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DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6" - Shogun Series X - Damascus - Hammered Finish - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Black G10 Handle - w/Sheath

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6 DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6
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The Dalstrong Chef's Knife Perfection is a culinary revolution whose components incorporate the highest level of craftsmanship, cutting-edge breakthrough technology, awe-inspiring design, and the finest materials available today. With peak performance, you've never felt better about your wallet or your performance.
Unrivaled performance The Honbazuke method, which uses the traditional 3-step method to finish this razor sharp edge to a mirror polish, produces an edge with an 8-12 degree angle per side. This harness is nitrogen cooled to improve flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and durability. The full tang design provides a lot of strength and is triple riveted for even more durability. Using the Shogun Series X's exquisite hammered tsuchime finish is easy on the fingers and less likely to stick to
The Dalstrong Power Chef's Knife features an ultra sharp AUS-10V vacuum treated Japanese super steel cutting core, which is highly durable and retains its edge for an extraordinary length of time. High-carbon stainless steel layers comprise 66 layers ensuring a superior level of durability, stain resistance and strength. The balance between the two sentences is perfect. Stunning 'tsunami-rose' layers of genuine Damascus leather by Dalstrong.
chef's knife engineered to perfection The handle is made of ultra-premium G-10 and is military grade for long-term Its ergonomic handle shape is hand polished for superior control, agility, and comfort, while the cutting edge's spine is smooth to provide a natural 'pinch grip. Knuckles are better able to clear the blade with a 55mm blade width.
if you are not satisfied with Dalstrong Trust, we will refund your money. You can risk free try it. See why chefs around the world rely on and trust The Dalstrong Difference. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. Renowned Dalstrong customer service. This luxury packaging is made by Dalstrong. It is POWER that is slicing now. I say, strong is the name of the game!

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me more about this knife as it relates to meat? I hope to find a knife with a primary use in meats. ?

With no problems, I have used it on beef, poultry, and pork. The knife cuts through the meat without any issue. It wouldn't be the best tool for deboning a chicken, but it would be great for breaking down a pork shoulder.

This knife will be used to make sushi, so I was wondering if it was nostick. ?

Make sure your blade is wet. Sushi rolls will glide right by him.

When it comes to the blade, how thick is it?

Despite the fact that the blade has a 3/16th inch back part, I would be unable to measure the blade itself because it would be too thin.

Are there any (highcarbon) flex (ability) properties to this blade?

Generally, high carbon steel has better edge retention and less flexibility it is not always the case, but it is generally true.

Selected User Reviews For DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 6" - Shogun Series X - Damascus - Hammered Finish - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Black G10 Handle - w/Sheath

Chinese knives branded with the company's name

I like how it feels in my hand, it looks good, and it It still feels like a scam to me. Because of my own lack of research, I fell for the advertising and was not prepared to make a wise This knife is mass-produced and the advertising for it is false, which is why my review is only one star. When you search "VG10 Core Damascus Pattern" or other similar titles on Alibaba or AliExpress, you will find it is not the original but a redesigned version The one with a brand. I'm also saying this because I bought a Damascus model off of AliExpress and could not tell the difference besides the patterns. As a consequence, I hastily returned these knives and ordered another named one from Ali-Express.

Stephen Barrett
Stephen Barrett
| Aug 03, 2020
It is a good knife

I'm just an ordinary home cook, and I really enjoy getting a better kitchen knife. These are the German steel Gladiator series knives from Dalstrong that I use on a daily basis in my kitchen. As I have mentioned before, I am very happy with all of my Shogun pieces, including this 8 inch chef's knife. The Shogun chef's knife is beautiful (although the Damascus pattern is most pronounced on my 5' Santoku from the Shogun series), feels great in the hand, and cuts like a razor (unlike the Gladiator series knife with the bigger bolster). The first time I bought some Shogun blades, I was skeptical since I knew they were made of Japanese steel in China. When possible (easily impossible in the future), I try to avoid products that are "made in China". Possibly there are other knives at comparable prices that can be used as a comparison. In my own opinion, I enjoy the Dalstrong knives because the knives feel well-made and I feel like I got good value for money, and I know I can rely on the Dalstrong customer service to deliver whenever I need it. Although I don't know how well they hold up in a working kitchen, I doubt I will ever require anything else for my kitchen at home. take my Shogun series knives there. Home is where you should save your best stuff! Based on my limited knowledge, it is hard to imagine a better knife than the Shogun series, at any price. I could buy more exotic materials (especially handles), a name brand or a country of origin, but I suspect I'd still get a better knife.

