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Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet

Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet

Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet
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Magnetic Therapy With 15 x Strong 3000 Gauss Magnets Each Link Has A 3000 Gauss Magnet
therapy is thought to be helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, pain, sleep, as well as improved blood circulation.
100% Hypoallergenic Titanium Each bracelet in the Willis Judd collection is made of 100% pure titanium.
There are 8 lines in this story. The dimensions of the door are 5 inches and 21 inches. It has a length of 5 cm and a width of A 47-inch wide and one-inch thick profile. About 2 cm
There is a tool included in each Willis Judd Magnetic Therapy Bracelet that allows you to resize it from the comfort of your home

Questions & Answers

Where can I find instructions on how to open a ?

You can push the clasp back with your thumb on one side of the bracelet. There is an edge on one side of the clasp. Place a finger or two under the bracelet, where it is the clasp. This method makes mines easy to open.

What kind of water resistance does it have?

In short, yes. There is some effect of water on metal, even though it is only metal.

Would it be possible to acquire additional links so that the size can be increased ?

Although I am not sure if it is possible to buy extra links from here, there is a tool you can use to remove them

Are the rose gold parts made of ionized titanium or stainless steel plated with gold? Is it true that the color wears off over time?

I still have the gold part of my bracelet today, just as bright as it was when I bought it. Wearing this bracelet every day is a part of my daily routine. There is no way I can provide an answer to the question about the materials used in

Selected User Reviews For Willis Judd Mens Magnetic Titanium Bracelet

I am no longer in pain and numb

The bracelet came as a gift from my Chiropractor to ease my pain in my right wrist caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. My wrist pain improved rapidly after one adjustment from my Chiropractor wearing the bracelet for several In the morning, I felt no numbness in my fingertips. Those results are remarkable! The bracelet is visually appealing and durable, making it an excellent buy. My doctor asked me to remove the bracelet a few weeks ago so that he could examine me. In the aftermath of the exam I put it back on, but the latch did not close properly. I later discovered that the part had fallen off and was lost for good. It didn't take long for my fingers to become numb again. A replacement bracelet was promptly ordered (and I would have paid double the price if needed! went away overnight while wearing the new one. I was numb for a day and then it disappeared. There is a high level of quality in the product. There are no scratches on the product. The ring can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its looks have been a point of praise for me. The ankle sock they make for me is "just a bit" too small. This tool is included for sizing the work. I could have saved some time if I had figured it out sooner. )
A very effective product! I have never used magnets before, but this is my first time using them to relieve pain and increase has worked out well for me so far!.

Callahan Evans
Callahan Evans
| May 06, 2021
There is no better deal to be found! This bracelet caught my eye by accident and I decided to get it for my husband who suffers from carpal tunnel disorder He no longer wears his watch since it was too heavy and he claims it is too heavy- I liked the idea that it was made of Titanium

Considering how lightweight it is, I knew he would be able to go for a spin with this. Plus, it was a really good price. As I did not inform him of its arrival, I surprised him with it upon its arrival. His reaction was astounding and he absolutely loved We are able to open it between the two of us even though it's a little difficult. There was a lack of space on his wrist, so he didn't want to take any links out -- In the event I were the one making the decision, I would have removed two of the items. It does not take me much to tell you that he wears it constantly. Only when he works in the yard, takes a shower, or goes to bed does he get rid of It helps to ease his pain, doesn't it? This is the best present ever, claims he, and says it is the best gift It looks very expensive, and we are amazed by its quality There is no doubt in my mind that I got the best deal ever!.

