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Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
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This device is equipped with MIPS®
Technology used in InMold Construction
Certified to meet the safety standard set by US CPSC for bicycle helmets for children ages 5 and older.
The Universal FitTM size ranges from small to extra-large

Questions & Answers

What are the instructions for removing the visor?

My opinion is that it is not likely. Is there a reason why you wish to do so?

What are the odds that this helmet comes with an additional set of pads when the ones that are already there ?

Despite purchasing a helmet that included additional pads, I did not receive them. I still think that helmet is great.

Do you think this helmet will fit me if I wear a small 53 cm normally?

That should be the case. A helmet size designation for universal adult is 56, but I am a 56-inch female. With the adjustable chin strap, it is easy to wear. The helmet has a dial for adjusting tension at the back

If the straps are tight after a ride, do they remain that way?

There is no way they do. With use, the straps loosen, but it still has one of those sliging rubber tabs you can push up near the adjustment buckle. You might need to tighten it every 20 to 30 rides. Moreover, excess straps that are left after tightening can be dangled because there is no good way to retain them. In order to keep excess strap length beside the main chin strap, the sliding rubber tab probably does this, but then you need to adjust the tightness more often. Thus, I use the sliding rubber tab pushed up tight to the adjusting buckle in order to keep my desired tightness for a longer period of time before I need to readjust.

Selected User Reviews For Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

You need to be careful not to get the MIPS product

There is a sale of the old Register and the MIPS Register by Giro. There is no doubt that the seller is selling a MIPS Register in his description. I received the helmet and on neither the box nor the helmet was it mentioned that it was MIPS, except on the bar code attached by a This helmet does not have MIPS technology, so I called Giro to confirm this. I just said Register, it should read MIPS We hope that this was a mistake, but we are afraid that future buyers will not be saavy enough to know what to do.

Elian Mosley
Elian Mosley
| Apr 07, 2021
This is a fatal design flaw

There is no way to adjust the side straps because they are stitched together to form a triangle on each side. There is no adjustment on the helmet that prevents it from easily rotating up and off the forehead as as regards mine. Through stitching, the length of the triangle legs and their resulting position front to back on the head are both fixed. It is only possible to adjust the length across the chin of the straps. As a slider mechanism, it would be able to handle this issue. While the Roc Loc is a nice tool for tweaking the circumference of a helmet, it does not extend to Selling (Bob - Pedals and bicycles. We did not encounter any issues with the service provided by com).

Egypt Rocha
Egypt Rocha
| May 13, 2021
Comparing Register (on the left) with Revel (on the right)

It seems to have replaced my Revel helmet, which broke after about two years due to a broken adjustment dial. These differences and similarities can be seen in the following list. My previous experience with the Giro Indicator and Transfer models led to my purchase of the Revel, so my understanding of their products in this segment is quite good. It falls in the middle of the spectrum. Once I super glue the adjustment dial in a static position, I'll keep the Revel on hand as a backup. In summary, I think the Register is a good choice that will last you for 3 a long time As long as the adjustment dial is not used often, its lifespan may be reached after four years. The pros are I must mention*br Even with MIPS enhancements, this is a lighter device than the Revel at 280g versus 314g. A lot of what I attribute to this can be attributed to the lighter/thinner straps which appear to be equally strong. I must mention*br The touch points are padded, which makes it more comfortable out of the box. In the interior comparison image, it is clearly visible that there is additional padding. I must mention*br A nice aesthetic touch is that the model name does not appear on a sticker but instead is molded onto the rear of the outer shell. The cons are I must mention*br The Revel is equipped with the same "Roc Loc" adjustment system. I pointed out previously that it's easy to use, however the plastic components of the dial mechanism don't stand up to everyday wear and tear. If you can, setting it and forgetting it is probably the best approach. You should not expect it to last more than a few years if you use it daily. I must mention*br As can also be seen in the photos, the overall size is larger. I must mention*br As compared to older models, the visor attachment is pretty weak, with no pins to insert. During rough terrain, don't expect the visor to remain in place.

Brennan Snyder
Brennan Snyder
| Oct 18, 2020
It has MIPS technology, and that makes it awesome

I love this helmet because it has MIPS technology. In most cases, you might think you're getting the customer's money's worth especially if you purchase something at a lower price, but I was almost tempted to turn down the cheaper option. I had previously considered the MIPS version of this helmet which is $20 less, but after researching the MIPS technology, I decided to buy it. Despite the difficulty of installation and removal, I absolutely love the visor, I have provided pictures. According to the manufacturer, it is supposed to be kept in its box, but that is not what I will do. There was no reusable case in the box, just card board. As long as the manufacturer does not make reusable cases for helmets I cannot recommend them. On the other hand, I will not take the stickers off of the helmet as I did on my old one. Having done the task on my netbook, I learned how important it is to have the stickers with the serial number and model number. Yes, you would be disadvantaged if an unfortunate event were to occur and you did not have that information. You should not peel the stickers if you are uncertain. My favorite part of this helmet is the visor. After a few months of using this product, I will update this review to let you know if it is working well!.

Jesus Craig
Jesus Craig
| Oct 14, 2020
The helmet (knockoff) you are holding is not genuine

Since it cannot be adjusted, it was not even possible to use the helmet that I purchased from Amazon. A couple weeks ago, I went to Dicks sporting goods and happened to see the same helmet With all the adjustable straps I needed. In fact, you can feel a difference even on the outside of the helmet. The helmet feels cheap to me, which is why I would stay away from it. No Giro helmets are backed by the company. You can go to the website of Dicks sporting goods or Giro. This is probably not the best option. Pictures of the differences can be seen here.

Onyx Espinoza
Onyx Espinoza
| Aug 28, 2020
A chin strap would have been better for my large head, but it fits perfectly

As much as I wanted to buy a cycle helmet that fits everyone, I am pleased that this helmet fits me Most of the time I wear a large or medium depending on the brand. I like the snug fit of the Giro Register helmet to prevent it from sliding around the forehead On the back or on the left or right With the buckle in place, it does not feel as if my head is pressed against the seat. I gave this a 4 because only one reason for not giving it a It is the chin strap that makes up the star helmet. I must frequently tighten the chin strap of my Giro helmet, same as my other one, since it loosens over time, including during long rides. The rubber ring is pushed tightly against the buckle each time, but the strap is still slowly pulling So long as I adjust it before each ride or during breaks on long rides, I have not had any problems with the helmet strap becoming The straps of any other bike helmet I've owned have never needed to be adjusted so frequently. Despite that, I find that this Giro Register helmet is now my favorite due to its snug fit But not yet I find the fit of my head to be comfortable.

Declan Ford
Declan Ford
| Feb 23, 2021

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