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Latin Percussion LP1400-C2 Udu Drum

Latin Percussion LP1400-C2 Udu Drum

Latin Percussion LP1400-C2 Udu Drum
$ 89.99

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Also available in three other sizes with complementary colors
45 cm is the package dimension. The dimensions of the work are 72 H x 33 W. It has a size of 02 L x 34 W. Measurement in W (centimeters) 29
The weight of the package is It weighs 3 lbs
Thailand is the country of origin

Questions & Answers

Can it be made from resin? I tried one of these in a music store, and the feeling was not as tactile ?

Ceramic is the material used in this one.

With this item, do you get the straw ring?

I am sure it is

Selected User Reviews For Latin Percussion LP1400-C2 Udu Drum

The music was great, but there was a bit of a quiet vibe

I love to play it with my mike, it makes it even more fun. In addition to being a great conversation piece, it also makes for a great gift. There is a responsive bass hole and it sounds great (I like it better than my Meinl "Ibo" version). There is only one downside to this udu because the clay is pretty thick, it is extremely quiet, and you need a lot of force (or a microphone) to pull out much sound from.

Aspen Decker
Aspen Decker
| Aug 18, 2020
A very high sharp ceramic slap tone coupled with a good resonant body makes this Udu a pleasure to listen to

Besides having nice high crisp ceramic slap tones, this Udu has good resonant deep tones that can easily be varied. relatively heavy, but just the right size to fit on your lap when not in use. The weight of the tray helps it to secure itself firmly on your lap as you pay. While not in use, the stand looks good in any setting when not in use, and it is a cool accent to your decor when not in use. Besides an external mic, it's also equipped with an internal mic that can be plugged in via a small matching plug that can be removed to get to the microphone cable. I liked this instrument very much. It has just the right amount of volume to be a good match for.

Alyssa McPherson
Alyssa McPherson
| Apr 11, 2021
There was a poor quality in this product

There have already been a few spots where the coating has come off close to the microphone hole. It has a sticky plug for this hole and I removed it. As a result, the painted coating came off with it. The very thick material makes it very difficult for the sound to travel through it.

Elliana HOPE
Elliana HOPE
| Oct 27, 2020
However, I am very pleased with the size and sound quality of this percussion instrument

As of this writing I have not used this percussion instrument in any performance or demonstration, but I am extremely pleased with its size and tone. My experience with Latin percussionists is limited, but this is an instrument I have never seen.

Jaziel Berg
Jaziel Berg
| Mar 29, 2021
Udu deserves a round of applause! It is an amazing drum that goes very well with
| Feb 19, 2021
I give it five stars

I've given it to my grandson, who.

Marley Burke
Marley Burke
| Dec 29, 2020

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