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Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" Vertical Smoker, Body Dimensions 24 in W x 16 in D x 30 in

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24
$ 269.99

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The set contains two cooking grids as well as a jerky rack
There are three damper valves that can be adjusted Two at the top and two at the sides
From 50 to 550 degrees, this door thermometer is easy to read
A matchless snap-in solution that's convenient to use Starting a fire
The tips, ideas, and recipes below will help you prepare tasty meals

Questions & Answers

Does it hold up well to temperatures as high as 225 degrees F?

A temperature that can't be kept is extremely difficult. Adjustment of the burner is temperamental and does not stay in place. An adjustment of only 30 degrees will make a big difference in the burner A temperature of 40 degrees plus or minus one degree

Does moving require a lot of effort? Does anyone know whether it can be modified to have casters on it?

My brother and I assembled it on our own and moved it down a flight of stairs by our own power, thus making it easy to move when needed. Though, it is definitely easier to do with two people, and the furniture is no longer moving around now that it is I'm not sure that casters would work well, as the "feet" are very

Would the water bath be used if you were to use the Camp Chef smoke to bake pies?

Thanks for getting in touch, However, I have never baked a pie in my Camp Chef 24 and do not believe that it is The fact that it's like baking in an oven is what makes it similar. You may have to turn up the heat in the smoker to brown the pie crust because it may be difficult to brown in the humid environment. This may be of help to you. I hope your holiday is filled with joy and peace.

The camp chef item I ordered had parts missing and the box had been opened. Why did it arrive with damage and missing pieces?

Parts may fall out of boxes damaged in transit as boxes are ripped or torn! Camp Chef needs to be notified!

Selected User Reviews For Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" Vertical Smoker, Body Dimensions 24 in W x 16 in D x 30 in

1) The assembly of the unit was very simple

A lot of smoke is emanating from the area. As I began reading the reviews, I was quite surprised to find that every single one was positive. 1) the packaging conditions have been dramatically improved and I received my package without 1) The assembly of the device was very straightforward. 2) The door has quite a bit of smoke that escapes, it is a bit Instead, I purchased a Nomex gasket kit for smokers from an online company (Island Outdoor LLC) and fixed it. It would be best to order the smoker kit at the same time so you can install it as soon as the smoker arrives. 4) It is necessary to face the smoker into the wind or to put the back against it. Due to the wind and the lack of constant temperatures, I had problems maintaining my temperature. In order to do this, I bought the same piece of aluminum flashing at the home depot and pop riveted a shield over the In addition, I will add a small chimney vent on top of the roof to guard against rain water Having installed the vent covers, I was able to hold temperatures a lot better. What's on the menu During my walk last night, I smoked 2 Costco boneless butts. The bacon dripped on the chicken as it hung over the racks. Added some jerky as well. 6) I used to have a small big chief that I used to cook fish with and I would use my BBQ grill for beef My original plan was to get an electric vehicle for $700 to 900, but I'm very happy with my choice. 7) the Camp chief is an outstanding bargain for the price and is well built. 8) While I was assembling it, I noticed a few other things that stood out. The thought occurred to me that I should make a hook to hold up the gas connection nozzle when it is not in use so that it does not drag on the ground. You guessed it, the smoker comes with the room. Outside the box thinking is what these guys do best.

Malaysia Lynn
Malaysia Lynn
| Jan 07, 2021
It was a good purchase for me

Here is the bottom line at the front I am happy with my purchase, I am pleased with the smoker. In addition to my initial purchases, I also had to purchase We recommend a Nomex gasket for the door frames as well as an actual grill / meat There is no doubt in my mind that these two additional purchases are very important. I recently purchased the "grill grate ET732" thermometer and the "1/2" x 1/8" Nomex High Temp BBQ gasket smoker pit seal, self stick" on Amazon

It is my very first review. For the sake of making an informed decision about a product I want to buy, I always read reviews. In recent weeks, I purchased the 24-inch Smoke Vault and are experimenting with it. So far, so good. Rather than giving this product a 2, I would give it a Due to a little denting, my product gets a 5 out of 10. To begin with

