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Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only) Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only) Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only)

Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only)

Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only) Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only) Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only)
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The organic cotton content in this blend is 80%, while the polyester content is 20%
The following information is important There is only a mattress cover included in this listing (there is no foam)
The mattresses are designed to be slept on latex mattress toppers
An Organic Cotton and Polyester Knitted Top (80% organic cotton, 20% polyester).
440g/m2 (100% organic cotton) - Twill Bottom
This is the top piece If you wash the bottom piece on the machine, it should be cold The only way to clean this is by dry means

Questions & Answers

Does this step have to be done for the topper to work? The latex mattress I have installed at the moment has a waterproof protector and a heated topper. ?

As a matter of fact, I like it better. The covers and toppers of our mattresses are both from Ikea. 2 months ago, I purchased my most recent item. In order to protect ourselves from the elements, we use waterproof gear. As a result, the latex remains intact and there is no friction with waterproof sheets or liners. As is usual with those products, it can be washed, but I haven't taken it off mine yet. Washing water protectors and sheets is all that needs to be done.

Is there an anti-virus component to this How would you describe a slipback?

There is no woven material backing the backing it's a smooth cotton blend. The cleaning should only be done by air.

What is the extent to which the cover will stretch so that the latex mattress topper along with a memory foam mattress beneath will keep their original feel?

Not even close to my topper could I get it.

What is the fire rating of this cover?

The fabric cover is simply a decorative piece. A flame retardant chemical is not used in its manufacture.

Selected User Reviews For Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover - 1 Inch Twin (Cover Only)

I don't think it fits

With the new queen I have everything I need It took me about an hour to find Sleep On Latex, so I ordered a queen-size mattress To top it off, here is the size you need In my experience, a 2" medium topper is just soft enough for me to sleep on my back regardless of the mattress. A top cover was ordered, and I was delighted with it. -a queen out of a thousand My quilt top cover measures 2" to fit my queen-size quilt The size of the topper is 2". In the past few attempts, there have been three or four times that it hasn't fit -- It does not fit, it never has and it will never I began with how large the mattress itself, as well as the topper, are -- Material-wise, latex is dense and resistant to force because of its nature and solid composition. As soon as I realized that, I understood. In the end, I had to readjust the topper, the bottom of the bed cover, the top of the bed cover after removing the topper, and the bottom of the bed cover after placing the topper. However, when I finally did manage to get it somewhat aligned, I discovered that I would have to shove the cover up inside the top. As a result, it was **I emailed their customer service email address (in fact their sales department - hello!! In no way do I know where their customer support email address is) and asked for advice. They told me to start with the top of the cover on the bottom. Putting the topper on top of the bottom will increase its thickness, so once you have it in position you can simply flip it over. This was my first attempt at using My realization that the cover is smaller than the topper only came when I had the whole thing on the floor. There is some flex to the material, but nowhere near enough to ensure that the gaps are filled. In addition to being too short and too narrow, it is also too wide. Attached are some pictures to illustrate this point. Despite the lack of tautness, there is still not enough material, or enough flex, in the cover to accommodate the topping. The way Sleep On Latex messed this up is beyond me My expectation was that buying a topper cover and topper of the same size would work automatically. It is rare for different sizes to be named the same by the same manufacturer. Aside from that, I enjoy the mattress and topper a lot There's just something about the cover that disappointed me.

Rachel Castaneda
Rachel Castaneda
| Jan 12, 2021
The title of the piece has been changed This product was weird

I rarely give products one star reviews, but I gave this product one star. The title of the product is "Sleep On Latex Organic Cotton Mattress Topper Cover--Intuitive Adapter". (cover only) 3" Queen". Even though it says cover only, I thought it meant that the cover had a 3" foam pad inside of it, especially due to the price. It seems a bit expensive for a soft latex sheet with a zipper. The first time I saw my topper I thought I was going to add 3". I realized I had been mistaken when it came. If you'd like, you could add a preposition like "for a 3" queen topper" so it doesn't appear misleading or vague. Here are the fitting instructions After I was disappointed, I thought, "eh, maybe I should modify my latex queen (1 inch btw) so I can use it as a cover. " found it hard to stretch enough to fit it around my topper and I had to struggle for a long time getting it on. On the basis of price alone, I do not understand what everyone wants or needs from There's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't work. Your topper would be well protected if you covered it with a sheet or a This is what I'll be returning It is hoped that all goes well.

Hendrix Vazquez
Hendrix Vazquez
| Dec 13, 2020
The fit is tight It is important to take care of the top and bottom differently

Our 3" Pure Green Latex topper fit inside a Cal King cover, versus the 4" cover in AJA's review. In fact, aja noted that it is VERY TIGHT to fit (the review she wrote was for the queen We had to spend quite a bit of time on it, since it was two-pronged Job for a single person. Personally, I don't believe one person would be able to handle the larger sizes by themselves. A large part of this can be attributed to the fact that latex is extremely heavy! As you are bound to discover if you have only played with poly or urethane foam before, you may not have anticipated how much heavier it is to maneuver. Pads of latex are available in various sizes. As it is not Sleep On's fault, getting the topper inside this cover is an extra bit more difficult than it needs to be because of the lack of ease when it comes to the fit. There are two pieces to the cover, a top and a Due to this, I have deducted another star. Having worked as a seamstress for years, I know my stuff when it comes to In our opinion, it makes NO sense to make a woven cover where the bottom half requires dry cleaning, while the top half can be easily washed- You can wash and dry the item in the machine. The requirement to stay dry for bedlinens has no place in a modern household- These days, a lot has been cleaned. Considering the fact that it adds substantial costs to maintaining the cover, it is unnecessary and ridiculous. In any case, you must cover the As long as it's not covered, it will crumble under the constant friction of body and The latex topper, apparently, helped to hold the topper in place and the slight 'waviness' vanished after the first night, leaving a flat, even surface.

A brief summary Although this product works, it can be difficult to fit on when handling large sizes of latex topper. In addition, different care instructions for the top and bottom make maintaining this more expensive than it needs to However, despite the fact that I think it was well constructed, I would not buy it again. Unless the zipper fails I will keep mine, but if the zipper fails, I will probably throw it away. If possible, I would recommend looking for something that does not have this cover's disadvantages.

Olive Clarke
Olive Clarke
| Jul 12, 2020
You can trust the quality of this product

The site is easy to navigate. IBPS MCAS NCAS It was not clear to me whether I needed this cover, but I am glad I did because of the following 1) Latex foam is clumpy, heavy and difficult to move around, and it is prone to tearing. A cover like this encloses the topper and prevents it from being torn. ** 2) Using latex foam, which is made from tree sap, starts to degrade naturally around 10 years into the future. The cover reduces exposure to sunlight, which speeds up the process of deterioration. 3) This is a very posh, attractive product that feels good My experience differed from those who said the clothing did not fit or that it was hard to get on. The time has come for me to be You can see a video and pictures here.

Blaise GOUGH
Blaise GOUGH
| Dec 06, 2020

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