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Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black

Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black

Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black
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The highest quality materials are used
During installation, you can quickly and easily adjust the strap
8 inches wide by 25 inches long. Approximately 5 feet wide and 1-7/8 inches tall
It needs to be worn with a full-body vest or harness (4 points)
An easy-to-follow guide to the use of the product

Questions & Answers

Would it be possible to get the width and length ?

Approximately 2 inches is the width of the belt, which is one and a half It is approximately 8 feet tall.

Is the carbinear capable of holding a certain amount of weight?

As part of the HSS-included gear, Jonathan comes as standard With a weight capacity of almost 4,000 pounds, Lineman's Climbing Strap is the perfect climbing accessory. A new upgraded aluminum carabiner is also available ), which holds 5,600 pounds. I hope this was helpful!

Palm trees can use this to trim their leaves. ?

Both your hands will be freed up when you use this strap. Depending on how far you want to reach you will need more or less reach. In order to have the best results, trimming must be done close to the tree trunk. It was sure to give me a sense of security for hanging tree stands with this strap.

Can you tell me what color it is? What kind of carabiners does it have?

Carabiners attach to each end, and an inline steel buckle lets you adjust the length of the strap. Thanks for your help, and the color is black

Selected User Reviews For Hunter Safety System LCS Lineman's Climbing Strap, Black

They're awkward, and they easily get It is a lanyard I am trying to give a shot

I tried to make it work, but it wasn't durable. The seat belt material will never stay flat against the tree if misused, making it difficult to use the system properly. I noticed the belt was fraying as I was walking up an old tree. The strap began to separate when I pulled on it, so I was 40 feet above the ground and luckily I had a top rope setup already that allowed me to fall safely. I knew what was going on, so I could move it. Several months ago, I purchased an arborist steel wire core flip line and have not had any issues with it. Using a strap again is a no-no. climbing clips are reasonably sturdy, but I don't have the same confidence in the strength as my magnesium.

Dulce Page
Dulce Page
| Jan 29, 2021
I believe it doesn't work very well and is unsafe

It works, but does not always work very well. It is difficult to thread the buckle because it is noisy and cumbersome. It gets twisted and hung up when the belt is wide and flat The bark of trees can easily be picked up. Furthermore, it's easy to mistakenly catch the buckle on something and let go of the tension, sending you flying to the ground - this is the worst of all dangers. This is exactly why I bought the belt in the first place. I almost did it on my first try Since it was my first time, I was extremely cautious because of the clumsy nature of the strap. After I had tried it once, I quickly changed it to a Ropeman 1 Ascender that included a short climbing cable. This is a really good.

Westley Fischer
Westley Fischer
| Dec 02, 2020
Be prepared to take my review with a grain of salt since I bought this for safety while cutting down trees

The database was extremely useful as I moved from one branch to another constantly. Since I am used to decent rock climbing gear and I am picky about it, I am being a little Spring on gate had a decent amount of tension. It has never been an issue for me. Auto lockers that resemble pear shapes are more common to me. The first ones didn't flip upside down, while these did. I did not want to use a screw lock because I was moving so much. My problem was that the carabiner seemed to want to be used. As if by magic, the lock kept moving into its locked position all by itself. I found it difficult to open the carabiner with one hand as my leather glove covered my other hand. It was never tight enough and would slip down once I twisted it. I kept twisting and twisting, but it never stayed off. Because I didn't want to use pliers on it, I didn't use pliers. It could have been worse, I suppose. A lock that cannot be unlocked is better than a lock that cannot be unlocked. Overall, it served the purpose I needed it to fill. While I was there, I felt safe and I was suspended by it often. In my case, it was just a little difficult to use, but it did function correctly.

Iris Oconnor
Iris Oconnor
| Jan 02, 2021
This is an excellent seat belt for transporting loved ones in a deer cart

A Climbing Strap like this is ideal for tying down disabled humans so that you can transport them to safety in an all terrain deer cart. There is no need to tighten this belt since it There is a large D-shaped hole in the center Additionally, rings make it easy and secure to put them in place. You might want to consider - Here's a Please find below The electric bike with fat tires is more efficient and affordable now, so you may want to carefully plan on using one attached to a high-quality cart (which also has fat tires as well) as an escape vehicle from Sodomite Land as well. I hope you are safe. Please stay safe. Chappy (also known as GhillieMan).

