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AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32

AOC CQ32G2S 32" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor 2K QHD, 1500R Curved VA, 1ms, 165Hz, FreeSync, Height adjustable, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee

AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32 AOC CQ32G2S 32
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With a QHD 1080P 2560x1440 resolution VA panel, this 32" AOC Gaming Monitor offers quality and performance.
With the 1500R ultra-curved monitor, you can feel like you're playing right in the middle of the action
1ms Smart Response Time (MPRT) and high-speed 165Hz refresh rate help you to hit moving targets faster and keep up with the action
Playing competitively has never been easier with AMD FreeSync Premium
Design features seamless multi-monitor setup thanks to ultra-narrow borders on the 3 sides of the monitor
Over 120% of the sRGB color gamut area is covered. Enjoy brilliant images with accurate colors. Gamers will be able to see more detail in dark and shadowy scenes with an 80,000,0001 SmartContrast ratio with deeper blacks and brighter colors
A newly re-designed warranty covers a 3-year zero-bright-dot warranty a 3-year advance replacement warranty and a 1-year (one-time) accidental damage warranty
The DisplayPort 1 is one display port. The HDMI 2.0 interface has two connectors - two each. With 1 DisplayPort & 1 HDMI cable included (1x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI), 1 x USB 2.0, and audio line-out you're good to go
With the AOC LowBlue mode and Flicker-Free technology, you can play for longer periods with less strain on your eyes
The quick-release stand includes ergonomic adjustments (height, swivel, and tilt), and it has a VESA compatible wall mount.

Questions & Answers

While I understand this is a monitor that has not yet been released, has AOC mentioned or is it intended to be G-SYNC compatible in addition to Thanks so much! ?

While it is a FreeSync monitor, it is also G-Sync compatible With the help of a program called "G-Sync", Sync can work with FreeSync monitors This product is compatible with SYNC.

The screen has USB connectivity so I was wondering if it would work on my laptop ?

Using an HDMI to USB C cable, I've got it connected to my macbook pro quite easily and it works great. It is important to note that if you're using it at native resolution at 60hz you may see a discoloration. If you're using it at 100hz you may not see it at all. Apart from that, I haven't encountered any problems.

What is the reliability of AOC monitors as gaming monitors?

I have used AOC TVs in the past and have been satisfied I have purchased my first gaming monitor from them so far (CU34G2X) and am really pleased I did not see a single dead pixel and set up was a snap. I'm not sure about pixel burnout, but I don't have to worry since it has a 3yr warranty.

Is there a difference between shipping it through Amazon and shipping it through USPS?

I received my package from UPS. It was supposed to take two days, but it took four.

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I wish you the best of For panel lotteries, you will need this information

In a nutshell In my opinion, the AOC 24G2 is a great monitor for a cheap price if (1) you hit it out of the park with the panel or (2) you're willing to overlook dead pixels and/or noticeable tl dr This is Dr2. The AOC 24G2 doesn't have full gamut coverage of the sRGB color space, which is 126%. In terms of sRGB gamut coverage, it offers about 95% coverage. It's 7 percent. This is the first part of the review. There is a lottery conducted by a panel. As a result of my experience, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the jackpot. Monitor #1 (ordered on A jackpot has been won. Although it had some backlight bleeding issues and white uniformity issues (see the calibration verification results for Monitor #1), these issues were negligible, especially given its price tag. I love it. (Ordered June 13, 2020).

Monitor #2. The top right corner of this image has a dead green subpixel. (Ordered June 19, 2020) Monitor #3. There is a dead green subpixel in the middle of this image There is an edge on the left. The monitoring of monitor #4 (ordered on Across the width of the panel there is a giant crack. In what way? (Ordered June 22, 2020) Monitor #5.
There weren't any dead pixels or cracks on the panel, but there was significant backlight bleeding in the bottom right corner. The white was not really white in the bottom left corner, and the backlight bleeding was bad enough that it was noticeable with I then brought out my colorimeter and went through the measurements. (see Monitor #5 calibration verification results. ) In fact, the white point was on the verge of 3 in the bottom left corner, and the static contrast was at 816 at the bottom right corner – an ideal combination. The result is about 55% of the value measured at the center of the screen, and about 82% AOC 24G2, a panel with a PANDA LC238LF1F, is listed as 1) on the PANDA LC238LF1F panel information page. I will now write a review for part Color gamut coverage for the sRGB color space. As stated in the advertisement, AOC advertises that 24G2 is capable of "displaying over 126% of sRGB gamut profile. " This is a misleading statement because people are led to believe that this monitor supports 126% sRGB gamut. According to our measurements, 24G2 covers 99 % of the sRGB gamut. Monitor #1 scored 7%, a slight dip on the blue end of the color space (refer to the dCtCp map). This is supported by the data sheet of the PANDA LC238LF1F panel, which lists sRGB gamut coverage as What then is the source of the 126%? Despite its color gamut coverage on the red and green ends exceeding the sRGB color space (dotted line), 24G2 does not feature full support for grayscale images. Reds and greens on the 24G2 are able to be displayed 126% more vividly than in sRGB. While the sRGB gamut covers a wide variety of colors, the actual coverage is quite narrow. Colorspace compatibility of the monitor - whether it is capable of producing all the colors in sRGB Ninety nine percent of the population is. It's 7 percent. In the case of AOC, they're not lying, but they're misleading.

While I'm talking about colors, the average RGB dE00 for the good 24G2 I received is 0 points. The following are the first 17 days of November The best I've ever seen. There is no question that the monitor has trouble displaying dark colors accurately, with one of the darker blues having a dE00 of There is no surprise with 38, but it is totally understandable. The AOC 24G2 is a cheap gaming monitor with an IPS display. The fact it could produce such deep, dark colors in the first place would truly surprise me.

