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Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models

Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models

Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models
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Restoring drivability depends on replacing the engine
The replacement part must be a direct replacement
Unlike other types of repair, this solution is plug and play-no programming needed
Vehicle-try-on testing has been performed on this part to ensure it will function without a hitch
Please enter your make, model, and trim level into the Amazon Garage to make sure that this part will fit your vehicle.
The fit type is vehicle specific. I accept a voltage of 12 volts

Questions & Answers

Are you able to use this as a replacement for the 7-pin connector?

The 7 pin style is the only one that is repaired. You cannot use it on an early build truck with a 4 pin wiring harness.

The script is compatible with a 2003 6 computer. ?

The answer to this is most There are a few 2003 and early 2004 trucks with the 7 pin ficm that this will not work on. A new ficm will work on a truck that has already had the entire ficm replaced before. My expertise is in the Ford powerstroke but I'm not a YouTube

Synchronization is not working for me, and I am using OS X If I use 5 volts, will my problem be solved?

The FICM housing is easy to install. Voltage will be boosted to the point that your injectors will fire. As far as I remember, it's 45vdc. I tested it on my 6 and it worked well Since installing it, my FICM issues have been 0 since it was installed.

Is this ford 6L diesel compatible with this?

The answer depends on whether you have a 4 pin or 7 pin FCM. There is only one type of FICM that it will work with. are unsure as to whether you have a 4 pin or 7 pin FICM, please watch the YouTube video "4 pin or 7 pin FICM Verification" and you will find detailed instructions. From what I understand, some early 2004 trucks came standard with 7-pin FICMs.

Selected User Reviews For Dorman 904-229 Fuel Injector Control Module for Select Models

I would give it a six star rating if there were one

The F-350 that I use for my camper is not something I On the day before my camping trip, I realized the dying FICM had given My dealer told me it might be possible to have this fixed on the same day when I left a message. Sadly, I never got a response back, so, I am not sure if they considered the demand unreasonable. While I do this, I will research the options available. This item is available for same-day delivery on Amazon, so I decided to give it a go. The cost was just I took the time to do more research while waiting for the parts. It costs at least $1000 to purchase a new FICM from a dealer and requires complicated programming that is impossible without special tools to accomplish. The power unit of the FICM is usually broken and can be replaced with minimum cost. This is the kind of damage that occurs. The part arrived during the evening at 6pm a couple of hours early, which was very fortunate. After dinner, the truck has started humming again. The functionality of FICM gradually degrades as it ages. For a time, I did notice my truck was harder to start, but I was not paying enough attention to it. If I had towing to deal with this, I would have to pay for it. Fortunately, I can fix this at home. Obviously, the dying battery contributed to this as well. It is important to make sure your battery is.

Frankie Lopez
Frankie Lopez
| May 30, 2021
In the aftermath of installation, the voltage stayed at 48 degrees

My monitor shows the ficm voltage, and I've seen it go from 48 volts to 42 volts then 45 volts when it was cold, but after it warmed up, it remained around 45 volts Neither the computer is running poorly nor is it losing power, but my monitor would alert me if the voltage drops too low. A 2005 F350 dually 6 drive is in my possession. The injectors in my 0 have 85000 miles and I was concerned the low voltage would damage them. According to Amazon, a new unit costs around 100 bucks, but there was one with a damaged box for 42 bucks that had the same guarantee and was advertised as "like new. " This is a great device, and once installed, I got a 48V voltage. A chart that shows the number of days below 47 never went below 5. Despite being under a load, it's still 5. If you consider the price as less than half and the installation time as just one hour, then this is a no-brainer. So I am very satisfied with this purchase, because I think mine was just about to fail. What do you have to lose by trying to lower the voltage? The injectors cost 1800 bucks, so why not give it a try? If they had a year warranty I would have replaced it every year for 10 years and still have saved 1000 dollars. Then most likely, mine would have gotten to the point of no start. It will remain in the truck for use in an emergency on the side of the road, but spare parts from Dorman Please accept my sincerest thanks for your assistance.

