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Elasto-Gel SWT111LXL Shoulder Sleeve L/XL 17

Elasto-Gel SWT111LXL Shoulder Sleeve L/XL 17"x24" SW9005, Blue

Elasto-Gel SWT111LXL Shoulder Sleeve L/XL 17
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Each application of hot or cold therapy will last between 20 and 40 minutes
Can be punctured and will not leak
The treatment of pain in joints and muscles is available at medical clinics worldwide
Fits like a glove thanks to the soft Lycra cover
Temperatures as low as 20 degrees Celsius make it flexible and soft

Questions & Answers

Both shoulders can be used with this? What area of the scapula does it cover? Is Japan a destination for your shipments?

If requested, we can ship this item to Japan. It can be worn on either shoulder, it covers the scapula area, and it can be worn on either shoulder.

Does it possess a high level of How can I tell if this is ?

The product is high quality and I've been using it for more than Though I am not sure if it is the best brand, it stays soft and pliable once in your hands, making it easy to hold and I can leave this to cool for 20 minutes Within 30 minutes of the start time.

The large will be too big for a woman with a torn biceps tendon who is 5'1/2" and 126 lbs?

The size will be too large, I think. The height of me is 6'0" and the weight is 190 pounds. I really like the way it fits me. In my opinion, mine was a large/extra large. Myself and three others that I know have found it to be very helpful. A complete rotator cuff tear and torn bicep tendon were also encountered. Even after using it for six months, it's still useful after playing golf or working out. It must be on your list!!

Can you let me know what size I should How long is my bicep? It's 14 1/2 inches long. ?

When your biceps are larger than 12", a large will be suitable.

Selected User Reviews For Elasto-Gel SWT111LXL Shoulder Sleeve L/XL 17"x24" SW9005, Blue

There is no match between the item and the After undergoing physical therapy for my shoulder, I ordered a shoulder sleeve similar to the one I used

As I was using it at therapy, I took a picture so that I could confirm I bought the same model and confirm it matched the picture. In the product that I received, the chest strap measures only one inch across, which is not even close to being strong enough to hold the weight of the shoulder sleeve. A picture on Amazon shows the same chest strap that is shown on the box the sleeve came in, and both show the strap being at least 2 inches wide. A chest strap wider than the logo shown in the picture measures 1 3/4 inches wide in comparison to the gel In addition, it mentions you can exercise during therapy, implying you will still be able to do that. It states on Amazon that this item is a non-returnable I will definitely return because it seems to be misrepresented and I cannot stand the product.

Elaina Blair
Elaina Blair
| Oct 24, 2020
A thermoplastic This is a gel shoulder sleeve

In the physical therapy office where I go, this product is used as a finisher at the end of my sessions. The brand name intrigued me so much that I asked for it. The shoulder sleeve covers my arm and the top of my shoulder, as well as the front and back of the rotator cuff. It can be worn on either my It was easy and helpful to follow the instructions Provides details on how to store the sleeve in the freezer as well as how to place it. This is a product I highly recommend.

Poppy Johnston
Poppy Johnston
| Sep 06, 2020
During my recovery from surgery on my rotator cuff, my surgeon prescribed ice packs as an after-op treatment

These are good, lasting cold packs but could be better designed and offered in a smaller size. Even though the ice pack pad I received in the package worked to some degree, it didn't seem to cover the area effectively. My review of several options led me to think that this product would work best since it was flexible and customized for As a matter of fact, it did, and it held the cold much longer and At first, I was worried that the weight would be a problem and that it may even cause a while of pain, but these concerns were unfounded. The straps are placed on carefully by my husband since I'm unable to place my arm into the bicep area. It still works very well although my arm can't fit into the bicep section. When I get to wear it correctly, I will be able to wear it now. There is a bicep strap that concerns me. Instead of elastic and Velcro, I think a clip buckle would be a better solution for the bicep strap. Depending on the injury (or surgery), it might be difficult to wrap and secure the wound.

Knox Davies
Knox Davies
| Sep 07, 2020
A quality product used by professionals in the physical therapy field

Amazing Gel Pack actually does what it is supposed to do. This is a very sturdy and well-made product. . Even though this gel pack is the same one my physical therapist uses, I bought it anyways. Despite the fact that it appears to have been the same pad for 10 years, it wasn't. In other words, this brand is professional quality. In addition to teaching me how to use cold packs properly, he showed me how to use ice In response to those individuals complaining the pad is not getting cold enough or that the elastomer pad is too soft Here is how cold/heat therapy works for gel that doesn't stay cold for too long. To start, I would like to clarify that cold therapy does not refer to ice or feeling of burning. There is no reason for it to be so Putting it on after a strenuous workout or physical therapy is supposed to cool down your muscles and reduce inflammation. It should be safe to apply it directly to the skin and feel the cooling effect for no more than 10 to 20 minutes. Cold therapy should not make you feel as though it is too much cold, or that it is burning you, or that you are unable to handle it anymore.
It is advised that hot and cold therapies last between 10 and 20 minutes per body section (knee, shoulder, etc. ) and be cold enough to avoid or reduce inflammation, not to burn or freeze muscle or skin tissue (causing more degeneration than repair). The elastomeric material therefore, should be evaluated in these respects A gel pad is one of the best cold/heat therapy pads on the market and is extremely useful.

Ben Vazquez
Ben Vazquez
| Aug 31, 2020
There are many serious flaws in this The purpose of my purchase was to treat tendonitis and bursitis in my triceps

Almost all of the discomfort in that area occurs at the top of the arm where it meets the shoulder, so I wanted to cool as much of that It seemed like the photo and description were just what I was looking for. Although the item works well, I have found it to have some serious design flaws, making it less effective. The entire item seems to be gel-layered with a sort of soft fabric covering. Like the half of a set of sport shoulder pads, it has a somewhat athletic appearance. You wear a chest strap for holding it against your chest, and an arm strap for holding it around your There is a problem with this fastening system. There is a gel-like substance Weighty and flexible, filled products are rather heavy. It slides down your body at the slightest movement, so it is easily removed. As the chest strap keeps the part on your torso close, the arm strap cannot be used to stop the weight of the gel bag from pressing against the arm. In order to prevent shoulder pads from pulling away from your neck and shoulder and bunching up on your arm, they should be filled with air. As shown in the attached image, the problem is evident. becomes more pronounced as you continue to move and as the gel warms up and becomes To ensure the stability of the product, it requires another fastening strap. In its current form, it is a burden more than it is a In this case, I'm returning the item and choosing a different one.

Davian Hensley
Davian Hensley
| Feb 18, 2021
In terms of pain relief, I'm thankful to finally find some good options that aren't cheaply manufactured and are not poorly made excuses for relief

I first experienced this brand and model of shoulder sleeve at my physical therapist. It only takes a small amount of space in my freezer (doesn't take up much space) and my shoulder pain that was unbearable before is now much more manageable. There is a feeling of pain as if I had had an injection. I just need to exercise my left shoulder every few days and my left shoulder will be fine.

| Jan 25, 2021

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