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KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black

KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black

KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black
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Foam rubber with a closed cell structure
The product is manufactured in the United States
Ensure that hard edges are softened and children are protected.
It is nontoxic, naturally flame retardant, and there is no added flame retardant chemical.
The lengths can be cut to fit your needs.
We are proud to say that our products are BPA-free, latex-free, and made in the US.
A double-sided adhesive tape (included) is included.
Make sure your home is free of sharp edges on furniture, shelves, counter tops and cabinets that could harm children and older adults
6 foot soft and absorbent jumbo edge cushion (1 piece design) with 3M double sided tape from high density, soft, and soft
Designed and built in the United States
The material is naturally flame resistant and does not contain any
The product is non-toxic

Questions & Answers

Are there any outdoor applications possible with this?

Although the product is designed for indoor use, it can be used outdoors as well. As a result of direct sunlight and weather conditions, the surface finish of the product will crack over time. It is prohibited to use this product outdoors under the warranty. When installing outdoors, use silicone caulking and run it along the outside edges of the foam so that water will not be able to get underneath.

Is it possible to use it on metal bed frames?

A L shape is made from it in section and comes with tape on the When the frame sectional measurements are roughly the same as or slightly less than the product, it can be used.

Do you have the ability to ?

If you want to adhere to concrete then you will need silicone caulking adhesive.

The product you are selling is latex free, right?

You can use this product without feeling any latex!

Selected User Reviews For KidKusion Jumbo Edge Cushion, Black

The baby is not the only one it works for Making sure sharp edges are proofed

The wrist pad I purchased has somewhat sharp edges, so I was looking for something for my desk. I am happy with how well it works. There are two great features of adhesive tape it is extremely It is still 5+ feet long, so I can cut another strip and make a new one if it wears out I suggest that you do so.

Finnley Jones
Finnley Jones
| Jan 10, 2021
Thank you for saving me the pain in my elbows and forearms! When I was studying 12 hours a day (I'm a medical student, you shouldn't worry that I'm a student), my elbows started hurting after a few days

I bought it for the edge of my desk at home where I study. It was exactly what I needed to avoid my children from falling on hard surfaces. I know this is typically done so children can't hurt themselves.

Kase Dixon
Kase Dixon
| Dec 28, 2020
The cushion is really good

I am not a kid anymore at the age of i bought it for a corner of 2 shelves directly outside the door connecting my back hall to my garage. it was located outside the corner of 2 shelves. It was very easy for me to lose my balance and fall on the shelves when I was this age. I would like to thank you for your help. My jaw dropped when I realized how strong the adhesive was. I am amazed! As a whole, I think this is a great project Your imagination is the only limit to the uses of this cushion. Don't be afraid to try We old folks won't fall and get hurt, and your kids will stay safe.

Brennan Harvey
Brennan Harvey
| Nov 03, 2020
There is no idea what shape this is and the sticky factor is very weak

Another extra-soft brand (SXCtech) that I used to use is currently out of stock and possibly discontinued, and this looked like a good replacement, apart from its very small side and very long side, which does not quite fit the description I gave it As with the other stuff, I had to be careful not to touch it since it would stick to my fingers. But this new stuff acts like a sticky note and makes the cushion come off as soon as it is applied. The product has been returned to the seller as I don't see a way for it to meet my needs or match the seller's information.

Heath Terry
Heath Terry
| Mar 15, 2021
A great way to protect against sharp edges, it stays in place perfectly and works great

This is what I wanted, something stiff, but soft and something that would stay in place when I wore it. Because a lot of things aren't as good as they say or you hope, I was hesitant, but this product worked like a charm! This will be a staple in my home for years to come! Since I occasionally sleep with my arms on a cube shelf next to my bed, this is perfect for my cube shelf. I don't have young children, but wanted a shelf for my cube shelf since I sometimes rest my arm on it when I'm sleeping. In the future, I'll use the rest on a board I added to my patio table that rests my arm, so I won't have my arm cut into by the board when I'm at the table working or reading my laptop. For both young and old, this is a fantastic product that protects everyone from sharp edges and corners. I also love that it did not have a strong odor at all which is so soooo nice since a lot of things today do, but not this one I found cutting to be really easy as well!.

Avery Mullins
Avery Mullins
| Jan 30, 2021
It sticks very well and has a great bumper

I had been looking for something just like this cushion for a while. It is bigger than many of the other options People don't slam into the edge of the bar when they are sitting behind it. I put it on the edge of a bar counter behind my couch. Even though I was unsure the tape would hold, it has done so for several months in a row. Although I bought the corner edge pieces, I was not able to use them because they were not configured correctly My way of cutting the corners on an angle as you would if applying crown molding was to glue.

Waylon Hampton
Waylon Hampton
| Nov 19, 2020
It is the Jumbo version of Kid Kushion, which I prefer to the standard version

Please note that In addition to the slim size (#5034), KidKushion also makes the jumbo (#6042). In this standard, 3/4 inches x 3/4 inches is about the size. About 1200 gallons of Jumbo is the size of the Jumbo. Sculptured and has a size of 25 x 3/4, is thicker and has a nice A jumbo is better for me. A bag with 3 rolls of each measuring 6' long each was included with it. The tape that came with it was not suitable, so I used a contact type tape that is removed. Despite my limited strength, I am able to hold on tight. As well as using some of these inside, I will use some outside to see how they'll fare. (The seller says "indoor/outdoor" so I'm optimistic. pliable and goes around weird shapes with no problem. In the case of the ones I'll use outdoors, I amn't going to use tape, but rather caulk to make sure they stick.

Arabella FitzPatrick
Arabella FitzPatrick
| Apr 23, 2021
My eyes were opened to the perfect solution

Putting together the desk for my home office was a hassle since it was assembled, not assembled. got it all together, however, I discovered that it became increasingly uncomfortable to rest my arms on the edge of the desk while using the As soon as I put the Kid Cushion on according to the instructions, it worked perfectly. I have no pain or discomfort with this device. The quality is very good and I do not have to worry.

Ansley Leon
Ansley Leon
| Feb 10, 2021

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