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IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams

IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams

IP-6 Gold Powder with Mango Passionfruit Flavor, 412 Grams

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IP6 Gold is the IP6 supplement you can trust. IP6 Gold is made from IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) & Inositol (as Myo-Inositol) that are Be careful when buying IP6 and Inositol from China, which many companies purchase from that country! According to the Non-GMO Project Verified, IP6 Gold is the only IP6 product that is non-GMO.
In order to achieve IP6 Gold's Gold Standard level, we third-party test raw materials in accordance with precise guidelines to ensure a pure, safe, and potent product. IP6 Gold is so revered that it has even been used in published research studies.
The IP6 Gold is made using only natural ingredients such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and gelatin, with no unnecessary excipients.
IP6 Gold is made in a facility certified by NSF and NPA GMP, among the highest certifications in the world, which is among the safest manufacturing facilities in the United States.
The IP6 Gold is derived from non-GMO rice bran and contains IP6 and Inositol as dynamic duos. Inositol and IP6 are known as powerful antioxidants that eliminate multiple oxidants simultaneously. These plants provide a profound influence on immune function, glucose metabolism, kidney and cardiovascular health, as well as mental and brain health.

Questions & Answers

What are the differences between this type and the capsule Is it just a type of formula? Is there anything different in the ?

Using either IP6 will give you the same result. In a tub there are 60 servings of 2 grams (3200 mg) IP6, the same amount in 8 capsules. 480 capsules of powder will thus equal the number of capsules in a powder product. It may be more convenient for some to use one form over the other. Additionally, there is some flavoring and stevia in the powder. Please accept our sincere thanks.

The 14 scoops' number depends on how many there are. A typical serving size is 6 ounces. ?

Each serving is 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop in the evening. Total of 60 scoops.

Who is associated with this brand now that Dr. Shamsuddin is no longer there? It had a picture and information about him on it before and I have ordered it before. ?

Over the course of over a decade, Dr. Shamsuddin endorsed our product. In the formulation of IP6 & The amount of inositol is the same as it was when we began All ingredients are inspected for purity, potency, and safety, before they are used. I included the citric acid as well! You'll love it!

What can I do if I don't like the mango flavor? What can I do to get my hands on ?

Thank you for stopping by, but we're sorry you didn't enjoy The IP6 Gold Powder we offer is also available unflavored. There is nothing more to it than IP6 and Inositol. Water can be used as a beverage or juice can be added to it.

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As soon as possible, my physician recommended that I begin hormone therapy

