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Mylec Variety Balls (6 Pack), Model: 2196

Mylec Variety Balls (6 Pack), Model: 2196

Mylec Variety Balls (6 Pack), Model: 2196
$ 15.53

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Material designed to prevent bounce back
Temp ranges for all balls and specialty balls included in the pack
The perfect place to play all year long
The United States is the country of origin

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how big these are?

Hockey ball of standard size. Size-wise, they are similar to baseballs

What if I want to play field hockey with them?

Field hockey balls were much heavier, but these were so much lighter.

Do these rubber balls feel hard to the touch? I've been looking for rubber balls this size for my students to use at recess and not get hurt. You are liable. ?

There are no rubber balls in these street hockey Your company will not be able to hire them.

Selected User Reviews For Mylec Variety Balls (6 Pack), Model: 2196

This isn't the case, according to me
Kelsey Blevins
Kelsey Blevins
| Apr 28, 2021
They did not deliver what they promised I ordered a set of field hockey practice balls for my daughter since she plays field hockey

The purpose of these is not to play.

Noel Russo
Noel Russo
| Jan 28, 2021
There are balls

Upon arrival, they were polite and courteous. There is no difference between what is described and what is received.

| Nov 04, 2020
I give it five stars
Ishaan Mathews
Ishaan Mathews
| May 15, 2021

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