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Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)… Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)… Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)…

Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)…

Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)… Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)… Blink_Security_Camera Blink Outdoor Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Security Camera with 2 Year Battery - 2020 Release (2 Camera Kit)…
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This wireless HD security camera is powered by a battery and provides infrared night vision so you can monitor your home at any time.
A two-AA lithium battery (included) is long lasting and will power Outdoor for over two years.
Our products withstand the elements indoors or out, rain or shine, so you can not worry about your home becoming damaged
You can customize the Blink Home Monitor app so you're only alerted when you need to be so you can receive motion detection alerts on your phone.
You can see, hear, and speak to visitors in real time using the Blink app's live view and two-way audio features.

Questions & Answers

Can I use your service without subscribing to a monthly plan?

You can use a usb to connect to the sync module on the new Blink cameras, or pay monthly for backup in the cloud. There is free cloud storage on the first blinks and a usb port on the sync module has never been enabled. You must pay for cloud storage unless you have the old Blink system and you're grandfathered in with the free cloud storage. In addition, I have ten blink cameras from the first generation that all are backed up to the cloud for free so that I can monitor or download them They want to charge me a monthly fee for my Blink cameras that I just bought. Therefore, I used a really high-quality USB flash drive to store my photos so that I would not have to pay a monthly fee. There should be some kind of free cloud storage for Prime Members or something for the new Blink cameras. In addition, we should be able to use their cloud storage as a backup option for Google

Does the camera have to be placed at the same address every time?

But there must be a sync module for each location in order for that to work. The packs each come with a single camera, but you can buy a second one and it would not be a problem. I personally have 3 cameras in 3 places

Where should the sync module be placed in relation to the cameras?

My system is on a shed about 100 yards away in my backyard, and it is working well.

I hardly had a battery for a week, so why did it die so quickly?

I have mine set at 10 lowest setting, Sensitivity at 5, Clip length will use more battery juice if set to a higher clip length, I have mine set to 15 and sure Motion Stops is turned off, and I have mine set to End Clip Early if Motion stops. You also need to turn Motion recording on, so it will only record when something has been detected. This system has been configured to use automatic night vision control, with IR sensitivity set to medium. I have had my 5 Blink Cams up and running for more than one month, and all the batteries are still fully charged.

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I would advise you to avoid them It was a 2 camera system and the seller wouldn't take it back because it wasn't working correctly

He would charge me a 20% restocking fee plus postage. After only a few days of owning it, I decided to sell it.
One should be wary of companies that are unable to back up their defective products right off the bat.

Jaycee Sandoval
Jaycee Sandoval
| Nov 16, 2020
This disappointed me a great deal! Purchasing the outdoor system with five cameras was the right decision for me

It has been difficult to get the system to work after I installed according to the directions. In the first place, the motion range is substantially less than it claims to be. In the range of 20 feet, only things within that distance are covered. The second issue is a significant delay between motion activation and a camera recording. It is possible that the recording will miss a great deal of the moving action once it has been activated. Furthermore, you will seldom get notifications from both phones if you use two Blink apps on your smart Fourth, you can only run the Blink app on an actual Mac computer if it has the latest chipset. As far as I know, this chip is only found in the newest Mac computers. Blink cameras are likely to have this restriction, as it may affect most of their users. However, the system is not without issues and restrictions, despite being a relatively affordable option. Adding a lot to the system may be the best idea if you expect a lot. Customer support is easy to reach, I will say. It is quite obvious that they are willing to help, but reading from a manual will not make up for.

Johnathan Ayala
Johnathan Ayala
| Jan 14, 2021
A solid wireless camera system for a low budget