Evelynn Hardy
Evelynn Hardy
| Mar 08, 2021
For those who love to cook, these knives are made for them

As we begin this review, I'll give you my initial impression. I've been using this for nearly a month. I'm going to update it. As the blade is repeatedly washed, I intend to observe how the edge holds up, the handle's durability, and if the blade remains as beautiful as it is now after repeated cleanings. As part of my research, I decided to give Dalstrong a shot based on reviews and my knowledge of knives and steel forging. I did not receive a discount or free product in exchange for this review. From the box, I would say this thing is sharper than any other kitchen knife I've ever purchased. You have to see it to believe it. Without having to hold a tomato, I was able to slice paper thin slices from a tomato that was sitting on a cutting board. There is not much it cannot do. The kit came with two small complaints, which I came across when I got it, but Dalstrong has reached out to me about them to see if there's a way to fix them, which are 1-star complaints Slight abrasion on handles, and a very tiny spot of rust on one of the Damascus layers on the front (not critical for a cheap knife, but for something over $100 it feels a bit weighty). As soon as they contact me, I will update you. Depending on the size of the hand and what the user is used to, there are different opinions in regards to the feel. The quality of the forged blade is important to me, and I am a big guy with In my opinion, the knife feels perfect in the hand, from the weight to the grip to the rivets to the handle material. In my opinion, there's no better way to handle it. The opposite is true for my wife, whose hands are tiny. There is a problem with the handle being too big for her. Although not too large, it is neither comfortable nor convenient to use. It must be said that she likes Cutco handles because they are made from thermal resin and are But their blades are made of cheap stamped steel that has little heft. Both of my blades are forged, but I strongly prefer the one with weight behind it. In addition, I do not like the handles on the Cutco products. To me, they are narrow with an uncomfortable feeling. The blade of the knife is like a diamond in general. An incredible center rivet comprised of three copper rings and a bunch of brass rings decorates the center of the model. As the photos indicate, the Damascus is less prominent than the real thing, which is sad, but not really a reason for knocking a star off. We love the look of the hammered texture. It is a nice touch to have the lion head logo stamped into the blade, though I am concerned about the possibility of meat particles becoming trapped in it since I can imagine that may turn off a health department employee. The reason I purchased this was because I plan to start a food truck, and I wanted to find the knives I would use in it. This knife will be one of many, since I do BBQ and I'm particular about which blades are used for the meat I cut. Last but not least, I would like to mention the packaging since people seem to care about it. It's excellent, to put it simply. In more accurate terms, it is a lot. Keeping the blade very stable, it allows unboxing to be a very satisfying All in all, I would say the presentation was Upon fixing the little scuff and the rust spot, I'm going to replace it with a 5 star review. At the price point, it can't be beat. Wusthoffs, Shuns, and real forged Wusthoff blades are the only ones that I have used and they don't match the quality at all. Specifically, the workmanship of Wusthoff blades is substandard. The first update is here *BR*BR* During my call with their customer service the day after I received the knife due to the tiny spot on the blade, they sent me a replacement and told me to keep the original blade. What service!! I was just wondering if there was something or a way to remove it. The two have continued to perform flawlessly over the past several months, even without sharpening (I was letting them go to see when I would notice a deterioration). They were still able to accomplish 98% of what they were able to do Within the next few months, I'm planning to go buy a full set to put on both my truck and my house. The Dalstrong Shogun is an excellent knife you can compare to any $500 knife you can find. I have tried just about all the brands they make. Even when my mom graduates with her doctorate, I plan to buy her a $400 gladiator set from them. The only complaint I have would be that Shogun doesn't appear to offer a full range of blades in the Shogun series. If it had a nice modern, high quality block I would love it. The fact that I can order each one individually is not bothersome to me. I just think it would be.

London Byrd
London Byrd
| Nov 26, 2020
My usual self is not easily impressed, but this has really taken me by surprise

When I first started collecting knives, this was the first one! So far, I believe I have purchased nine items. My brothers and I love to cook and prepare and I gave them two of them as a gift. It's nothing like preparing a beautiful meal while listening to some great music and enjoying some good Therefore, I conducted a review of many knives and was drawn to Dastrong because of their attention to detail and personal touch. I really like how well done and elegant the box is. I also like the things they give you as well, which are cool pins. I put them on the apron right away. It is a stunning piece of art that is well constructed and does its job efficiently and effectively. It feels good to hold and has a good weight to it. The sharpening process has done a nice job with the blade and the pattern is true to the original. Initially, I was unsure of just how sharp them were until I ran them against other sets in my collection. It is a hobby of mine to have many of them. The magnet walnut block we chose is a talking point in our kitchen, but these are on the magnet walnut block they offer. Cutting is very clean and it certainly does not beep the way I am accustomed to with my I love this thing because it is a real work horse, and it wipes up perfectly. As well as inspiring me to create, they also make me want to spend time playing with I have already been reached out to by the company to answer all my questions and to provide recommendations. Take this as the sign you should know that you should think about it and review. It's a good deal, and you'll want another as soon as it's gone. As soon as you use it, you realize that this is what the program is supposed to feel like. That's fun and nice. Don't be afraid to test it out and be prepared to replace your current situation with it. You'll love it! Our craft is truly blessed by Dalstrong, who does take pride in its work and care.

Alora Daniel
Alora Daniel
| Sep 04, 2020

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