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Kemi OYL All Natural Hair Oil 8 Oz Bottle

Kemi OYL All Natural Hair Oil 8 Oz Bottle

Kemi OYL All Natural Hair Oil 8 Oz Bottle
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Keeping it clean - Styling -
Blowing the hair, curling the hair, and defrizzing (pressing) is all made easier by creating a thermal barrier that helps prevent split ends, leaky ends, and hair loss
Chemically treated hair, colored hair, or natural hair has more body, bounce, and reviving effects with Kemi-Oyl.
Dry or wet hair can be used with this product.
Easily styles and finishes hair. Ideal for blow-drying, curling, defrizzing and hot oil treatments.

Questions & Answers

Why does this oil have so much oil in it? It is very difficult to say what exactly the ingredients are. ?

Here are some of the best - in no particular order Aside from coconut oil and grape seed oil, we also have black castor oil, avocado oil and some other oils that we extract. For as long as I can remember, I have used it. The hair on my waistline is almost the same length and I use this and Wild Growth after every shampoo as part of my LOC regimen. I find it effective. That's at least the case

Selected User Reviews For Kemi OYL All Natural Hair Oil 8 Oz Bottle

Thank you for making this oil agsin available

A few days ago, I rediscovered this oil and I have been using it for many years. Moisturizing oil that is lightly fragrant and light in weight. However, it would be nice if the listed ingredients were more detailed.

Elyse Fernandez
Elyse Fernandez
| Jul 17, 2021
This lifesaver helps you detangle your hair

In my case, I was not taking care of my natural hair as I should have - I went through a period when I did not care for my hair as much as I should have - Multiple areas were severely matted as a result of this. When I used the Kemi Oyl to detangle my hair, I was just one step away from shaving my head. Despite the fact that there were no other options, it worked.

Luis Waters
Luis Waters
| Jan 22, 2021
The product is good for any hair type, but especially for Afro-American shine, though I do have to watch out for too much

It will look slick or even oily if you use too much. The rest of the things I recognize about this product is that it makes hair shiny.

Mauricio Ibarra
Mauricio Ibarra
| Feb 09, 2021

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