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Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz

Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz

Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz
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This is the strongest tick repellent you can buy This combination is formulated with a maximum strength 20% Picaridin formula, to provide you with powerful protection from both wood ticks and deer ticks
An entire day of tick protection, 12 hours at a time Ticks are repulsed for 12 hours, so you're protected no matter where you are, whether deep in the woods or in
An active ingredient to be recommended is Make the right choice by selecting Active ingredient Picaridin, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for disease resistance A insect that carries diseases
How to protect yourself from ticks The following diseases are transmitted via airborne routes The ticks which carry Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tick-borne diseases are repelled by this product There are many types of borne encephalitis
To keep your clothing and gear safe, follow these tips Not for profit There is no damage to sunglasses, rain jackets, plastics, or other synthetic materials due to the greasy formula

Questions & Answers

Do you spray it on your skin?

Of course, and on the soles of shoes and the legs of pants.

Are mosquitoes repelled by it?

Whether or not it repels mosquitoes is unclear, but it will keep ticks at bay. When I came home after spending the spring on our farm, I had five ticks on my body. My next appointment was at Ben's the following week and I did not have any.

Do you have a scent on this?

You are welcome! Thank you for asking! Featuring a botanical scent, Ben's Tick Repellent repels ticks.

How much deet does it contain?

Regards, and thank you for contacting us. We do not use DEET in Ben's Tick Repellent. There is an active ingredient in this medication, Picaridin, which is recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

Selected User Reviews For Bens Tick Repellent Picaridin 6oz

Alternative to DEET that is effective

Whenever I have been bitten by an insect, I have developed rashes or red bumps that last for several Likewise, two separate moments in my life have been marked by Lyme Disease diagnosis. In this case, I will need a multi-functional product that is both safe and effective Pick picaridin over DEET when it comes to insect repellent. Roc Iaya houses back up to a swamp that has a lot of critters in it It was a wooded area with a stream, so ticks, mosquitoes, and all manner of filth were everywhere Take a look at- A lot of people have problems with uhs. Due to its short history, picaridin hasn't been studied as extensively as DEET, which has been around for about 20 years. In terms of effectiveness, it is believed to be just as effective as DEET, but without the skin irritation some people report. Additionally, it does not have the damaging effects of DEET on plastics and other synthetic materials (e. g. The outdoor gear includes sunglasses, sunglasses, and I normally purchase a brand name spray can of 15% picaridin at a nearby big box store, but I have not been able to find it In the end, I decided to try Ben's 20% and am happy with the results. However, despite the bold lettering on the container that reads "Tick Repellent" and "Ticks", the active ingredient, picaridin, is also known to be very effective against mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers and It states that the other pests are listed in small print in the side. I found this on an NPR site that was very interesting, "Picaridin is a little more effective than DEET and keeps mosquitoes at a greater distance. ".

Myra Middleton
Myra Middleton
| Jan 04, 2021
Thanks be to God

Though we used cedarcide for years, we still found some ticks on our dogs and ourselves. As a result, we were picking them off occasionally (though not at the same rate as before). Due to Bens, there were no more toxic chemicals used in the farm. On our small homestead, which has a lot of grass and deer, we have a lot of high grasses. The products on the market for tick removal have nearly all been purchased by our household. An entirely new way of thinking was introduced. You would be better off investing in a great product if you put down your tick key.

Rivka Dennis
Rivka Dennis
| Mar 08, 2021
Although it seems to work well, the smell is very strong

This was a good standby! It was easy for us to apply the spray and no ticks appeared after we had worked & played It smelled good while I was outside working, but when we washed our clothes, it stuck around. I rated it 4 stars because of the strong scent, which was too strong for me to smell while I was working outside and while I was playing in our meadow land. Secondly, I would really like an unscented version. (Maybe they have one? There's something I need to look for!.

Blake Williams
Blake Williams
| Dec 16, 2020
This is an amazing product

If you are in the woods, this is a great way to get rid of ticks!.

Liberty Bowers
Liberty Bowers
| Jul 21, 2020
Repelled deer ticks but did not prevent them

In this case, the product was claimed to last for 12 hours and repel I was not able to use this product. The tick under my arm when I arrived home was attached to me. By the time I left for home I had 5 ticks on me. It was deer season, so I knew it would be very likely that I would get a tick. This is the only Ben's Tick line of products I would not buy Due to my dislike of DEET, I was curious to see how this worked. There was nothing I liked about it, so I will not be buying Especially because Lime's disease is not a joke, I thought it was more appropriate to use it in this way.

Beckett Oconnor
Beckett Oconnor
| Mar 19, 2021
It seems to work fine

I like how it works! There's a nice smell coming from here.

Haisley Pollard
Haisley Pollard
| Jun 04, 2021
I really liked this product

It worked very well in the forest.

Sydney Hughes
Sydney Hughes
| Mar 06, 2021
The work is done

The result of using this before walking through dense woods was that I came out of the woods tick-free. There was no doubt that it worked.

Raya Wright
Raya Wright
| May 11, 2021

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