I found it to be less than perfect, but it was still a great value. Basically, the short story goes like this At this price point ($74 per camera when you buy the 5 camera kit), I don't think you can do much better than Blink outdoor. In no way does it claim to be the best End of perfect system, but you do not need to lose sleep over this as an acceptable method for recording video clips when movement is detected (and being promptly notified via your mobile phone and Alexa device). It is an average app This is probably the most clunky/buggy of the three camera apps I use (Wyze and Ring are the others). It offers tons of customizable settings and pretty much all the features you need. *br* - *Brief warning You are about to read a long post As part of my recent move from an apartment in NYC to a more suburban/rural area, I recently changed my address. The need for a security system never occurred to me. As for baby monitors, I had a Ring Stickup Cam, which I used to monitor my daughter when she emerged from her room in the middle of the As I move into my new home, I find that ADT is already installed. Despite the recent redevelopment, all cameras, window sensors, and fire/CO alarms are functioning. I am not in favor of paying $50-$200 for a new mortgage, since I have a steep one to pay The cost for professional monitoring is $75 per month. In order to get the package I'd want (5x cameras, 12+ motion sensors, 3x door/window sensors), I'd probably have to pay $200 or more per month for one of their high-end systems You have reached the end of your I studied DIY systems such as SimpliSafe, Ring, and Cove against professionally installed systems such as ADT and Vivint before deciding on which to go with. As well as looking at several cameras, I considered There are a lot of wireless camera systems available on the market, including Arlo, Ring, Blink, Wyze, ReoLink, etc. However, I decided that I did not wish to run power cables to cameras throughout the house or pay A lot of people do not want to pay for ongoing professional surveillance. In essence, this eliminated the big companies (ADT & Co. It is victorious). I was confused because professionals would not notify monitoring companies about motion detector outdoor cameras anyway -- They probably generate a lot of false alarms, I'd imagine. For example, I should be able to mix and match a DIY security monitoring system (door/window/motion/fire/CO sensors) with a different brand of camera, which would expand my options. Recently, I installed two Wyze indoor cameras in my home to keep an eye on my daughter and be notified if she gets out of bed late at night. I have been satisfied with the performance of those cameras. Moreover, they can monitor fires/CO alarms and even integrate Alexa into the system. Having come to this conclusion, I was sure that I wanted inexpensive, battery operated outdoor cameras. This is a 5-star rating). Overall, 5 out of 5), The Blink cameras appeared to be quite capable, while the Wyze cameras did not seem to be as impressive. Therefore, I decided that Blink would be the best choice. The Arlo and Ring cameras might be slightly better overall, but their batteries aren't advertised to last as long as Blink's (Blink has two years, Arlo & Ring have one year is closer to 6 months) and is much more expensive. Since I need at least 5 cameras, Ring will cost me over $1,000 versus A wireless camera such as Blink is extremely easy to set up, and it is virtually effortless to use. In just a few minutes, I had the Blink app installed on my Android phone, as well as the Sync Module 2 and 5x outdoor cameras added to it. The easiest part is just to click the '+' button at the top of the app and scan the QR code on the back of each Blink device. The hardest part is mounting them outside. (Please read the TIPS section below to see how I avoided drilling and simplified mounting). A quick hour (most of it was spent trying to figure out how The camera was positioned in different angles, and I checked the live view a few times until I was satisfied with the results), my cameras were up and running and captured almost all It is okay to take pictures during the day, but not great. This is a 1080p HD picture, but I'm not sure if it is true. It is a surprise to see how well the two-way speaker of the camera performs, it is very clear and good quality. In my experience, the microphone on the camera does magnify ambient noise (wind) which makes a relatively quiet scene seem loud and annoying if heard from your mobile device. According to Amazon reviews, there were four common complaints (or four that stood out The IDD

1 From the time motion is detected to the time recording begins, there is a slight delay. People usually miss most of the action, they complain. It is true that this is somewhat true You will notice that the camera starts recording when someone/something moves close enough to the motion detection range of the camera. You might not catch all the details of their approach if you listen for just 1 sec after they speak. Your front door camera, for example, might not be able to catch the delivery man when he walks up to the door to drop off a package if there is only a very small area in view There might be a chance to see him from the side or back as he leaves. As of today, I haven't missed much of the action as of yet In the brief time that I'm able to observe him dropping the package, I see him turn away and leave. Perhaps it is because I set up the front door camera to capture a slightly larger area just in front of the door so that it is triggered when someone approaches So the video camera can start recording before they turn around to head back, allowing it to capture their movements before they leave. So far, it does not pose a significant issue for me. The second is

2. The accuracy of the motion detector and the false alerts it produces. Many people complain that their cameras neither detect motion nor get motion alerts when they see something moving in front of them. Others complain that they get motion alerts and nothing moves in the record. I have never had a problem with either. It is quite possible for a camera to detect movement at the very edge of its field of view, and distant from the camera, so that it can capture the image. The only purpose of the capture is The last time it happened to me was about two years ago. Each camera in my house is continuously triggered by my neighbor's cat, who patrols the house regularly. The motion detector close to my garage has a blind spot where if my cat walks, it will trigger however the motion detector will not capture any footage of him as long as he stays along the edge of the I find the speed and sensitivity of motion detection to be highly accurate and quite impressive. There is evidence that the advertised detection range of 30 feet is pretty The bottom two cylinders seem to be more sensitive to it The field of view for the bottom is about two-thirds of that for Motion tracking is a very helpful feature in the Wyze indoor cameras that I own and it was very helpful for me to spot the motion that triggered the sensor. I think Blink should add motion tracking to their video clips. 3

