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Lutz Manganese Spike

Lutz Manganese Spike

Lutz Manganese Spike

$ 98.40

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Common palm deficiencies can be treated
The application is easy to use
Results that last for years

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how many manganese spikes there are and what the weight of the box is?

A Bulk Case contains 125 spikes of every type of standard Lutz spike as well as the Lutz Manganese spikes. There are 44 pounds in the Lutz Manganese Spike box. I am very glad that you are interested.

What I didn't see in the description was Do you know how many spikes there are?

Can you tell me how many manganese spikes are in this package and how much is it?

Can you tell me how many spikes there are on a 20ft ?

In order for my 20-foot queen palm to grow properly, I used eight spikes. The palm of your hand is severely deficient in manganese. You should make it nine

How does it compare to NSF?

There is no NSF certification for Lutz Spikes.

Selected User Reviews For Lutz Manganese Spike

We have found this product to be very successful in rejuvenating our Queen Palms

Using this tool is simple.

Kaitlyn Proctor
Kaitlyn Proctor
| Jul 27, 2021
There's no mess, and I don't have to leave a lot of food on Using this tool is simple

This is how I used to take care of all my palm trees.

Selena Moreno
Selena Moreno
| Feb 21, 2021
They seem to thrive in the ground, but don't seem to bother the queen palms much

The plants were a little hard to put in the ground, but the queen palms seemed to like them. There's a lot of new green growth happening lately.

Saint Mullen
Saint Mullen
| Feb 07, 2021
This is what they do

The ends of our queen palms can become frayed when maganese is not present. Our company has used this for years and it works well! As well as using them for our own landscaping needs, we also refer them to our.

Richard Miranda
Richard Miranda
| Apr 08, 2021

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