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Shimano Bike Chain CN-HG40 116L 8S

Shimano Bike Chain CN-HG40 116L 8S

Shimano Bike Chain CN-HG40 116L 8S
$ 16.99

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The chain CN-HG40 is a tour

Questions & Answers

Do you think this chain will work on a 21 speed full suspension mountain bike? The original chain was Shimano. ?

This cassette should fit either an 8 or 7 If you have a 7, then you should have a 5-7 There are three chain rings in the speed.

What do you think about this fitting Thanks so much! ?

All 8 speed systems should be able to fit it. If you have an 11-speed cassette, you must check whether it is 7, 8, or 9 sp.

Selected User Reviews For Shimano Bike Chain CN-HG40 116L 8S

Why is Your HyperGlide Drivetrain Not As Effective As It Could Be? I wish you good luck with your installation

In my headline, I mention I picked up this chain to go with my Cannondale H400, which has a 24-speed chaindrive Featuring a Shimano HyperGlide drivetrain equipped with a front and rear derailleur by Deore. I believe it is the same chain I received with the bike 20 years ago, and I have no reason to doubt that it will perform as expected or last as long as I expect. On my bike, I usually ride for an hour or more almost every day and it takes me about a year Once a chain has been ridden for 2000 miles, I replace it. This allows my cogs to last longer. For poor installation instructions and a quick-release mechanism, this chain earned two out of five stars. Below is the link to the next page It's impossible to use this. Here's how it works A chain link with two pegs and a fastener plate with a slot that has a very slightly rounded section near one end make up this connector. In order to install it, insert one pin within the slightly rounded section, and then slide the faceplate over so the slightly rounded end is over the pin that will connect to the wall. To loosen the chain, you first need to "tighten it". In the form of a diagram, it represents the impossible combination of physical impossibilities and conceptual difficulties Next, insert the second pin into the slot with a slightly rounded edge. I hate it. As a result of the printed instructions failing to follow my expectations, I took to the good ol' YouTube for help. A quick video search led me to several demonstrations of how to install I found a few links, most of which included narration that I could understand. Although they helped, they didn't make much difference. Shimano probably means that by loosening the chain you should bend the chain away from you while holding on to the Quick Release. Put the faceplate in position so you can slip the second pin through the slightly rounded portion of To accomplish this task, I found it very difficult. I noticed that when I tried to bend the chain towards me over my thumbs, which were holding the faceplate in place, the second pin would pop out of the hole, and I had to start over. My grip would have to be adjusted so that I could prevent this from happening, or the faceplate would slip out of place, and I would have to restart. Also understand that this will require considerable strength and power on the part of the hands and arms It is designed so that bicycle chains can withstand side-to-side movements The side of the body is flexed. As well as this, I was fearful that by bending the chain over my toe that I would damage it. So I bent it over my toe of my boot instead of over my thumbs. I hate it. The two sore thumbs were the last straw, and after about an hour of frustration, I gave up completely, replaced Shimano's pathetic Quick-release, and now I have a new one. To install my new Shimano chain, I used my old KMC Missing Link that I had saved from a previous Reusing an old Missing Link may not be the best method for installing a new chain, but the two options were either that or spend the money to have a bike shop install it I put on a new chain for $@. When I buy a chain next time, I will invest in SRAM. Even though I am not Superman, they have never disappointed me when it comes to performance and durability, and they are actually relatively easy to install.

| Dec 09, 2020
The app works perfectly on my son's 7-inch tablet A good bike with a chain that meets its description

For the size to be accurate, it may be necessary to remove extra links. I had a hard time installing the single quick link because it was harder to install than the style I'm used to on my 11-speed bike. After about ten minutes, I got it to work.

Jorge Gentry
Jorge Gentry
| Apr 18, 2021
The wheels are in motion

The machine is easy to install, rides smoothly, is quiet, and is reasonably priced.

Azalea Chambers
Azalea Chambers
| Mar 20, 2021

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