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TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model

TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model

TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model
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Since April 2021, we've made a number of new upgrades to the design. It now features a much stronger on/off lever, a strong steel collar to ensure it won't break even in the gnarliest crashes and a new internal shank that won't break during repairs. In addition, the internal cable is designed to last longer.
The ring mode can be activated by motion on shared trails / to alert wildlife. In stealth mode, your device is completely unobservable as it passes through.
A new grippier backing pad makes it easy to switch between bikes with the quick release model
This solid brass bell has a friendly ringing sound that can be heard for

Questions & Answers

What is the mechanism for attaching this to the ?

This device is attached to the bars by means of a flexible o-ring An earring. To use the bell, just place it on the handlebar and squeeze the on/off button Back of the bar is surrounded by a ring. There are a number of theories about On the product's top, there is a tiny hook that attaches the ring to. It has two different sizes of O-rings Depending on where on the bars you want to mount it, you may need to use rings. (Discontinuation of 35mm film. The diameter of the disk is 2mm.

Is there a way for you to manually ring the bell or does it only ring when you walk over it?

Since Timber was designed for mountain biking, it is more likely to ring on bumpier ground. Unlike road bike bells, this bell doesn't come with a manual "ding" feature. If you need a little extra sound when you're pedaling, you can tap lightly the brakes or give the handlebars a light shake. Pavement tends to ring more when you pedal, and it goes quiet when you coast. The way it is used is great because clogged bike paths caused by pedestrians are greatly reduced. However, TIMBER is a trail bell that is designed to help you communicate better with hikers and other users of multi-use trails The system was not designed for busy city streets, or emergency situations. Instead, it was designed to be used on trails (rather than yelling "You are approaching on the left").

What happens to the rubber when it dries How long does it take for the bell to loosen on the handlebars if the ring strains over time? I would like to get a new screw-driver if it's available Instead, why not type it on type?

As far as I can tell, the O ring hasn't caused any problems. There can be a little movement with the bell when mountain biking, but I just move it back over to the thicker part of the handlebars if that happens and it works fine. It comes with two O rings so you can attach It's really nice to have a bell while riding a mountain bike. As you approach, people can hear you and you don't have to take your hands off the handlebars in order

Do you know if you can get it to ring by tapping it?

You have to turn on the on switch to sound the bell. It rings automatically once you have turned on the on switch. It is also possible to idle the bell so that it does not ring continuously while you ride. like it because you are on the bars and it warns other trail users that you are coming.

Selected User Reviews For TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell - Quick Release Model

I like the way this works

I rang a bell that is normally rung by hand. This bell causes quite a different reaction than the previous bell. Unlike other bells, the bell is not louder than any other bell, it is not. As hikers hear this thing ring as it goes down the trail, they stand still and react as if a fire truck was approaching. In the course of this vicious attack, dogs and children are snatched from their owners in a way that would be considered frantic even by one who is used to such incidents During the "ring". All they have done is run for their lives, not gotten angry. As well as displaying the bell below the bars, I like that it is hung below the railings. (I haven't tested this, but I think it would survive. As of yet.

Giuliana Carpenter
Giuliana Carpenter
| Mar 23, 2021
A ride thoughts website that is updated as more and more rides are taken

Reading about the "LOUD" issues, I still decided that this would be a great bell for my mountain bike. In general, it is easier to go down in volume than increase it. It may seem unfeasible for someone who rides in Phoenix, but there can be a LOT of rocks, including boulders. When I ride, I sometimes wear a miners helmet, jokingly. However, besides the rocks, I ride quite a few trails that are filled with blind turns in addition, we share the trail with cyclists and, perhaps even more importantly, with horseback In her discussion with a horse rider regarding the issues of sharing trails, she suggested that each mountain biker should carry a continuous bell for safety reasons. I do agree that this bell is quite loud, but I found that black electrical tape around the inside contact area of the bell fixed this issue and it produced a loud muted cowbell-like sound exactly what I needed. When it comes to dealing with people sharing trails who are wearing earbuds or similar devices, that's a whole other ball of wax. Since they are tuning out, it is ON THEM not to completely tune out and pay attention to others. It is their responsibility if they do not. I will provide more updates in the coming days.

