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Yamaha 10 Yamaha 10 Yamaha 10

Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW100BL)

Yamaha 10 Yamaha 10 Yamaha 10
$ 149.95

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Bass is clear and tight thanks to the new twisted flare port
YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) Advanced
The woofer is constructed of a 10" cone
Add style to any room with this stylish addition

Questions & Answers

What is the automatic shut off feature of this subwoofer or does it need to be turned on and off every time it is used?

Normally the subwoofer is switched on and off by manual switching, but if your receiver has switched outlets (which is common), then you can plug the power cord into one of them and it will turn on and off accordingly.

In addition to the 8" cone and 10" cone, what are the differences between the SW50 and SW100?

There is a slight decrease in the response of the 100 with the 25 hz versus the

Has it been supplied with a cable for the audio?

The power plug is the only thing you need.

Selected User Reviews For Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW100BL)

Turns on automatically when the receiver is turned on, but doesn't activate automatically

Apart from that, the unit has great sound quality for the price.

Dion Cunningham
Dion Cunningham
| Apr 11, 2021
It's boom time

There is no need for this. There is a possibility that I will I've had the 8" one for many years - I bought it with a receiver and surround set long ago - and it works perfectly. It's a gift I gave to my neighbors, they play loud music until the wee hours of the morning. Since I bought this, they've closed their door, which mutes a lot of their sound and I'm glad. A few of my noisy neighbors actually listened to this speaker rather than just talking about themselves. Yamaha, you are the best!.

Quinton Yates
Quinton Yates
| Jan 25, 2021
Auxiliary amp with phase and crossover built in is very easy to use

There was no real way to reach well below 30 Hz with the SW45 8" sub You should convert 35 Hz to When combined with towers that could handle down to 50 Hz, it was just not liked the way Yamaha subs sounded, so I looked for one that reached a minimum pitch of 25 Hz and was not overly expensive. There are two main types, the low YST and the high YST Both SW216 and NS-200 are higher end models A twisted port that is similar to that of the 300 and more or less the same specs as the 216.
Its main drawback is the absence of speaker level inputs with a built-in crossover (for amplifiers and receivers without a subwoofer output and built-in The subwoofer output was sufficient, while the crossover and subwoofer extension were built into my Pioneer receiver, so I did not need the speaker inputs. The standby feature wasn't used as the SW45 didn't have enough sensitivity- For it to be taken out of standby, a very loud bass signal was required. RCA subwoofer input and volume control are all, respectively, tied to the power cord and power button. My receiver had the extended subwoofer signal, so I set the crossover at 50 Hz with the extended subwoofer signal on the receiver, set the volume to the middle, and played some music. There was a pretty good sound to the deep lows, but somehow the midbass from 40-150 sounded off It was really unfortunate that 100 were so As a result I set the crossover to 80Hz and increased the volume on the sub to 3/4, and it made the 40-Hz sound heavy and powerful There was some improvement in the 100 Hz range, but then the lower 40 Hz range was It occurred to me that I had forgotten how to set the phase- Initially, I reversed the phase for better sound, but because of the port location on the sub, I had it firing straight, and the extended midbass signal did not appear to be coming through. As soon as I moved my phase
Normally, I find this sub to be a good choice, provided your receiver/amp has the capabilities, both for easy setup and sound quality when watching movies and listening to music.

Cadence Maldonado
Cadence Maldonado
| Feb 25, 2021
As a result, I hoped the servo function somehow made up for the low wattage

It turns out I was wrong about that. There's no frills, and there's no frills price, as it is completely no frills. It has a limited number of features. Marketers use the port feature as a marketing tool. Even if the "swirl" extends into the port, it would still be a miracle if this produced any sound at the claimed low end of 25hZ. The Yamaha NS-DL18 is getting very few reviews, and it rides along on the coattails of the NS-DL18 It is similar to SW300 but not as good. A score of 2 out of 5 is considered high.

Madelynn Andersen
Madelynn Andersen
| Feb 02, 2021
I want it to connect to my Yamaha AT-S A Yamaha subwoofer was delivered to me, and I connected it to my Yamaha AT- My subwoofer has a deep bass and is so powerful that I turn just 1/3 of the volume and I am very satisfied with the sound

Definitely a pro. The quality was good, the sound was good, and the price was right.

Aden Wilkinson
Aden Wilkinson
| Jul 21, 2020
As it turns out, it sounds like it's being driven more than the Polk 12" subwoofer I had

It has a sound that is tighter in its bass, however.

Darren Russo
Darren Russo
| Apr 29, 2021
A "crossover" output must be provided on the audio input for this subwoofer, but it is not specified on this listing

Taking this product to Yamaha to determine if it needs a "crossover" output to connect to the speaker input for subwoofers was my first step. There is a possibility that it will not work unless the connector is connected specifically as an audio output on the subwoofer, or that it will not work with a full signal (no high pass crossover, Upon checking, they suggested returning this speaker if I was going to hook it up to a regular audio interface with a full-spectrum There seems to be a feature that used to be in the Yamaha 10" subwoofer, but that feature has been removed, the ability to hook the subwoofer up to a regular sound output without a crossover. There is a high likelihood that stores do not list compatibility in their descriptions except if you ask. ". "Contact Amazon to find out if this product is compatible with your system. Ha Ha. ". My suggestion is that Yamaha takes a small step further by building an integrated crossover into its speakers. There were other reviews that stated that used to be true, but then Yamaha removed the built in crossover and didn't clearly mention that in the product description. My money was sucked out of me.

| Sep 27, 2020

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