The patient has two bone metastases related to metastatic prostate cancer. Source The background I needed IP6 Gold Powder for a number of reasons. In late November of 2012, shortly after my 71st birthday, I developed an unexpectedly high PSA In my case, a score of 19 was twice as high as my usual score of 7 to 9. I was told that after a needle biopsy by my urologist, my Gleason Index score rating was an 8, meaning the cancer was a high score. This range is between 8 and The prostate on my right side had been diagnosed more than 15 years in the past as significantly enlarged, accompanied by high PSA values. The fluctuating PSA resulted in at least three needle biopsies throughout the years, all of which were negative. My 2012 biopsy was positive for cancer, with cancer cells spotted in the four quadrants. As soon as possible, my physician recommended that I begin hormone therapy. This was an inoperable and incurable form of cancer. While using hormone therapy drugs in 2013 and 2014 I did so intermittently, taking them for six months, then taking them for six months off to extend the eventual onset of my Prostate cancer patients with bone metastases who receive hormone treatment are expected to live on average five years after they cease being treated. This harsh fact motivated researchers to look for a complementary treatment, perhaps a natural substance, that would extend this time. Despite having never heard of Dr. Shamsuddin and the work he did with inositol hexaphosphate at the University of Maryland Medical School, I had visited the University of Maryland Hospital before I retired to speak at a software-training workshop. To medical facilities and hospitals, triage systems are available. I found IP6 + Inositol while shopping in a local supermarket one day in the summer of 2015, a store that provides a wide range of vitamin-supplements I was suggested to investigate inositol by her. In response to her idea, I went to the Amazon site and bought Dr. Shamsuddin's amazing book, "IP6+Inositol", which I immediately downloaded to my Kindle and devoured. My first thoughts on the books were about his family history and early research interests in colorectal cancer. I skimmed all the other cancer chapters and skipped directly to the section about Then I reread the entire book four times after I received answers to most of my questions. As August 28, 2015, the deadline for my 6-year school leaver's evaluation, my mind is buzzing with ideas On the 12th of July, after my monthly checkup regarding my hormone therapy drugs, I began a regimen of Dr. Shamsuddin's "IP6 Gold" powder. As you read Dr. Shamsuddin's book, you may notice that he frequently makes reference to a "dose-dependent or dose-dependent" A study under review confirms the existence of a "dependent" relationship As a result, I chose to take three scoops with water four times daily on an empty stomach, an unusually high dose that goes beyond Dr. Shamsuddin's recommended regime Approximately 72 grams of protein per day can be obtained with 12 scoops a day. The more I knew about the dose dependence relationship, the more convinced I was that I had to test it to the point of extremes as my prostate cancer had more than two years of To get rid of those malignant cells, I thought it was necessary to hit them hard wherever they are located. Continuing to follow this regimen for the past two months has been extremely helpful. happy with my decision to go with the IP-based network Ingesting 12 scoops of "6 Gold" in a capsule form would cause a lot of pain for daily consumption since the number of capsules needed to achieve that would be overwhelming. As a bonus, the powder taste good when mixed in cold water, and it has a tropical fruit flavor. In order to avoid flavor monotony, I use the Ocean Spray Diet cranberries from time to time. The dosage level at which this medication has been used has not caused any adverse events. It only has one side effect, a feeling of The first time I was diagnosed with uti in late 2012, I asked my urologist ". . . is there anything I should change in my diet?"? Is it possible to take supplements to The doctor said that there would be no benefit to such dietary changes, but that I could take antioxidants if I wanted. He was clearly pessimistic that such dietary changes would be worth the effort. The fact that I have been taking IP6 + inositol was kept secret from him. My numbers over the past two years were reviewed at my urging. On the sixth day of the first six-month period, At the mid-point of the month cycle The number was 0 in 2013. At diagnosis in late 2012, my PSA was 19 (I started out with a PSA of 19). After drug administration for the first time in 2014, a second cycle of drug administration following the "resting" period reported some hormone resistance There was no PSA in my case. decline was present by the mid-1990s. My attention has been drawn to 2014! The February 2015 score of 9 dropped to zero because of the harsh weather. My hormone therapy level has been 1, a level that I reached two years ago when my body was exposed to hormones for the first time. I was surprised when he requested that I have a digital rectal exam after reviewing the past PSA results. My initial diagnosis was in 2012. Prior to that, he had not done this. The doctor noticed that the prostate was smooth and did not exhibit hard nodules after palpating it. This seemed to make him happy but left him I was concerned about this second bit of data, as it did not fit into my overall It was never brought up and he never asked if my diet was different.
At the close of the appointment, he asked if I was interested in scheduling another six-month appointment based on the results of my test February 2016 is the month of the appointment. Therefore, instead of the typical 3-hour workday, I would be working only 2 hours We will follow up with you in a month to assess your All my medications were, of course, to be suspended. When I asked him what he would expect from a PSA number in February 2016, he replied that he didn't know. I told him what he asked for and he said he thought 6 to 8 would be a good During the visit, it seemed like he was happy. On the way to the parking lot, I called my wife to let her know about the good news. I intended to share my IP6 regimen with him when we meet in February 2016, assuming that he needs a brief explanation of the numbers. As soon as I got home, I started thinking about a passage in Dr. Shamsuddin's book that summarized research conducted by Dr. Shamsuddin The combination of IP6, inositol, and green tea produces a synergistic action As a result of this, I searched online for studies that proved the anticancer benefits of green tea. PubMed for more details. ) With six months to go until my next meeting of the IP6 program in February 2016, I decided to add a supplement. Following my February meeting, this posting will be updated by the grace of God. Update March 3, 2016