Yamileth Harris
Yamileth Harris
| Dec 11, 2020
The mountain bike bell is essential if you ride a mountain bike

IBPS MCAS NCAS This is a good thing I am - The software is easy to install
- strong - The most reliable
Having the option to keep silent or to have sound

Not so good I am - I do not own one, but if you mountain, you definitely need to invest in one. While mountain biking, we collided due to the fact that I failed to hear a guy coming around a bend. I don't think either of us are to blame, but we are both talking about how we heard these bells on bicycles. I loved how easy it was to install the TIMBER bell, and it works wonderfully. Switches on the bell can be used to turn it off. The overall experience was great! I highly recommend it!.

Jemma Bradford
Jemma Bradford
| Nov 07, 2020
There is a need for one of these everywhere! I am so happy with this product

The cows are coming out! This is the best mountain bike ever made! This ring has a charming, soothing, sound that does not seem to irritate anybody. My MTB bell has been praised by hikers and MTB riders alike. The sound is quite loud as well. It was a long descent, and my buddy was riding ahead of me, well out of sight. He said he could hear me for the whole time. In order to turn this thing on and off, you must be able to control that feature. The product is 10/10. I will buy it again.

Justice Green
Justice Green
| Feb 22, 2021
An excellent way to signal your approach, it is easy to use and does not annoy! In order to alert my husband, I bought this bell to warn him when he was too far ahead of me and couldn't hear the bell ringing any more

It works quite well for that purpose. The bell could not be heard 15' away on one trail we ride since the trail is mostly cinder/gravel. The noise from his tires drowns out the bell. This ride was much better than the last one on a dry single track trail I was about 50' away and he could hear me. Although I don't think it will help to tell him I'm very far behind, he could still hear me if I crash. Often when I ride the greenway trail through our town, I find that pedestrians hear me coming and turn and see me, I don't startle them when I ride up behind them and ask for a pass, I sound like I'll be riding silently behind them. There is something pleasant about the tinkling sound and it doesn't bother me In the volume control there is a slider for sensitivity When set to full open, the bell rings as frequently, but with less effort, as it is the same volume at the low setting as it is when the high setting is selected. The process for putting on your bike is ridiculously simple, as well as turning it back on and off. I'm going to get one for her birthday. I saw this and thought it was a great idea. A NOTE ON THE SIDE Apparently one dog thought I was a chew toy since I sounded like I was chewing.

Ivanna Randall
Ivanna Randall
| May 10, 2021
My favorite things about this bell are some of its features

This bell has some features that I really like, but after only a couple of rides it broke. It has another design flaw for which I fear it may cause damage to your bike. It dangles low enough on the handlebars that if you spin the handlebars around, it may hit the top tube of your bike. As usual, I have no trouble with this, but I went down once, not very hard, and the bell part of the bike smashed into a carbon fiber section of the tube with enough force to break the bell. Even though you could not see any damage to the frame, it prevented me from getting a replacement bell right away. Overall, the product was very useful to me, however, I can't give it five stars. *Pros I am - Noise that is both loud and irritating. I am - It is possible to turn it off for those one-part computers Trails that lead to the way - A bell was pointed out to me more than once

Cons I am - This is very loud and annoying - As long as "volume adjustments" are set at loud, they will stay there. Despite the inconvenience, it's not really an issue. I am - The people who wear headphones on the trail are unaware that a loud bell is being rung a few feet ahead of.

Pearl Francis
Pearl Francis
| May 31, 2021
Within a period of two months, there was no work In order to receive warranty service, return shipping is expensive

The concept was great, and it worked well while it did. I had only been using it for less than 2 months and 20 rides before it stopped completely It seems that the clacker fell off in the middle of the song The device was working at the beginning of the ride, but it stopped suddenly in the middle Here's how to get there. There were never any abuses of the device. The bell is still under warranty, but I have to pay for shipping back to Timber, which is about half the price of a new one. It doesn't make sense for me to spend so much on a replacement in the hopes it The last time I used it, I was a big fan.

Zendaya Gentry
Zendaya Gentry
| Jun 06, 2021

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