A little recap of the review. The AOC 24G2 no longer works for me, so I have returned all but the first 24G2 and will not be purchasing any more since my luck does not seem to be working any more. Despite only getting one good one, it is pretty There is no doubt that it is the best bang for the buck monitor available. Since the AOC 24G2 is great at its price point, most people won't even notice these issues or are willing to overlook them because most people will be happier with its performance with these features. It is certainly a solid choice if you are most like us. If you are more like me, however - I would not recommend it. Hope you have a good day.

Tori McKay
Tori McKay
| Jul 18, 2021
They are scamming the public with their warranty

My only problem was that the OSD was a bit finicky. It is a good monitor, but I found it difficult to use. It is mainly because of the price point and the warranty for which I bought it. For a little over $430, it was a very good deal. My screen got scratched pretty bad after I gave it about 4 months. "Well, I guess 1-is a good enough solution for me" The first year of study It is covered by an accidental damage warranty for one year. The construction work was taking place in the background during my first call to customer service, and when my voice echoed I had to put the conversation Then, I ask for the use of my warranty for one time- It was not necessary to give me my order invoice, address, or serial number This is not the case. The screen was scratched and so I told them that was what the damage was. I was told that the accidental damage warranty only covers cracked screens, which I replied that this was BS I was on their website and they claimed that it included "all accidental damage", including monitors falling on the ground as well as acts of God or The policy covers one incident for up to one year The warranty is valid for one year after the date of Consequently, I ask, "So you're telling me that the warranty doesn't cover damage from nuclear war and all accidents, but it does cover a scratched screen? " Having said that, he replies, "I suppose so. ". " So I spent $430 on a decent monitor and I got ripped off by the The whole thing is a scam and a This is either not going to work, or else they need to fire that man.

Dustin Ellis
Dustin Ellis
| Jul 04, 2021
If You Take a Few Steps to Make it Perfect & Do Some G-rated Things, It's Just Perfect A sync black screen has been fixed

In place of my Dell 2716DG, a 144hz 2560x1440p TN monitor, I got this one. It had always been my dream to own an ultrawide, but I could not afford to spend more than 500 dollars on one. As of the release of this monitor, it had all the features I wanted at a reasonable price. A monitor's secret sauce lies in its settings, as it does with most monitors. There has never been a monitor that didn't look better after I tweaked the settings. A freesync monitor is used here instead of a gsync monitor. After using Gsync for the first time in 2016, it became a must-have feature for me. Following that, I built a new computer and upgraded my operating system from Windows 7 to Windows Due to the fact that Windows breaks gsync sometimes, I no longer consider the price premium for it when making a purchase. The Nvidia control panel will allow you to enable gsync on this monitor, even though it is not certified. In the beginning, I had intermittent black screens that lasted just a few seconds when gsync was It went without saying that this ruined my gaming experience, so I searched for a fix. My first step was to download the new drivers from AOC's website and manually install Despite attempts to resolve the issue, it After that, I updated the graphics card driver. Despite attempts to resolve the issue, it There is a free program that can be used to change the freesync range, and some claim that it is useful. It took a long time, but I finally found a solution 1 *br* Check to make sure freesync is enabled in monitor controls. 2. Make sure freesync is enabled in monitor controls. You can open the Nvidia control panel by clicking on the desktop and choosing it from the popup menu. gsync can be set up in the "Set Up G-" section Synchronize your
4 devices. You can manage 3D settings by selecting Manage 3D Settings. * Item 5. "Monitor Technology" should be changed to Fixed Refresh*6. Navigate to the "Program Settings" tab within the manage 3D settings window
7. You need to select the game you wish to run at step 8. Monitor technology should be changed The sync
9 symbol. You need to do this every time you wish to play a game Synchronizing

For some unknown reason, I can get this to work. Nothing but white screens from now on! The latest drivers are installed on my Windows 10 PC with a 9900K and a 1080ti. As someone who comes from a TN, I found the colors were a bit better, but it wasn't in any way a game changer. I seemed to have gotten pretty close to the ideal setting on my previous monitor. There is a noticeable difference between the pixels and my old TN, but after a few days it doesn't bother me You can only become Mr. E if you ain't Mr. E No matter what you do, it won't matter to you. It's not likely that you would even consider buying this monitor if you are that kind of person. I'm now going to tell you the bad news. There is often a need for more brightness on the monitor. It is still necessary to increase the brightness in game settings, even when brightness is set to 100. The on-board settings of your monitor can be modified to use "Picture Boost" if the game doesn't have a brightness slider. Choosing this option is a good choice. Is it really a bad review? It shouldn't be placed in a bad section. After you turn off the monitor, it will no longer remember this setting. In order to use it for games, you have to reset it every damn time. AOC needs to release a firmware update to make this work. In the end, this good monitor is not truly great because of this issue. Everytime I want to play Assault Android Cactus I am forced to deal with this issue. You should not do that. Apart from the black screen workaround and not being able to save the picture boost, I'm happy with it. My 27 inch TN monitor was a great step up to this one. I cannot imagine ever going back to a regular sized monitor. A small difference in size can make a big difference. After four years, I will probably be able to buy a 4K monitor that has comparable features at a reasonable price. Until then, my wife will not allow me to purchase a new monitor since my sister-in law pointed out my new toy to her. During her spring break, that will be the last time she stays with us.

Henry Hale
Henry Hale
| Jan 10, 2021

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