay Modeler You must A bass amp (USE A BASS AMPLIFIER! )

In order to retain the smooth natural cello sound, you will need to utilize an equalizer and a compression sustainer pedal. It really does give that cello tone a great sound, and I would say reverb is optional. Do your research before you purchase your pedals and have fun with them. Obviously, I am a fan of BOSS pedals, but I am just a fan. * * **Br/*- I am more than satisfied with my purchase of this cello and believe it was a great buy. I was able to get this cello up and running and it sounds great with a little maintenance. Any cellist looking to try some cool effects on their instrument should consider this product. With the click of a button, you can transform your cello into a heavy metal guitar or a Bach Prelude cello. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions about the cello, or if you found it helpful, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please let me know if you need assistance!.

Keegan Evans
Keegan Evans
| Jun 24, 2021
Cello is one of my favorite instruments! Having a cello is a dream come true! A UPS driver and two men walked up to my doorstep to deliver my cello

The baby had just fallen asleep so they carefully put it down. As I was able to see it being delivered (I have the ring camera installed), my cello was very well packaged in the box to ensure it would arrive in good condition. There is also something I really like about it, which is that the fine tuners are metal as well, and the outside of the As I already had a couple of bows from my other cello, I haven't tried out the bow. Although the bow would have been nice if it matched the cello, I'm fine with it. This purchase has been a good one for me.

| Apr 09, 2021
The company is good, but the instrument is terrible

Despite the fact that it had been defective upon arrival, I returned it on the same day it was received. The toy looked like it was cheaply made when it came out of the box. it came with ended up breaking, and two of them when trying to tune it, too. You will always have to re-tune a string instrument after tuning it for the first time I tuned the instrument for a brief period while it got used to the stress but in the end, it was almost impossible to keep it tuned to even the right pitch. Although the headphones that come with it are rather poor, that was to be expected considering the price. This could be a very good instrument with some polish if they could up their craftsmanship. In addition to the lack of instructions, it has become difficult to know where to put the bridge, especially since it seems to be a fragile place. I had used Cecilio instruments before, and they are usually an excellent alternative to more My experience with a flute and clarinet from them has been positive. This cello is sadly not competitive by any means. Hopefully they will figure out what went wrong and release a better model in the future.

Amias Coffey
Amias Coffey
| Feb 22, 2021

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