In addition to a "beginner" smoker, I wanted something that was lightweight, simple to operate, didn't take up much space, and one that would be a bit forgiving for a novice smoker. Most importantly, I wanted My eyes widened as I looked into the smoke vault, where I found a few dents in some crucial places (around the door). One of the dents caused a gap through which I could see into the smoker. They do not seem to have corrected their shipping issues also, their quality control seems to be lacking It is real. My only complaint about this smoker was that he smoked excessively. I became so proficient in the use of a block of wood, a small pry bar, and a rubber mallet that I found the flaws to be easily corrected. I think it went together fairly easily if you follow the instructions, have your tools, like the 10 mm wrench and the socket, and have the appropriate tools, like pliers or a comprehensive socket set. I also suggest you season the smoker and follow Although I had a gasket to line the door frame, some smoke still escapes around the door, I can't imagine how much smoke will escape without one. If you buy a smoker, buy the stainless steel gasket as well. It will produce more smoke and There was a fluctuation of 250) but I think some insulation or some sort of "jacket" will fix the problem. For my smoking project, I used 3 pork shoulders (32 lbs), smoked them for about 11 hours, and I applied a good rub overnight and then let the meat rest. I really liked the way the meat turned out. There was a lot of juicy bark, a great smoke ring, and a good smoke ring. The smoker worked quite well. I was happy with the result. In contrast with the temperature gauge, it does not display this information. I found the tan color to be heavy and quality, but the temperature was 25 degrees off. Several weeks ago I purchased a grill/meat probe combo that comes with a transmitter and receiver. It is very important to use a good In my one bonehead move, when bending forward to clean the smoker, I came in contact with the temperature probe that sticks through the back of the door while sitting down in front of it. Let's say it has a good point on it, no permanent harm has been done to it, but I've learned my lesson)

Clean it Below is a bit of information that I would like to share This is for my fellow smokers who are just starting out. Using aluminum foil is a good idea. To contain the grease, I used foil to line a water pan, a grease pan, and a smoke pan. Put some holes in the foil on the top of the smoke pan and on the racks to smoke. The clean-up process was a breeze. It only takes a little warm soapy water and a garden hose to make the components look good again. My method of cleaning the smoker was not to spray water, but rather to dampen a sponge with water and wipe away any ashes from the wood chips, grease splatters on the walls. The smoker is nice. I recommend it to you if you Your space is limited, you rent and will have to move the smoker, you want a smokehouse that is affordable, works well and produces tasty food, and you're a novice (this is a great place to start). This is perfect for my current living situation and skill level since I rent, live in a city, and have never smoked before. Because of the thin metal and quality of the smoker, I do not expect this to last forever, but if taken care of properly, it should last for years. Also, given the $229 price, I feel it is worthwhile if it lasts for five years. A bigger/better smoker can be achieved once you've learned the technique to smoke. You can buy a better smoker if you invest in it. that my review assists you in making an informed decision, just as it has helped me in the past. I hope you have a wonderful time smoking!.

Sawyer Strickland
Sawyer Strickland
| Feb 18, 2021
Would be nice if it was enacted

Smoker that produces a lot of heat. Large enough to fit food for five families in it. There is enough room inside for 4 chickens and 50 wings at a time. Would be nice to have more shelves on it There will be empty slots after the parts are installed, so it seems as if I didn't get every part for an entire While assembly was relatively straightforward, the bolts are a bit difficult to fit a wrench on to get them snug. Using propane as an alternative to electricity is a great option. For the temperature to be just right, you will need to experiment. * My main issue with this is that it's made from thin metal and not insulated. I do not know how, but I like it, so I thought I would share. My budget for a better setup will increase a few hundred dollars at some point. My older electric smoker was a nice upgrade, but this was a nice enhancement.

Oaklyn Griffin
Oaklyn Griffin
| Sep 09, 2020
Thanks to a lot of trial and error, I'm in love with After some trial and error, I finally figured out how this unit works

The first thing you should know is that you shouldn't trust the cabinet's temperature gauge. Getting it wrong is never the right thing to do. Invest in a probe set that you can use on both meat and cabin. While this unit is easy to use, it doesn't offer incredibly good air tightness. Make sure you get a gasket and put it on the door if you want to prevent loss of smoke. Using this unit does not mean setting it and forgetting it. The situation will require a lot of attention from you. As well as having difficulty hitting a specific temperature, you will find it difficult to maintain it. Use a range to get used to it It should be at least +0 There is a difference of +- 10 degrees on my side of the road Using a gas regulator that is not very precise, keep it at 25 degrees. Changing things precisely is impossible, as what you think will be a minor change turns out to be no change at all or too much of one. Despite what you might think, you can't completely close an air vent. I finally figured all this out after doing some smokes that took way too long, plus I also realized what the optimal cabin temperature probe placement is. I'm now in love with this unit after doing that. Smoking is one of my favorite things to do. I have smoked pork butt, pork loin (incredible), brisket, turkey breast, stuffed chicken breasts, and even a turducken. It doesn't have a seal around the door, you have to readjust the wood chips constantly, the trays and racks become warped from long smoke sessions and there is no drip pan to catch fat when you have a large cut of meat (such as Although, this smoker is still far better than its electric counterpart that might have caught fire due to shoddy electronics or grounding issues. I love it.

Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips
| Jun 03, 2021

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