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Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black

Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black

Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black
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Crankshaft Position Sensors aren't only a quality replacement component. They are the same sensor your vehicle was equipped with when it was manufactured - without the cost of brand name packaging.
-- Robust design features precise digital monitoring of rotational speeds, high resistance to external interference, and a wide temperature range that withstands extreme cold and heat
SERVICE LIFE] - Bosch Crankshaft Position Sensors provide the supreme performance, lowest emissions, and optimum fuel economy your vehicle demands.
Choose one of the following vehicles (verify specific fitment details below) CHRYSLER 2004-08 Crossfire DODGE 2003-2006 Sprinter 2500/3500 JEEP 2007 Grand Cherokee MAYBACH 2003-12 57, 2003-12 62
The Mercedes-Benz SLK320/SLK55 AMG/SLR McLaren/SLK550/SLK550/SLK55AMG was manufactured from 2001-2004.

Questions & Answers

Can you please tell me the location of the v6 crank sensor in a 2001 MB E320?

A date range from 30 370999 to 30 370999 within 2003 Identifying a compatible engine requires the engine id from 31 000001 E320" on your engine. In this case, it will work if your engine ID is above one of these two numbers. Good Better Best Auto Parts Inc. thanks you for your business. Please call 1-877-777-777 I'm 805.

What are the fitment requirements for this part for a ?

There is no fit for that

What would it take to swap it for a 2001 E430 Mercedes-Benz?

Thanks for the information Bradford! It appears your model suffers from an engine break, so you might be able to use this. The sensor in this package will fit the engine # 30 on your model This is the third of three parts. For those of you who don't know the number of your engine, you can either send us the part number on your old sensor, check for one or two locking tabs on your sensor, or send us your VIN Number and we can Thanks to BMA Auto Parts, we're happy to help! We're 888- The 262-word limit

This should work on a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 6 cylinder. What's the difference between 6 L and 8 L ?

You can Google the part number by looking it up on the web.

Selected User Reviews For Bosch 0261210170 Original Equipment Crankshaft Position Sensor ,Black

A gold piece of jewelry worth it's weight in gold

Keep a spare tire on hand at all times. Unless you own a Mercedes S Class Walking over to your hundred thousand dollar car, you turn the key and nothing but err, err, err, err, err, err, err, noise. Think about it. The kind that gives you a weak knee. So, now you're stranded in your big bad ride that won't start, and your first time date is starting to think that you're way out of your league. However, wait a second! The next thing you do is get out of the car and explain to your date that all it will take is a few minutes to fix the problem since A ten to fifteen minute drive later, you are back in your It seems like overnight you went from a loser to someone who is very intelligent. Your chances of getting a second date may be good.

Jada Jones
Jada Jones
| Aug 12, 2020
Two weeks have passed and so far it has been great! There is an original part showing both BENZ and Bosch

Having stopped for a short period of time, I couldn't start my 05 E430 the first time. Installed by myself after ordering and paying for the part. Two weeks have passed and so far it has been great! Below is the rough outline of the steps I took after watching a few good videos on YouTube 1 .
There is no need to remove heat shield. Just bend or push it down to have more room to utilize E8 Torx bolt. I did not remove the heat shield when I removed the bolt. It was difficult to insert a socket straight on the bolt due to heat shield in the way. You can use either 1/4 or 3/8 E8 torx socket (if the heat shield is pushed 1. Remove the bolt 2. Screw in the bolt 3. You can utilize a magnetic pick up tool to pull out the bolt. Item 4. You don't have to unplug the wire plug in order to pull the plug with sensor (use Long Reach Hose Grip Pliers for this step)

5. Socket E8 bolt on (E8 bolt with long Despite the fact that you already bent the heat shield downward, more room to work with continues). Place two layers of paper towels between the bolt and socket to ensure the bolt is tightly held in place. By using a 1/4 4" extension + 4" 3/8 extension (and avoiding the universal joint this time around) you will be able to get the bolt in easily. Ibid. 9. Bring back the bend in the heat shield or leave it as it is I must mention*br The heat shield should be pushed down to make room for the bolt to be found and inserted- Extensor 4' 8" or 10' 1/4" (if heat shield is pushed down)--twist up and down, and break off the end-- - The wire plug does not need to be unplugged - A long-reach strainer grip pliers will allow you to pull/insert the sensor - The magnet retracts into the handle, allowing the bolt to be removed when unbolted You may do the installation yourself as the dealer changes the installation time from 2 hours to 2 minutes.

Matthias Strong
Matthias Strong
| Feb 19, 2021
The problem with my 2004 Crossfire starting has been resolved

I got the sensor for my 2004 3 and it fixed the starting problem I was experiencing. This part was incredibly easy for me to install by myself, even though I'm 43 years old. During a trip into town, one day, I experienced a problem with my car. To return home, I tried to start my car several times, but it didn't want to start. I waited for a few minutes and finally it started. My car kept turning over after I got home, then I tried starting it again and it would not start. I had the same problem when warm and the next morning when it started right up, but after it got warm, it turned over and wouldn't start. When my check engine light came on, I didn't want to wait for it to go out, so I started researching. As I read on the crossfire forum that several others had the same problem, I decided to purchase the sensor and my car has run great since I replaced it. After removing the old sensor and replacing it with this new one, it took me less than 15 minutes. I am fortunate to have small hands, so I was able to reach it It is impossible to know what a mechanic would have charged me or how many other parts they would have suggested I purchase. Rather than an expensive ordeal, what I thought would be such a hassle turned out to be a simple, inexpensive solution, which leaves me extremely satisfied.

Elaina Bauer
Elaina Bauer
| Feb 06, 2021
The 2006 Mercedes CLS500 (V8) is equipped with the system

The following tips will help you install this model Others may also come to mind 2) Identify the bottom part of hood as vertical There are a number of MBs that have this feature. You can find out where to press the hood hinges by checking the hinges. Does not entail taking out mainframe attributes - does not require it 2) There are no heat shields on my car to deal with, but 2 wiring bundles that obscure the CPS need to be moved a bit for There's nothing complicated about this process. 4) Look at your new CPS to figure out how to depress the connector so you know where to press when removing it. (Not a joke) 5) Loosen the new CPS and you can insert it with ease. you loosen the E8 torx bolt that secures the CPS (requires a universal joint), use your fingers to lift it up so it does not fall behind the engine. This was my first time changing the CPS. This was an extremely deliberate and slow process. The process took about one minute I'd estimate it takes half an hour.

Evan Freeman
Evan Freeman
| Jan 28, 2021

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