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Jandorf Crossbar 4in Offset 1/8ip Zinc (60205)

Jandorf Crossbar 4in Offset 1/8ip Zinc (60205)

Jandorf Crossbar 4in Offset 1/8ip Zinc (60205)
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This product belongs to the sporting goods category
The package measures 1 inches tall, 1 inch wide. The dimensions are 6 L x 6 W. The dimensions are 7 inches wide by 15 inches high. The time is two hours (centimeters).
The package weighs no more than 0 pounds. The weight of the body is 558 kilograms
China is the country of origin

Questions & Answers

Please tell me the weight of - Could it support a weight of 100 pounds? What is the lifting capacity of this product?

This item is rated for 35 lbs like similar items

What kind of legs does the bed have? Are they fixed or movable?

As they swivel, the seats can be adjusted.

Selected User Reviews For Jandorf Crossbar 4in Offset 1/8ip Zinc (60205)

I needed a crossbar with a variety of holes for a weird and twisty mounting situation! I liked how this one turned out! I'm going to get right to it now

Earlier this year I bought a house that had an extremely strange mounting box and I needed a crossbar with holes in it to cover it. In addition to the mounting box having a wall support beam running through it, there was even less room than usual. I had to get rid of the old light fixture simply because it was ugly. My new fixture mounting plate would not line up properly at all, so off I went to find something that would. had to look a bit before finding this crossbar, but once I did I was confident that it was going to line up correctly and I could mount my new light fixture. The truth is that it did. The crossbar is a bar. There is not much to it except that it has mounting holes in the right places and it is very adjustable as far as the two pieces are concerned. There is nothing locally that I could find that would work and I am very happy with it. There may be a solution for you if you have a strange mounting box that nothing will fit in for a light fixture.

Joyce Conley
Joyce Conley
| Aug 07, 2020

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