I spent the last 4 days getting to know the Blink app. At first, I thought the app wasn't as sleek as Wyze or Ring, but I have come to appreciate its functionality and have grown fond of it. My reports have revealed a few bugs where the still images that appear as 'thumbnails' in each camera occasionally go blank, only to return once the app has been reopened This is open. On occasion, I also get an error saying that my system is busy when I try to access Live View You will be able to access it again after a few minutes. There have been about two or three crashes to date. There is not enough of a difference to make a huge difference. There is one thing that I see a lot of people complain about you can't have multiple accounts for the same In other words, you need to give your email address and password to anyone you want to grant access to In a modern app where a system/service is designed for use in a household, this is a pretty basic feature. A situation in which you have to share your credentials with someone should never occur. If you plan to share your Blink account with anyone, make sure that your password is specific to your Blink account and not the password to your actual email account. As I checked the forums, they've been complaining about this since last year! It's pretty unacceptable at this point that the above isn't implemented, and the lack of implementation is key to this review not earning its 5th star. The term "

4. Night vision is poor or blurry.
The night vision on these cameras is not very good. There's nothing much good to say about it. is a little blurry when it is activated, and it lacks strong enough IR LEDs. At the highest intensity, objects that are not very close to the camera will be almost invisibly dark and extremely blurry even if they are close to it. It is strange to have a pair of batteries that will last up to two years at the expense of battery life. If clearer, brighter night vision could be achieved with less battery life, I would gladly sacrifice some battery life. We might want to add a couple of IR LEDs with higher tones to each camera and add 4 batteries. I just have two cents to add. I am unable to give this product a full 5 star rating due to a second major drawback. My system has only been running for a few days, so I cannot comment on battery life at this time. In terms of the app, it does its job well in warning you when your cameras are recording a high volume of events per day, as well as when you change the battery level. It is possible to drain the battery by using IR intensity or motion sensitivity settings. The Sync2 Module is also not connected to a USB flash drive so I haven't set up local recording yet. When capacity is reached, I want to see how the app handles the cycling or deletion of older events. realized that the flash drive has to be removed from the Sync2 module in order to view the video clips on a computer from a review I saw recently. The capability to view them directly from the app without removing the drive is a key feature that was a must-have for me.
Alexa integration is also a key feature that was a must-have for me. I would like to be able to send motion announcements to all of The fact that I have them on every floor of my house makes this incredibly convenient It never takes me long to recognize when a motion event has occurred or to check the notification before I pick up my phone. In addition, I have begun developing some routines for Alexa I have smart outdoor lights that can be triggered when motion is detected in the backyard. It turns them on for 5 minutes and then turns them Additional content will be added in the near future. It's possible to turn the system on/off by asking Alexa, but you can't add it to a routine for voice activated operation, which is a bit of a hassle. As an example, I have a 'good night' routine that turns off the lights and plays white noise. It would be great if I could include an action that armed the Blink system when I was gone. Unfortunately, I cannot do it (or at least I have not yet found a way to do it). Through the Blink app, I opened a support ticket and the Blink team responded fairly quickly (under 1 day) but pretty much stated that this cannot be achieved. It would be great if they added this to their skill set It has been some time since I used IFTTT with my Blink system (I think I have maxed out my free number of applets). You can ask Alexa to show you a live view of your Blink cameras if you have an Tips for writers When mounting the device to vinyl siding, it is highly recommended to use vinyl siding hook clips to attach it to the This is very easy to do, no drilling into hard materials required, it is very sturdy and you can pull it out and move it around whenever you wish. My one disappointment was the night vision the first night I set up the cameras outside. My siding clips hadn't arrived yet, and I was eager to put the cameras up as soon as possible - the night vision was awful - I will try setting them up again in the future. Hence, I simply rested the cameras on a variety of surfaces to get the best possible angle without mounting them. Even in the daytime, there were no noticeable problems with the image quality, but the night vision on two of the cameras was terrible. There might have been an issue due to where I had them positioned. I believe that the heating system kicks in at a time when there is some vibration, which may have led to extreme blurriness with the night vision when one of the lamps was on top of some kind of exhaust vent sticking out of the side of the house. I am pleased with the quality of night vision now that I have them mounted properly (though it is still far from excellent, as I stated in an earlier paragraph). It is important to keep in mind that there is a small delay between when the motion detector detects motion and It is possible that your camera might not capture the motion of people walking up to the door if it is only pointing at a tiny area (such as a small portion of the front porch). There is a possibility that you will see them only I suggest that you try to capture the path that leads to the front porch so that the motion sensor activates early enough to capture the front door being approached. It is important to keep in mind that side-to-side Motion to the sides of the camera is more likely to trigger the sensor than movement directly to or from it. You should also keep in mind that trees, patio umbrellas, bird feeders, hanging decorative plants, etc etc will blow in the wind and trigger your motion sensor. If you set your sensitivity too high, you may still get false alerts, but the AI reduces the number of false alarms. Custom motion zones are useful for blocking out objects that may sway when the wind blows. It is better than I expected from these cameras in terms of wireless range. This relates to both the range to the Sync Module2 and the range to my In one part of the house, I have only one bar of connectivity for my camera that is pretty far from my router (completely opposite side of the house). So far, I have not experienced any issues with it going offline or not showing live views. It is also hoped it will have no negative effect on the battery life, so we shall Having concluded the purchase, I am satisfied with my purchase overall. These cameras have just about all the features I want and cost me less than $400 as well, so it is hard to beat them. Although it's not a perfect product, I suspect that branded products such as Arlo and Ring will provide you with better overall customer satisfaction, but they will cost you 3 times more money and come with their own frustrations. These cameras will probably remain in place for at least a couple of weeks Look for any new releases you might wish to upgrade to in the next 3 years. It would probably be the motion detection quality and low price to top the list of positives for these cameras. Negatives - long battery life, no monitoring functions, poor interface. It doesn't allow you to share access without sharing your password and has poor night vision. A new update was published on 2/10/21 (27 days after installation) There has been a low battery 'REPLACE' warning since day 4 of setting up both the cameras furthest from my router. 