I recall that in August 2015, my physician asked me if I would skip my 3-weeks of treatment. Since then I have been on inositol for almost two years. Come back to your 6-month progress appointment at the end of the six-month period. It was on February 26 that I met with the urologist. It was important for me to prepare a summary of my IP6 regimen, and it was also necessary that I bring a copy of Dr Shamsuddin's book that I felt he hadn't The situation turned out to be as expected. His laptop was on the desk and he was browsing the PSA report data as he entered the exam room. As a result of my PSA having risen to 6, his words did not make sense to me. By offering me the anti-inflammatory medicine that I had been prescribed for six months, he is willing to get me back on my hormone therapy schedule My doctor prescribed a new prescription for the daily pills today and an androgenic shot. Then I made him aware that I was taking IP6 and asked that he delay the treatment. My response was to explain that it meant something and ask the man if he had heard of Dr. Shamsuddin or knew anything about it. Despite looking surprised, he did not appear to be upset. The book was accepted without hesitation by the author. Having a PSA score of 4 may seem high, but it is consistent with the PSA scores prior to my diagnosis of cancer lead to multiple needle biopsies, all of which were negative and predicted by my enlarged prostate. In question 2), I wondered whether my cancer had been suppressed based on my baseline number? discusses in his book a wide range of scientific processes, including cell normalization and cell apoptosis, that can benefit all readers regardless of their background in science to get a better understanding of how IP6 affects cancer cells. They will wait until the end of the week to determine if the number has increased significantly, which can indicate a recurrence of the cancer. That's a cautious approach, but I can readily agree with that. The first days of my IP6 regimen consisted of 12 scoops of "IP6 Gold Powder" per day divided into 4 sessions of 3 scoops, applied A 90-day revision was made in the middle of the year On October 15, In the months of January and February, I took two scoops of IP6 and two scoops of inositol powder 3 times a day for a total of six scoops per day- the equivalent of 48 capsules per day. Studies specifically on prostate cancer have often been conducted both in vitro and in vivo. A list of these academic cancer research studies is available at PubMed. As part of the adjunct supplements, the government provides the following