Cairo Alvarado
Cairo Alvarado
| Dec 02, 2020
Replaceable in no time at all

We have a 2002 F250 Power Stroke that is an exact match for our 2004 F250 Power Stroke (build date Sept 2003 and after). Websites belonging to FICM need to be repaired for $300-600 A 400-dollar bill. A dealer wanted $1100 for the car. It is unbelievable that someone would charge for something as simple as this. As our truck gave us advance notice, we were able to prepare. I noticed that my Edge device was showing 39V at cold start. When I didn't know it, but after about four or five minutes of driving, the voltage climbed, but at cold starts, it should be between 48 v and 50 v. Additionally, I observed pretty good variations in the FICM voltage as I drove. At times, the temperature falls below 45 degrees. Having an electronic gauge in your 6 will be extremely helpful to you in the future. An exhaust system fitted to a Power Stroke truck is a must. I don't usually use aftermarket parts but this Dorman model was perfect and took care of my After inspecting the soldering and components, I found the quality to be better than that of the factory. Having found the swap so easy, I cursed a few words and gave the old part the bird to make it seem as if I was trying.

Kimber Lester
Kimber Lester
| Nov 30, 2020
I was able to use this with my 4-pin FICM without any issues

This is the original FCM for the 03 Ford Fusion The number 350, 6 is the number. The number 0 corresponded to the number 7 pins. Low power issues were happening to me, especially when I was in tight spaces, like with sand or wood, the truck would not have any throttle response, not even when it was in 4WD high, only some power when it was in 4WD Just like a truck stuck in a bag, the truck could not get out of it. It tuned out to be the FICM just wasn't operating as it should, yet it passed all the voltage tests. I thought it might be a boost issue, like the turbo, but it was just the FICM. The problem has been resolved since I replaced the module with this one. With the truck's new power and torque, it's back to its former glory. As soon as it starts up, it doesn't emit any smoke and doesn't fluctuate when idling. The fix is most likely to be on hand if you have a 4 pin FICM that is giving you problems. A great deal of happiness has come to me.

River Galvan
River Galvan
| Jun 09, 2021
06' Ford 6" fits this part

The diesel engine has a capacity of zero. We had a cold no start issue with our 2006 6L diesel. We troubleshooted and fixed the problem As I was getting over 45v on my ficm, I couldn't figure out what it was. I thought I would spend $100 and see how it goes. A fire broke out right away and the truck fired up Getting started now is much faster! To get the old one out, I had to scrape the mounting glue off, but this one worked perfectly. An old FCM can be recycled for a lot less than a brand new one.

Oakleigh IQBAL
Oakleigh IQBAL
| Sep 23, 2020
Everything seems to be working well on the truck

There is a gradual increase from 46v to 48v after a battery charge, one up from 46v to 48v after a battery charge. ScanGauge2's reflection of 48 led to the replacement of my original. There are 46 vocabs between 5v and 46p. Swing in the main power supply of FICM during normal operation is 5 volts. A steady 48v supply was what I had in mind when I bought this board. As a result of several weeks monitoring voltages, running the truck hard, etc. , the specimen I received has swings between 48 and 52. During normal operation, the voltage of the device will range from approximately 5 to 46 volts I was able to operate my truck prior to that (despite voltage swings Now I assume this is normal) and this amp made no discernible difference to the speed, idle, acceleration, or anything else about the car. Although it works, it will correct a low FMP voltage issue for a much lower price than you can find anywhere else. A 'shoe-board' is one that lifts up the shoe As fit as possible I would buy again, but not until both boards show readings below 46 volts. It came with new thermal pads, but matches my original in terms of components (please refer to Customer Photographs). Basically, if your FICM FMP is reading less than 46v, this board should be able to resolve your low voltage problem. There are new heatsink pads included in this set**Also, new models are available Based on the voltages shown on my ScanGuage, I see that FICM has been hovering between 47 and 48 volts. In the last three weeks, since I replaced both 12v truck batteries, the battery voltage has never dropped below 47v. I am adding a 4-star rating to this review because the truck runs great From a 4-star to a 5-star I use Kyle.

Alexis Wolfe
Alexis Wolfe
| Jul 30, 2020

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