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LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5

LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board with Wheels LED Lights for Kids Adults

LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5 LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5
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A HOVERBOARD THAT IS UL 2272 CERTIFIED All U.S. aviation rules and regulations apply to the hoverboard. This product complies with OSHA requirements, which means it's fire-resistant and has a high temperature resistance feature.
LARGE 5 INCH WHEELS LED headlights provide a safer ride at night, so you can now ride it anywhere at any time. The awesome RGB LED design with color lights provide you with a colorful and fun ride.
JOIN THE HOVERBAORD BAND WITH A BUILT-IN WIRELESS SPEAKER Built-in wireless speaker allows easy and convenient connection to mobile devices within seconds. Simply listen to favorite music or read without having to wear The hottest hoverboard with incredible sound effects and a bright LED light. The RGB LED design changes colors when you move and gives you a colorful and enjoyable
CONTROL IS SIMPLE & STABLE This hoverboard is built for beginners and amateurs, so you can easily learn how to use it and stay balanced. Straight or curved, it can turn and rotate 360 degrees at will, and was designed to run at any speed! Featuring a 200W brushless motor, this hover board will provide you with an incredible
A warranty will be offered if the item is shipped from the U.S. There is a 3-month warranty as well as an email support line available 24/7. We're here to help if you have any issue just don't hesitate to get in touch

Questions & Answers

Despite my best efforts, my hover board is not charging. Is it possible to get a new cord to see if that's ?

In the event that it was recently purchased, you can contact customer service to get a replacement cord. The video cable can be replaced if your unit has been in use for some time. You can find cord options by entering the model number of your cord in the search bar.

Thanks for your reply. Do you think this is worth the price? Getting things back online is a terrible experience for me. ?

You'll definitely get your money's worth from it. The hoverboard we got our 8 year old for Christmas came in really handy and was great fun Among her favorite gifts was this one. The bike is used by her daily throughout the house and for errands It is nice to take her to the park (there is a long sidewalk there) & A bicycle transports her to the destination. The appliance does not leave any marks on our hardwood/ laminate floors and still runs as well as the day the appliance was delivered to us. In fact, my 20-year-old son and I have ridden it a few times together.

What is the maximum weight it can hold?

The weight of the individual is 220 pounds. The battery's lasting time is mainly determined by how much the user weighs. Users who are lighter take longer to absorb the substances. Let me know if this is helpful to

Does the speed or balance of the game have any adjustment? I can't stop this thing from going full speed. ?

You can lean forward and the hoverboard will go faster the farther you lean. Go slow if all you want is to go Your hoverboard speed is actually dependent upon how much weight you lean forward with your feet.

Selected User Reviews For LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board with Wheels LED Lights for Kids Adults

I highly recommend this hoverboard for its reasonable price

In a nutshell Now that I have gotten my son this hoverboard, he's the happiest boy in the world. During his free time, he rides his bike all the time. I love the battery life and the quality of the product! Charges fast and is easy to use. This is a highly recommended book.

Annabelle Ware
Annabelle Ware
| Mar 19, 2021
Without the worrying, this is an awesome board

For my son, I bought the most thoughtful gift. A distant relative of his even said he liked Obviously it was an easy decision for a 13-year-old. It didn't take him more than five minutes for him to be It was awesome to see him turn, swirl, and fly through the air! We got on the train and it was smooth. I know because I did it with my husband. I am totally in love with the colors. It just makes me smile when someone is using You can't help but be drawn to the colors. There is a green battery icon to show you how much it is charged. My first time placing a bid on this board and I am so glad I did. Considering how long it took me to get them, I'm glad I waited so long. The price was excellent, and I am very pleased with it.

| Jan 26, 2021
I like it! In a nutshell This is a nice
Gabrielle HEWITT
Gabrielle HEWITT
| Feb 03, 2021
This is the lesser version that you sent me! It's fine now

A heavy duty truck is also a good choice. They have fake advertising on their site though, which really irks me. You can see in the pictures that this product is listed arms sold as a hover board that can hold up to 264 pounds. Furthermore, it specifies that it will take no longer than two hours You need 3 hours to get your battery fully charged. However, as you can see in the user's manual, the hover board they gave me has a weight limit of 200 lbs and takes four AA batteries The batteries need to be charged for 5 hours! I think they sent me a less than perfect version of these, even though they look the same! There is no way I can make it up to you. The issue will be fixed if they are able to fix it. I have not gotten what I paid for, at least not yet! Make sure you do your research before purchasing. The ratings are in the manual! Be sure to check them! My anger is out of control!.

Charlie Dennis
Charlie Dennis
| Jun 12, 2021
Gift of a lifetime

In a nutshell This is a favorite of my daughter's. Working on it is not hard. Thank you so much for the most wonderful birthday gift ever! This is what she said!.

| Sep 29, 2020
Hoverboards that are the best on the market

Hoverboards have been around for generations, but my son is now 12 years old and LOVES them! He rides it everywhere now, I don't think he's even walking anymore! He got it for Christmas! This exact hoverboard is his favorite, I'm so happy I got it for him!.

Opal Fleming
Opal Fleming
| Jun 21, 2021
Having a light weight device and having a long battery life were important factors in selecting this product

It is fun for my 6 year old granddaughter to ride, and she does so well with no trouble.

Dalary Andrews
Dalary Andrews
| Dec 25, 2020
It appears that the hoverboard is no longer working correctly

An original review was published in During the first two weeks after my son purchased this hoverboard, it didn't work properly. I am waiting for the company to reply if they plan to replace the item. This is a revised review It helped that the company responded promptly with an email and instructions for resetting the board. We had already tried resetting the board and it worked again, but still the instructions were useful and I appreciated the quick response. Based on my revised rating of 4 stars, I am giving the book 4 A very good value for the money (not the best board available, but this one is still really good for the price. ).

Ridge Burton
Ridge Burton
| Feb 14, 2021

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