1. The extract from milk thistle I take four grams of it per day, twice a day. Boost your energy with 12 grams of decaf green tea extract daily*2. A wine extract made of grape seeds, It is recommended to consume four grams daily*4. The red wine extract that contains resveratrol, It is recommended that you consume 8 grams of zinc daily*5. 5 grams of turmeric with BioPerine. I take four grams of the above supplements three times a day as well as with my three meals. The capsules are taken with the IP6 during my three dosing sessions and at the time of each meal. From October I have also been taking only these medications with meals 6 *br*br The Delta fraction of tocotrienols is blended with gamma fraction tocotrienols (10%). The eighth point. Each cup is equivalent to 6 cups each day) for a total of 215 cups per week You need 250 mg daily. A daily basis. The final supplement is being taken by itself on an empty stomach and should always be taken that way This is 8. Combining Coriolus Versicolor (aka Turkey Tail) mushroom extract with Maitake D Fraction (10%) extract in two sessions of 3 grams per day in tablets. (The above #8 had to be stopped a few weeks after I started because it interfered recommend all male readers research Berberine, DIM, and Beta Glucans as adjunct supplements to combine with You typically go through six months of hormone therapy and then six months of abstinence with hormone therapy. The PSA is measured at the end of every six-month period. Because the testosterone has been suppressed by the hormone cycle, the PSA reading should be low. As resistance to the hormones develops, the PSA starts to rise, and once it reaches the high teens or low twenties, metastasis takes place. A PSA reading is taken after the six month abstinence period is over and hormones are once again released. Abstinence cycle is rationalized by the fact that the patient will not develop resistance as soon and, in turn, their lives will be prolonged. During my first visit to the urologist, he told me a patient had begun hormone therapy and was still taking it for 8 years afterward. Since I started it in 2004, I have been on it for nearly five After moving to Florida from Arizona in September, my PSA was checked by a great urologist shortly after we moved to the state. It was a 0 on the PSA. Having gone through the six month abstinence cycle, I ended that There was a PSA of 5 in my case. In my pre-med days, I had a PSA that was below the typical level Years during which you were diagnosed with cancer. As compared with the average man, why are these numbers so high? It was diagnosed that I have an enlarged prostate (BPH) and the PSA readings in the six-month period were high In my case, the measured volumes of my prostate were within the 8 range. After palpating my prostate last September, the doctor again examined it The nodules do not appear to be malignant. A needle biopsy and radiology study are needed to confirm the diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer, and my doctor referred me to the Moffitt Cancer Center. My first doctor in Arizona recommended from radiation treatment, which because of the metastasis that probably led to the spread of cancer cells throughout my body was not appropriate. In the past two years, I have been taking massive doses of IP- daily, my current urologist has confirmed Dr. Shamsuddin's Gold powder has been my daily supplement since last September. I take 6 scoops of it twice daily, AM and PM, for a total of 12 scoops a day. In the past three months, I have been taking two grams of Beta 1, 3D Glucan daily from Transfer Point. As the quality varies significantly in the pharmaceutical industry, I want to emphasize the source of this product. Check out the different videos on vitawithimmunity online and you'll get a better understanding of this product. You can also read Dr. Vetvicka's book "Beta Glucan" as well. Third Edition of the book "Nature's Secret". There is now no doubt that that is the most significant, if not the most significant Among my supplements, I think this one ranks first. A precautionary measure must be taken, as in IP It is best to eat nothing after 6 pm. In his studies, Dr. Vetvicka uses Transfer Point Beta 1,3D Glucan (I noted this in a report on a BPH study he performed The Pathology Department of the University of Louisville Medical School is where he is a research scientist. I should also mention that Amazon currently has both the book and Transfer Point product. Finally, I should mention that my urologist has stopped prescribing the casodex pills and will begin taking Lupron in six months. The latest imaging technology at the Moffitt Cancer Center has been used to evaluate me since my last post on Sept. 25, 2017. Medical oncologists talked to me and decided that given the advanced stage and metastatic nature of my prostate cancer, I should be seen by a surgical oncologist. My current urologist sent me to Moffitt due to aging of my imaging data (from late 2012), which led to two radiologic procedures (bone scan and MRI). My Arizona urologist was not able to detect the two bone metastases that prompted his recommendation for immediate hormone therapy. I did have a draught of a lesion on my pelvic lymph node, however. Despite evidence that the eligard/lupron medication was responsible for the disappearance of bone metastases, the oncologist declined to highlight the effects of inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) or other supplements on the A stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis has been confirmed by the lesion on the pelvic lymph node. During our discussion, he spoke of his support for continuous Lupron therapy, and he considered it superior to the intermittent schedule my Arizona urologist favored. As I asked to go back to my urologist if the disease became resistant, he sent me back to him. The outcome amazed him more than I did, and he seemed quite giddy about it. His remarks were greeted with exclamations of "You have made my day. ". The number he is referencing is one he might not see too often, I presume. The PSA test results I had were the lowest I've ever seen. In his opinion, it was all caused by the Lupron shot I received It has never happened to me for me to have my PSA drop to this level while taking this drug. As you may know, I increased my IP6 dose to 8 scoops twice a day, AM and PM, for a total of 16 scoops in March. As well aware of the magnitude, I am sure that you take IP6 at a high dose. 2,000 mg of Beta Glucan #300 (from Transfer Point) is also being taken by me. Ideally, you should do this on an empty stomach once a day. Read Vaclav Vetvicka's text "Beta Glucan Then and Now" for more information on it. Amazon is selling "Nature's Secret" (3rd edition). Taking it with resveratrol and vitamin C is one of the recommended methods in the Vetvicka protocol. Taking 3,000 mg is also part of my regimen. Consume at least one capsule of capsaicin or cayenne pepper daily. In addition to the supplements cited above, I take other supplements as well. Please go to nutritionfacts, the website of Michael Greger, MD, if you are a cancer patient. The organization. He has provided videos on this subject that will be valuable in particular to prostate cancer patients. I am a vegan because of his influence and lost 22 pounds in the first six weeks. This does not mean women won't appreciate his many videos on breast cancer, etc. My goal is to lose another ten pounds by doing portion control. ****UPDATE FEBRUARY 8, 2018******My next appointment with my urologist will not be until the end of February. We are now in March of My bad. I somehow missed the thread of milk thistle research being reported this month (silymarin, silybunin, and, most importantly, the isosylibin B and isosylibin A compounds). Supplements sold under the name milk thistle are often deficient in the chemical agents B and A. You can read a complete summary of results by clicking on this link As a result of the findings, based on my recommendations, I suggest as adjuvant therapy that patients with prostate cancer take this natural supplement in addition to IP6 & B. This is inositiol. Life Extension (available on Amazon) appears to be at the forefront of supplements formulating for different types of supplements. Using these two compounds, European Milk Thistle has both isosylibin A and B. We face a lot of challenges when it comes to dosage. There has been a clinical trial with patients who took 13,000 mg of it. On a daily basis, in divided As I continue to research minimal dosage, I am seeking more guidance. A few side effects have been reported, but they are not I am not aware of any reported drug interactions. There is a mild laxative effect. I hope you have a successful career.