3 other cameras closer to the router have a battery status of 'OK. ' Today is day 27, and all the cameras are still working. I did purchase additional lithium AA batteries to make sure I had them on hand should they be required. As soon as I became aware of this, I contacted Blink support via the app and granted them access to the According to them, my wifi signal strength was weak for the two cameras as well as that they were capturing too many video clips, which led to the low battery alert. Having said that, I went a bit nuts testing them, changing settings, and then re-testing them A new positioning test is needed. Even so, I feel like the number 2 There is no reason your battery will run out in four days on your "year" battery! It's good that they kept running for 23 days after the warning about low batteries. My plan is to set up a wifi extender on the side of the house where the two low battery cameras are and that should improve their battery life. However, I have found that holding up my cell phone right next to those two cameras gives me at least 3/4 or 4/4 wifi signal bars. This camera doesn't seem to be able to connect to the same type of wifi network. I still feel pleased with the cameras, I've become accustomed to them. The false alerts do occur from time to time. When it is windy, the situation is even worse. As heat activates PIR cameras, I guess I was a bit confused by your statement. Does a swaying branch or blowing leaves cause it to go Although I have been able to catch plenty of action During my morning walks to the mailbox I saw foxes, cats, dogs, a possibly racoon, and even a potential coyote. My cat loves to walk into the door and through the door in order to provoke the others. The best part is that I receive prompt notifications on my Amazon echo devices throughout the house when a car approaches A pattern in the way the cameras are set off makes it easy to detect when someone nears the house. After driving on the driveway first, the garage door next, then the driveway again as they approach the front door, and finally the camera at the front door. On the whole, false alarms are fairly rare and can usually be managed. Every few weeks) I get 'Live view failed' which can be annoying, but that doesn't happen as frequently as it happens with my Ring stickup camera. My wish is to have the system arm automatically at a scheduled time Some times I forgot to arm them at night because I was doing stuff around the outside of the house during the day. In order to have them do this, I would like to tell Alexa to arm them when I go to sleep (preferably by saying "good night" I am concerned. A new update The following was found at the end of June (5 months after installation)
Two of my cameras in the farthest distance from my router were reporting low battery power since day 4, but all are still online. I also recently deleted and re-installed the router. This has been done by adding the two cameras to the Blink system (more on it in a minute) and the battery is now reporting fine. This is interesting. I have to say that the cameras did well in very harsh winter conditions and are still operating well despite a few It is only calm on days like these. As I mentioned earlier, I would like to be able to set the system to arm Now that I've figured out how to use the app, I'm ready to drop by. Auto-installing the system has been set up for me It's best to rearm late at night in case I disarmed it earlier and forgot to rearm it There are arms. In fact, I've 'saved' myself many times from going to sleep without the system being armed as a result of this feature. A problem just recently arose for me. As a result of my free cloud storage trial period expiring, I received an email from Blink informing me. My motion clips will now need to be saved to a USB drive. It appears there are no new recordings available in the app anymore. As a result, I plugged in the largest USB thumb drive I had at hand. This is a pop-up I received an alert in the app telling me to restart so that the app can start recording In the video clip area, I noticed there is a new tab with an icon similar to a USB stick. Despite the fact that I no longer get the image preview icon when I view each video as I did with cloud storage, I was pleased with the results I got when I tested my front door camera. There was however something that I noticed My five cameras were only listed under the local storage settings for three of them. Neither of my garage door cameras nor my back yard cameras appeared on the list. It did not record any clip when I tested it. A Blink representative contacted me two days later and responded to my message. I was told the batteries in those two cameras were low and the signal on my computer was weak. My battery was not matching and I was told to replace it and move the batteries closer together. As soon as I took down my garage door camera, I brought it inside and placed it beside A brand new lithium battery was swapped in, and I verify the app shows a good battery life and good wifi signal up to now. When I tested motion detection, it did not work There has yet to be a video Then I tried the last thing that came to my mind Re-installing the camera after deleting it from the Blink app I am adding it to the list. A new set of clips had been recorded. The following is what I have to say The recordings for my back yard camera appeared again every time I added it. I mounted both cameras back where they were originally placed and the problem no longer exists. I never had issues with my batteries or weak wifi signal, so this was not a problem of my batteries or wifi. As soon as my free cloud storage trial ended, something strange happened Cameras such as those described here only record clips after they have been deleted and re-installed It can be added from the application. I also noticed that the back yard camera's battery in the app had risen to 100% - I had never experienced that before. For the past five months, REPLACE has been reported. While this was not a great experience, I was glad my cameras were working again once they were fixed. I am satisfied with my purchase in general.

