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U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5

U.S. Art Supply 10.5" Small Tabletop Display Stand A-Frame Artist Easel - Beechwood Tripod, Kids Student Classroom School Painting Party Table Desktop Easel - Portable Canvas Photo Picture Sign Holder

U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5 U.S. Art Supply 10.5
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This small, high-quality 10 is made of premium materials. It is made with German aged Beechwood and has a 5" high wooden beechwood tabletop folding A-frame studio easel and display stand. It has a natural wood color, which is oil finished, and a height of 22 inches.
The easel is super stable and sturdy, and it sets up in a matter of seconds, and since the easel is made of durable beechwood, you will never have to worry that the easel will fall apart, as opposed to flimsy pinewood easels. The reusable nature of this product makes it an ideal choice for beginners, students, classrooms, wine and painting classes and art parties.
As soon as the third leg is pulled back into alignment, the easel tilts back into position, so assembling is not necessary. A 7-foot easel is the dimensions of this easel. The dimensions of this picture are 5 With a 10" diameter, this box has a depth of 5" by a height of 11". The canvas rests front edge is approximately 0.5" high, with a height of 5" for the set-up height. The depth of this room is 75 inches. As a compact 11" easel that folds down into a compact package, it weighs less than half a pound and is perfect for travel and art classes.
It functions as a painting easel or as an elegant display easel as well as being versatile, lightweight and compact. It can accommodate canvas art up to 10" high. They can be used as a display for paintings, matted artwork, framed photos, office presentations, event and store signs, posters, books, etc.
With Art Supply as an industry leader in Art Supplies, you can buy our products with the assurance that if you're not completely happy with them, we'll provide a full refund or exchange.

Questions & Answers

The painting is held by a wide section of the frame, how wide is that? painting that is gallery wrapped and its edges are 1 1/2" wide (bottom edge included). ?

A groove has been carved in the 'lip' that holds the painting. The groove is only wide enough to hold a 3/4-inch canvas or frame. Thank you, I hope this was helpful.

Size of product What are its dimensions?

11 inches is the height Despite it's widest characteristics (the tray), it is only 7 1/2 inches tall There is a 3 inch hight at the very top. I used these to hold up to an 11 x 14 inch canvas and they worked just fine. They are useful for actual painting or you can display it, too. Since I do chalk painting too, I was thinking of spray painting one of them black or some other color that would stand out better. Here are some tips that may help!

How are the poster boards held in place? Do clips hold the poster board?

This easel is not equipped with clips.

In the form of inches, what size is this?

According to the product description, it is 10 and a half inches long.

Selected User Reviews For U.S. Art Supply 10.5" Small Tabletop Display Stand A-Frame Artist Easel - Beechwood Tripod, Kids Student Classroom School Painting Party Table Desktop Easel - Portable Canvas Photo Picture Sign Holder

You can use easels to display your art

I ordered a bunch of these to use for an upcoming event. It is my version of those drink and paint sessions my boyfriend and I used to do on Easy to remove from the box, the easel slides right out. You only need to open up the legs and place the item on a Display easels like this ones are more for display than painting purposes Our little date served their purpose, even though they were a distraction. There is no reference to the canvas size on this easel, but it might be A thick layer of 5cm. A canvas with a 3/4 inch thickness appears to be supported by the easel. My boyfriend made me this painting, and it's on an easel sitting on the table.

Isaias Barr
Isaias Barr
| Jun 12, 2021
This is a great item at an incredible price! It's just what I need for what I'm trying to accomplish

There are so many things you can do with this! This is a great way to display a wedding invitation or menu card at Thanksgiving, or a cookie buffet at Christmas. The color is great, the wood is smooth, and I really like the size. This seems like a well-made product. As of now, I use it for my kindle and tablet while crafting, and also on my bedside table while keeping an eye on my kids When we watch TV at night, I watch bedtime tutorials with it, and/or carry it to the dining room table or desk to view whatsapp/skype messages, if one of us is traveling, and I want to see them and not have to look down at the phone. My phone holder from an event broke because it was made of plastic A nicer and larger item is what I wanted, and this one works well I will also use it for a small canvas board, which I'm going to display it on after I've completed my first painting. Nevertheless, I don't yet have the confidence to frame and display anything that I've made. I recently bought an easel kit to make my own painting easel. The wood and finish color are lovely, especially for the price. The item arrived with other items I ordered the same day I ordered it. I ordered this product via Prime and it arrived within a couple days. Nothing was damaged, no I'm in love with.

Jordan Kane
Jordan Kane
| Nov 17, 2020
Displaying vinyl records is the goal of this project

As a result, I display vinyl records on this. This A-grade vinyl display is inferior to a proper vinyl display Framing is cheaper than metal and has a better build quality.

Cameron Owen
Cameron Owen
| Nov 07, 2020
Display record covers with this great display

While a record is playing on the turntable, we can use this to hold vinyl record covers. I found it to be excellent. While we did not have enough space on the cabinet top to open them fully, the legs stay open and are stable even when you don't extend the legs fully. It also serves as a good way to answer the question "What album is this?". It is not necessary to point to the record cover on the stand. There are other, more expensive ways to hold and display records. Here are some records with covers that work just as well. That's what I'm talking about!.

Virginia Kelley
Virginia Kelley
| Oct 09, 2020
This is a really sturdy and cute bag! My favorite thing about this little easel is how cute it is

My purpose in using the space will be to exhibit my photography, since I don't paint. Also, if you're going to set up a festival or market booth and want to hold up your chalkboards or signs, these will really work well. A versatile easel like this can be used in so many ways. The product is sturdy, comes in a nice box for gift-wrapping, and is a nice color.

Sasha Dixon
Sasha Dixon
| Apr 18, 2021
This is exactly what I was looking for

Designed to display a portrait on a canvas stretcher printed on a 16" x 12" table top easel. A fall leaf can be seen in the image. Color and size of the easel are in synch with the photo, so they complement each other perfectly.

Kendall Nunez
Kendall Nunez
| Dec 06, 2020
I think this is very well made and it is worth the money

This easel exceeded my expectations, and I rarely write a review unless I'm totally enamored with the product. I was very pleased with the quality of this canvas and how well it fitted my 8x10 art painting. Developing this relationship was important to me since I planned to present my painting and easel to a very good friend as a present. Despite the higher price than other easels I looked at, I found it to be well worth the cost. I plan to buy more art products coming up since I have some others coming up.

Thiago McKnight
Thiago McKnight
| May 01, 2021
Using solid wood, this table is very well built and at a very reasonable price

In conjunction with my "digitizing motion picture negatives" project, I wanted something to hold a light pad (when I photograph the film, it sits in front of the light pad). A good easel like this is just what you need. I use it for a project that requires a solid wood tray with a deep groove that is 190mm wide and has just the right dimensions. They are both 190mm wide and 20mm deep, so the dimensions are perfect. Two hundred and twenty millimeters of height separate the bottom tray from the top tray. I am sure the $8 was well spent. Prices range from 96 to 96.

Emilia Kirby
Emilia Kirby
| Feb 25, 2021

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