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24" x 3/4" Western Red Cedar #1 Grade Heavy Handsplit Shakes

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$ 225.50

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Size 3' x 24'
I got a #1 grades
They come in a variety of sizes

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how wide the shakes are?

There are a wide range of sizes available. They are between 5" to 12" wide A 3/4" thickness is about right for them. Each is 24" long. Thank you for your question. I hope this helps. For any other questions you have, please feel free to contact me again.

Mold, moss, and mildew can be prevented by these treatments?

There are no treatments for these, Elizabeth. Handsplits are just the result of nature.

Do you know if the price is for a bundle or for a square?

A 20 square foot apartment is included in this listing. The area of a square is 100 square feet. The whole process of repairing my existing shakes required me to order 3 bundles. It was exactly like the people I used to have in my 60s. It took about 3 days for my delivery to arrive.

Do you have any products that are treated to be fire-resistant?

Sadly, we do not have a fire-resistant product for our 24" handsplits.

Selected User Reviews For 24" x 3/4" Western Red Cedar #1 Grade Heavy Handsplit Shakes

Cedar logs that have been hand split

that has been put together just for fun. There are no square ends on the box. It is coming apart. It is just a few to fix a boat, but the quality should have been better.

Enzo Ferguson
Enzo Ferguson
| Sep 28, 2020
Excellent product, but I really can't stand that it is no longer available
Alex Yu
Alex Yu
| Jun 09, 2021
You should let the rain fall

I haven't found any that are as good and durable as these, so you can't beat them for quality or durability.

Peyton Russell
Peyton Russell
| May 11, 2021
This is the real deal

My house is just the right color for this.

Calvin Dorsey
Calvin Dorsey
| May 07, 2021

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