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Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium

Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium

Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium
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Without the use of tape, secure the closure.
Hand holes that are strong and durable for easy movement and lifting
FastFold allows for quick and simple assembly.
There's no need for tape because the lid snaps shut for a secure seal.
It's simple to dismantle and store flat until it's time to use it again.

Questions & Answers

Do these boxes come in a larger carton that is sealed? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. ?

They were sent to me via US mail, rather than Amazon delivery or UPS, as most of the items I order are. Because I had just had my mail forwarded because I was moving, the boxes were also forwarded.

Are Banker boxes acid-free and suitable for paperback books?

That's what I think. When I moved, I used banker boxes to store all of my books and crafts, and it worked out perfectly.

What is the best size to pack china in?

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please The bottom of the box is not attached to one of the walls, which is a major flaw. Anything that is heavy, such as china, will fall through the bottom crack. These boxes are only suitable for transporting light-weight clothing.

Is there a triangle missing from the bottom of each of these boxes?

No, the bottom of the box does not have a triangle shape missing.

Selected User Reviews For Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium

If I were king for a day, I'd only use this type of box

These are by far the most impressive boxes I've ever seen. It's brilliant how the flap folds over from the top into the handle. It secures the box, strengthens it, and improves the comfort of the handle. The folded-over cardboard is much more comfortable to hold than the cutout-style handles, which are easily torn. These are so good that I tried to buy them from people I helped move. I know it's strange to be so enthusiastic about boxes, but these boxes altered my perception of what a box could be. To top it off, the base is double-layered, making this a ridiculously strong box. Don't waste your time with subpar packaging when you can hold this marvel of corrugated paper engineering in your hands.

Saint Andrade
Saint Andrade
| Sep 24, 2021
Boxes that are the best of all time! There is no need to look any further

They're a little pricey, but they're well worth it, and I didn't even need tape to make them. I've put them away for future use and will purchase them again if I move. They are very sturdy and easy to fold and unfold. The outside space for writing the contents of the box is also something I adore. You did an excellent job!.

Khari Cain
Khari Cain
| Jan 06, 2022
100% Worth It Is Worth It Is I can't believe I paid so much for these boxes

It wasn't until after my move that I came up with this idea! I used it in conjunction with boxes from Home Depot, and let me tell you, it was fantastic. The convenience of not having to use tape, the ease of carrying them, and the fact that they are reusable will save you more money than the cost of buying them. I don't have space to store them, but they got a lot of use during my move, so it was worth it. Folding and refolding the paper is simple. br>I couldn't decide between small and medium sizes. I couldn't find any reviews that influenced my decision, so I'll offer some advice. I'm a tall, slender woman, and the mediums were barely bearable for me. I hired movers for the furniture and the remaining boxes, so the mediums were a good choice; otherwise, they would have been too heavy for me because I was loading too much into this larger size. If you're moving yourself, consider the small size if you have a lot of heavy items or if you don't have access to a truck. My Jeep is only capable of carrying three people. Due to their size and shape, four boxes at a time are required (the medium size is even difficult to fit through the back doors of a Wrangler).

Jenna Grimes
Jenna Grimes
| Mar 25, 2021
Except for very light items, it's way too big, and the bottom has a triangle shape missing

When I first put the box together, I was convinced that I had made a mistake because there was a triangle shape missing from the bottom layer when I pushed down the folded flat sections that became the bottom layer. The missing triangle shaped piece, which is about seven inches long and five inches tall and makes up about one tenth of the bottom layer in each of the eight boxes, was present in all of them. Because another layer of cardboard covers the bottom layer, the missing triangle isn't visible until you look at the bottom layer after the box has been assembled. When it came to building the boxes, everything went as planned, and I couldn't think of anything I could have done differently. Strangely enough, the main reason I dislike these boxes is that they are larger than "medium" in my opinion. As a result, they're only good for transporting the lightest of your belongings, such as a single large comforter. I can't carry them even if I fill them with ordinary men's clothing. One or both of them may be used. After I finish packing up my belongings, the rest will most likely be thrown out with the recyclables. These boxes are praised by all for their durability. Although they are sturdy, I was looking for a box that one person could carry, and one of these boxes would require two people, or possibly one person with a good hand truck, if filled with ordinary household items. [Updated on 6/11/19: Please see the following comment.

Ricardo Howard
Ricardo Howard
| Feb 20, 2021
I'm completely content

Moving boxes that are excellent. Probably the best, because these boxes are incredible. br>They're ideal for moving because they're both sturdy and portable (which is exactly what you need when you're moving out or in). br>br>The mediums arrived in a large box, flat. As a result, you can be sure they won't be damaged when they arrive. br>Perfect in every sense of the word.

Heath Cooke
Heath Cooke
| Nov 07, 2021
Excellent packing materials - There is no need for taping

Moving with these boxes was a lot of fun for me. I've used them twice now and will gladly pay the extra to avoid having to fold and tape boxes from other brands. It's easy and quick to fold them. In addition, I used a lot less tape than I would have with standard flat boxes, which require tape to secure the top and bottom. Although I used small for heavy books and medium for kitchen supplies that I thought were relatively heavy and still didn't need tape for my most recent move two months ago, these don't really need tape at all unless your items are heavy. I put one length of tape across the top of the box when I moved two years ago because that will occasionally pop up if there is too much stuffed in the box. They stay together perfectly without tape if they are normally filled. I thought it was a wise investment. I felt good about it.

Dorian Powell
Dorian Powell
| Jul 09, 2021
It's a pleasant surprise

I was in a pinch in the middle of a move with my car 1000 miles away and needed boxes fast; the options for moving boxes on Amazon are limited and expensive, so I decided to give them a try despite my reservations. They arrived on time, and even after seeing them in person, I was unsure if they would work due to the thin cardboard. But, to my delight, I was overjoyed! They were easy to put together (no tape required, just a few quick folds) and held up well during my cross-country move. We're not even talking about throw pillows and drapes. I stuffed them with heavy kitchen items, including a record player and records, as well as glass vases - That's some serious weight. I was expecting the worst when I opened the back gate on the Uhaul at my destination, but the boxes were perfectly intact and exactly where I had left them. They not only saved time and money (by eliminating the need for tape), but they are also reusable. I'll give them to someone in the area who is moving. The purchase was a great success.

Angelica McGowan
Angelica McGowan
| May 29, 2021

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