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Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother
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Fear of the dark can be eased with NIGHT LIGHT.
PLANS A Starry Night Sky Projects 8 constellations in a starry sky.
There are 3 soothing colors available in this project blue, green, and amber.
COLOR CHANGE The color is automatically cycled through three different
With the auto shut off feature, your child's bedtime will be in complete darkness for 45 minutes.

Questions & Answers

Blue turtles can they stay on all night or do they need to be set to timers?

As for the turtle, I bought it for my first child, who is now 8 years old, and now I am using it for his sister, who is two months old 4) It is on a timer that lasts for about 45 minutes.

If you want to make it rotate through the three colors (rather than only flash one), how do you do that? Thanks a lot?

need to press twice the "on" button to activate it, pressing it just once means one color will be displayed, and the other three will be available for choice.

Can the room be brightly illuminated by this when it is turned Do you think it's like having a night light on, or is it made of a white light?

It has a similar effect to a night light, but it seems a little brighter at the amber setting. This is a favorite toy for my grandson!

Exactly what type of battery are you using?

Honestly, I can't remember, because it's been a while since I bought it, and I returned it to the store only because there wasn't enough light for my 90 year old mom. I love the look of this

Selected User Reviews For Cloud b Twilight Turtle Blue Night Light Soother

A warning is in order to the buyer

This item has been returned. From the moment I opened the Amazon box, I immediately noticed signs that this item had been used. There was no lock on the box that the turtle was in. On the top of the turtle, there was sticker residue, and on the bottom of the turtle there were "stains. ". I opened the battery case and found corrosion AND I tried despite all the issues I had, my daughter had just seen the turtle, so I thought I had to try to get it working. Several new batteries were put in and the device did not It is not the first time I have left a negative review on Amazon, but as a parent this is especially harmful when it comes to an item for my.

Kamden Zamora
Kamden Zamora
| Jun 04, 2021
The quality of this product is great! You can use it for both! It was my boyfriend's fourth birthday, and I bought it for him The year is My son is a little older than me

It was a usual occurrence for him to crawl into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning. My observations of his waking up in the middle of the night and not liking the dark led me to conclude that he was sensitive to it. He lies down and falls asleep with the plush turtle in his arms, while the stars surround him on the ceiling and the After swimming, the turtle automatically turns off, and when he arouses in the middle of the night, he will turn it on and drift back Sleeping in our beds at night will be a thing of the past. The turtle is so beloved that he brought it camping with us and hung stars on the ceiling of our tent at nighttime! The turtle serves both as a stuffed animal and as a decorative object! I love lights. It is definitely worth a try!.

Remy Hardin
Remy Hardin
| Sep 24, 2020
A purple ticker does not remain on

The purple turtle we ordered for our daughter was designed to match our son's green/brown turtle which we have been enjoying for two There were no stars to be seen in a dark room with the purple lamp staying on for less than 30 seconds and the lights not enough bright to see the colors clearly. In our case, we returned the first one for a replacement, and the replacement was not any better.

Malaya Goodman
Malaya Goodman
| Sep 02, 2020
The fabric is soft and perfect for all In my nannying career, I take care of a 5 year old boy who loves football

I thought it would be nice to gift one to my 1-year-old. Neither she nor my 4 year old likes it, but we both enjoy There are 3 colors that project, a dim orange, a light blue, and a light green. The lamp stays on for an extended period of time when it is turned on. Maybe The timing was never accurate. Orion's Belt and the Big Dipper are two things I can spot today, but I'm not an astrologer. An area for the batteries is covered with a velcro flap at the bottom.

Danny Sloan
Danny Sloan
| Sep 10, 2020
It is perfect for toddlers to play during the night

Those starts are so much fun for my toddler. They are now indispensible to me in bed at night. Also, we have an older version of this product that belongs to one of our older children, and Cloud B has made some nice improvements If you have seen the older model, the velcro on the flap on the underside of the turtle (where the on/off switch is located) is now better and more secure, and there is now an option for the colors to change automatically every minute or two.

Yaretzi Waters
Yaretzi Waters
| May 23, 2021
Getting anything else is a better choice if you want a nightlight they can use, but this one is not too bad for the price

Cute turtle, too. The only thing that changes is the patterns and colors, but without sound. This lasts a long time and I don't have to change the batteries very Despite being loved by my little guy, it does not serve the purpose I was hoping for. I thought it should have gotten a touch-and-turn on design because he is still too groggy at almost 2 to switch the lights on when he awakes. In my opinion, I would get something else if you want a night light they can use themselves, but at the price it's not awful.

Ace Roberson
Ace Roberson
| Oct 12, 2020
It was perfect for the first two months, then failed

It's amazing how small this turtle is! In our room at night, I like to have some light in it so I can see our babies face when they fuss or are stirring. This I've been using it every night since the baby was born and have not yet burnt the batteries out. The light from my iPhone flashlight isn't bright enough for me to breastfeed in the middle of the night, so I use that instead of turning on the I would definitely buy this product again and give it as a gift to friends! With stars and the moon, it gives off green, blue, or brown light. Since starting this review, I have made a few updates! This night light completely failed to work, it began to blink, but I assumed that it was due to low battery power. I have replaced the battery several times and it will no longer All of my efforts have been unsuccessful. Make sure you buy a newer model rather than wasting money on the old one. Despite its short lifespan, we are really disappointed with its failure.

Royalty Robbins
Royalty Robbins
| Oct 03, 2020
I love it so much

I really like this little thing. Each night, I turn it on for my 3 month old and he watches the colors change until he falls asleep. It does not matter if he is awake, I keep him in his crib every night until he goes to sleep within five minutes. Take 10 minutes to complete the exercise. This device also has a timer, which turns it off automatically when it runs out of time. My nephew already had one a few years ago when he was one and he loved it. We therefore decided to purchase one.

Ari Aguirre
Ari Aguirre
| Jul 06, 2021

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