Macy Anthony
Macy Anthony
| Nov 20, 2020
The climbing sticks can be hung much more easily

My lower back and arms were relieved of a great deal of pressure. While I used a tie off line for safety, when I leaned back, I trusted in the strength of this harness. My height is 5 feet 10 inches, and I weigh 250 pounds. On the same day, I hung four stands with six climbing sticks in each tree. It was easy to rely on this harness and I somehow managed to handle Is a great tool that frees both of your arms up when you need them most. Works just Be sure to follow instructions and to stay safe no matter what your age is. You can't go wrong with this and I highly recommend it for both.

Nadia Case
Nadia Case
| Oct 16, 2020
I am very pleased with the value for my money

You can use this strap to climb trees. Considering that I paid $18 for mine, I would not hesitate to purchase it again, especially if it came with the same carabiners I got (which did not match what was shown in the product image below). It would be easy to expand the belt length if the loop in the buckle connected to slots in the buckle. Although they had that one minor shortcoming, I gave them five stars because all the rest of the work they did was excellent.
My strap (including the carabiners) is 100" when fully extended, and it is essentially made from car seats and rubber bands This belt is made of a material that I doubt will hold up well under the abrasion stress of professional / daily use, however, for occasional use it is a good In addition to being well built, the buckle holds securely, and it is also easy to adjust. The length of the strap, while allowing a bit of tail to grab to assist with adjustments, will be more than enough for a 24" There is stitching at the ends of the web to maintain the web's shape All the parts of the strap have diamond patterns, and appear to be of outstanding Carabiners in D steel with a mechanical locking system A lock on the gate and a lock on the door It is a great quality Locking Sleeve that I got. There is a HSS representative. The questions area of this page states that these tend to be easy to moderate. Although I am not sure of the kN rating, I am sure of how the web-based measurement would work An application that translates 4K# into 17 utilizes the based conversion utility. A total force of 79 kN was measured. appear to be adequate for the stresses they would be subject to in a fall scenario, if not Situation in which an arrest is made. He is the HSS representative. Furthermore, the product description mentions an "upgraded aluminum carabiner" available on a different model strap, but I would personally prefer the steel one. Potential failures in steel will be easier to spot than those in aluminum, and you might even experience them as abruptly (if that happens). I was impressed with the quality of the Rivet Pins for the Gate on my carabiner (there should be no tears from them when it comes to your strap loop). I greatly appreciated how robust the locking sleeve is, and how easily it spins (which was helpful for the application I used it for), and it cannot be loosened, even if the gate stays open and the locking sleeve tries to be removed. A manual for the I like the smoothness and the fact that there are no tears in the strap (so no tears there either). It is exceptionally sturdy and well made, which is a big big plus for this product is that Safety is also hammered into you like a brick. Safety Education DVDs are included in this kit with the strap so you know all about the safety aspects of using the strap in its intended purpose (setting up The Hunter Safety System supplied me with a dvd that I found truly valuable for analyzing safety problems. I used it for a different applicaiton. They remind you that you can never be too careful, or too safe, when you are in a situation like this, and they do so in an extremely tasteful manner. There's a sense of customer care about them that I appreciate. As a fall protection harness, I purchased this climbing strap to use with Protecta AB17520. It will be necessary to prune high and cut down a couple of large trees on my lot (up to 18 inches diameter and 40 feet My homework was completed and I attempted to do it on my own. Construction has been my field of work, so safety is nothing new to me. Arborist work is in a class of its own, so you should be prepared, as well as Starting with the largest tree on my land, I felt safe and secure. The second strap I purchased from another manufacturer was to enable me to leap-frog This strap is much better yet, especially for the carabiners. I used the stumps of the branch stumps instead of climbing spikes to frog up the tree (rather than use climbing spikes), and the first strap was OK, but this one was far superior. It's easy to operate the carabiner gate and the easy-to-use instructions It was much appreciated having the spin locking sleeves as I continually clipped and unclipped as I walked up and down the tree. Once they were secured, once they were secure, they stayed in place. b. b. b.

Louie Curtis
Louie Curtis
| Feb 09, 2021
Make sure you don't look like The number of tree stands I've hung without anything is astounding to me

With both hands being able to use ratchet straps, that really is a game changer, since I was previously using only my teeth to try to tighten them with one hand. A pair of climbing carabiners that I bought I attach to my belt, then the carabiners included with the belt are attached I've been putting it on because it allows me to put on and remove my belt without taking it.

Raquel Miles
Raquel Miles
| Feb 21, 2021

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