Siena Solis
Siena Solis
| Apr 12, 2021
I love it

Having MDS, a form of blood cancer, leaves me very vulnerable to infections, diseases, and death. As well as having psoriatic arthritis, I am also arthritic. I experience flare-ups of incredible pain every two weeks due to this condition. The duration of the event is To help with the pain, I was taking 16mg of ibuproof every 8 hours. In order to move a little bit, it made sense for me to move a little bit. Two years ago, my rheumatologist said a biologic medication could be taken along with my prescription. However, there is one exception. It turned out to be true after research. The answer is no thanks. I fell into a serious state of anemia due to the MDS. It was a really scary experience for me. Once my blood counts drop so low, I know it will be necessary to begin The end hasn't yet started, but the beginning has. I also developed anemia as a result of MDS. Nothing to do because I am short of breath and out of energy. . . . . wow. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT WAS A LIFE-CHANGING I took that as a sign from God. Since I've been on IP6 gold, it has improved my internet speed considerably. You should take two scoops on an empty stomach every 8 hours. That's all right. In 95 % of cases, the pain has gone away. The pain pills are a thing of the past. Since being diagnosed, I have been able to do many things I was not able to do for a long time. I give thanks to God. On days when I'm in my 20s, I have this energy that I used to only have in my 20s. I use It has improved a lot) I'll post a blood count update in a few Test it out to see if it has any effect on that issue. I hope that is the case. Therefore, this has been the case. I think this stuff is awesome. The kind of thing I would have found long ago. A UPDATED version. Well, it's 8/16/20. The results of the blood test are hot. There is a slight decline in white blood and red blood cell counts when these are low. There was a slight increase in emoglubing. It was 7, which is good. There are seven months left in this year. Since taking IP6 gold for a month, I haven't had any complaints about it. A dose increase to three scoops twice a day has been recommended. It happens every 12 hours. In the upcoming month, we will provide another update. It is almost painless to have arthritis caused by psoriasis. He has a lot I have finally achieved a much better quality of life.

Kohen Carlson
Kohen Carlson
| Feb 11, 2021
Worked like a charm

Purchased this for a friend who was suffering from an illness that was complicating his treatment. The results of his lung cancer tests were high, indicating that he was not improving. The doctor prescribed him this 2 times a day and he started feeling better right away, despite the fact that it was a condition that had slowly become worse over many months. The review needs to be done after he relapses, so I have waited to do this. The lungs of this man are still functioning well 2 years after the transplant. In retrospect I would have gotten the bland flavor if I had known then what I know now. Sugar is a source of cancer, and the flavorless powder can be mixed with just a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice to stop the spread of cancer.

| Mar 14, 2021
It's great to know that your prayers have been answered! The fibromyalgia I have suffered from since I was 18 years old

The age of my birth certificate is almost The years have passed by, and my pain has become In the morning it can take me a good while to get to the point of even standing upright (with ease) since I often have stiffness, soreness, and pain in my muscles and bones. As a result of the demanding nature of my job, my health is of the utmost importance. Since I have a very weak immune system also, I figured I would give this product a shot, since it was said to cure cancer and boost the immune The things that are going around tend to catch my attention. As long as I tried it, I would be able to say at least that I gave it a shot if it didn't work. My 13th dose is only a few days away. My pain is almost gone now that I have taken this product every day without skipping a dose, and I am waking up with no pain (or only very minimal pain). The craving is so strong now that my body craves it. The general energy level in my body has also increased. This product is very recommended to anyone who deals with discomfort on a daily basis. A $60 investment is a very small price to pay to see if using this will help you. It certainly does! Praying it works!.

Jayson Kent
Jayson Kent
| May 26, 2021

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