Rivka Saunders
Rivka Saunders
| Oct 18, 2020
The pain caused me to have a lot of vocal outbursts at its worst

It has been a fast onset of arthritis in the hands for me as an octogenarian. The pain caused me to have a lot of vocal outbursts at its worst. When it was at its best, I could handle it with a variety of salves, It is possible that it is Capsaicin, BenGay, or Max Freeze. The taste of these products is neither pleasant nor does the feel on sensitive skin be pleasant. A little over 36 hours after putting on the bracelet, and it being held in place more or less by a Timex watch band, my wrist was no longer bothered, only about 50% stiffness remained. We can flex and stretch our finger joints and knuckles now to loosen up the stiffness. It has been improving steadily since I started wearing the bracelet consistently. Since I have not gotten online yet to learn how to use the tool, I do not have the capability to do so. Since I am a retired teacher and physical scientist, there are no solid scientific reasons to support removing arthritis pain by exposure to small magnetic fields on a consistent basis. In any case, since the pain has been entirely relieved, I do not know exactly to what I can attribute the relief. In any case, there appears to be no reason to remove the bracelet as well. In this way, it will stay put.

Alan Cook
Alan Cook
| Jul 28, 2020
This bracelet is very nice! My problem was repaired when it was reported to the company

This light weight, well made item looks great! A study shows that magnetic therapy reduces arthritis symptoms. Even if this bracelet does not have arthritis benefits, I would still purchase it. I like that there is a tool included so the link can be taken out. A new update! A gray residue started appearing on my skin in November 2016 after wearing the bracelet for a while. Observing the residue on the bracelet as I kept wearing it, I noticed it was getting darker, more pronounced, and more visible. I had black stuff all over my skin where the bracelet had been. Sadly, I am no longer able to wear it. The bracelet I purchased for myself hasn't exhibited this behavior because the bracelet I gave as a gift was given about 6 months prior to my ordering it for myself. It does not leave any gray or black residue whatsoever. This is not the case with the gift bracelet. There it was, my bracelet, which I had given him to wear. I put black stuff on his wrist as well, but it was just from my bracelet. The dress is too tight now and I can't wear it. I would have liked to see it because it has a nice appearance. A new update! After I wrote the review for Willis Judd, I was contacted by them, and they offered I found this one to be outstanding and the customer service was superb!.

Ricky Drake
Ricky Drake
| Oct 31, 2020
I give it 5 stars because of its functionality and the beauty of the The work of has been a great benefit to my husband

This is the gift I bought for my husband, and I rate the piece 5 stars because it's so functional, and it's stunningly beautiful. I have seen a great deal of benefit from it for my husband. As a result, the clasp opens with the slightest movement and the bracelet falls off of my husband's wrist. This has become an issue, since he loves this bracelet but it has become more difficult to wear due to its tendency to fall off and he's afraid of losing it. The seller has been notified about this issue and we hope to have it resolved by the end of the week. We will come back and rate this bracelet with 5 stars if it is good! UPDATE A new bracelet has been sent to us by the seller! We're thrilled and would like to add that customer service has been exceptional. I appreciate your kind words! His bracelet is a big hit with my husband!.

Aspen Escobar
Aspen Escobar
| Jul 02, 2021
I've tried it and it works

Generally, I'm a skeptic, but after suffering through the pain and numbness of carpal tunnel, I thought I'd put it to the test. Since I've had this on, I haven't woken up from the pain or numbness I used to experience in the middle of the night. The bracelet causes a little discomfort while riding my motorcycle, but compared to before I began wearing it, the discomfort doesn't seem to be as bad.

Wrenley Lynch
Wrenley Lynch
| Feb 11, 2021
These bracelets are beautiful and provide relief from pain

It is important that the wearer does not open the clasp accidentally. My bracelet collection consists of four different styles that I bought over the course of 3 years. One of the first 2 decorative inserts lost its magnets, and the other two had to be repaired. A black finish on the 3rd makes it easy to scratch. It will be the fourth bracelet. . . but the clasp came unfastened, so it will be lost. I have found the clasp to be a problem on all four All the other ones fell off my wrists when they fell off mine. Not so lucky with this one. Since I feel I get relief from my arthritis by using these, I bought four and will purchase a fifth.

Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr
| Mar 08, 2021

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