Yehuda Church
Yehuda Church
| Nov 08, 2020
I have ordered seven Blink cameras total in my last order

I am very pleased with them. This makes four of them for outside use and three for inside use. These cameras are excellent for the price and are not complicated to install. As a matter of fact, no wiring at all except for a very small camera controller that plugs into a plug. My family and friends have recommended my cameras because I have been pleased with the quality and the level of service provided.

Kennedy Calderon
Kennedy Calderon
| Sep 17, 2020
A security camera that is the most insecure I've ever seen! In a nutshell After examining the equipment, I am returning the entire system despite paying over $350 for five wireless cameras! I thought the deal was great, but after my handyman showed me how the cameras were mounted with the included hardware I have to return the kit! It is easy to install, or at least to steal, but not Mounting the cameras is simple - just pop them into the mounts You can do it easily They can be popped out of the mount just as easily as they went in, so they are an easy target for the thieves we are trying to keep out! As I found out, I would have to spend on a more secure mount for each camera 20 dollars more! You have passed!
Kinslee Camacho
Kinslee Camacho
| May 07, 2021
It's a pretty good security system

Despite the cameras being a bit expensive for what they claim to do, this is a nice little camera. When the camera is set to night mode, it will upload night images or video as required, however, the quality is not as good as it needs to be. I used to have a DVR system set up and the night mode was no comparison to this system. When I see something on the camera at night, the individual becomes so washed out that they appear like Casper the ghost. Due to the fact that the DVR is wired, I can understand why this becomes an issue when using the blink interface. If the night mode were powered by batteries, the batteries would drain weekly, rather than "2 years"
When you have the mic enabled, you will hear some kind of horrifying scary movie sound clip that makes this garbled low pitch shriek. It's great that I can speak through each camera individually, but this may be an area where blink needs to pay a little more To be clear, I have tried increasing the microphone volume to see if it would take the noise away, it has never completely disappeared. The size of the camera and the proximity of the mic and the speaker probably causes some feedback, because of the close proximity of these two units. I'll share my experience with you. Do you think I would buy this again or recommend it to a family member or friend? It is true. You can use this approach to obtain security surveillance on your home quickly and affordably. The application does not need to run with Alexa, but it will work if you choose to use it with Alexa. The option to upgrade to cloud storage can be selected if you choose, but it is In order to delete motion clips, you can simply check the box. You won't be disappointed with this setup if you get it. By using the blink app each camera can even be viewed individually.

Evangeline Rosales
Evangeline Rosales
| Apr 21, 2021

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