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Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth
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Use the headset as a headset with your Xbox LIVE account and on Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets.
To answer calls from Xbox, simply switch to the Bluetooth mode
Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games join forces to create custom artwork for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
This package contains an ear loop, ear gels, and a charging caddy
The sounds of "Night vision power on/off" can be heard when the power is turned on, off, or when a mode switch is pressed

Questions & Answers

Are there any other games that use it as well?

It is compatible with the entire Xbox 360 game library

Can you tell me how long the battery lasts?

It usually lasts me 3 to 4 days based on my experience using it We all talk a lot, so this may vary based on the amount of time you and others spend talking

What do you need to do to get it set up on the Xbox ?

Like a controller, the sync button can be used as well

Selected User Reviews For Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

I'm not getting enough sensitivity from the mic

In addition to the mic, this is also my 1st wireless Xbox 360 headset. It was because I'd heard the battery was prone to dying after a few months that I did not buy the original model. In 2003, the 2nd version of the game received good reviews, and now the Call of Duty version is out with its own charging station. Despite having rubber feet and weighting the dock is actually pretty nice, all you have to do is insert the headset into it and you're good to go. This is a good headset in terms of sound quality, I can hear everyone just fine with it. The problem with this headset is the microphone. Unless you speak very loudly, not too yelling but loud enough to be heard, nobody can hear you. It is true that I have used an original wired headset that came with the old 360s and had the mute button. I have read several online forums about people complaining about the microphone, but not just this one, but all of the newer headsets from Microsoft as a whole. People with the old wired mic who switched to the new wired mic with the in-built mic will still be able to use it We have noticed that you have to speak louder with the new headsets when you are on line mute. I ended up returning this and returning the older wireless headset, which did not have issues. The popular theory is that Microsoft switched to a less sensitive mic after the old one picked up a lot of background noise.

Alfredo Savage
Alfredo Savage
| Aug 22, 2020
I like it as it picks up really well

This headset is a bit too nice for me. I'm used to the cheap wired headsets from Xbox. It would always end up breaking or the cords would rip during the process. As well as being uncomfortable, they were cold. I charged it when it arrived but not when I received A green light blinks on the dock Mack's when it is charging, but it is solid when it is not. In addition, the dock can be detached to be used with a micro-USB The most delicate part of the earrings would be the ear hooks. When I dropped this, it survived on a tile floor. The functionality is now available. The people I'm with are calling me quieter, but that's just how they are. They used to scream all the time, but now they are quieting In the event you receive a phone call, you are able to switch to it easily. A button for the answer or end is on the outside of the computer, almost like the click on an Apple mouse. There is excellent sound clarity and I was able to hear perfectly at my friends' house one floor down and about 40 feet away on XBOX mode on both ends of the conversation. A Bluetooth made device has a little less range than an iPhone unless I have a problem with my device. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last for around 8 hours. I agree, and for the same reason, the volume is out of control. I take a piss in front of my friends, and they think they are standing by the falls. There's probably no point in hitting the mute button right now. I have also forgotten to include one thing. A person would hear this ringtone if they were already in bluetooth mode when they received a call. I have no idea what Xbox mode is. In addition, the loud boom that people complain about when you turn it off is supposed There's a noise, then a white noise, and then it's quiet.

Leo Contreras
Leo Contreras
| Dec 11, 2020
As much as I liked it, I didn't care for it

There is a lack of quality in this movie. A PC headset as well as a smartphone headset have been connected to the Xbox 360 through Bluetooth. My first thought was that this was too good to be true, but I had to give it a shot.

I think it's too good to be true - and I assume any of these in the line will be similar - but I'm not sure. Perhaps I am wrong, but I doubt it. I stop using this headset on the Xbox within minutes of each time I use it on the Xbox 360 due to the quality being drastically different from that of the regular headset. Among Bluetooth channels (at least for this headset, I am not an expert in Bluetooth technology by any means), there are two channels that the mic function 'shares' with the PC. As a result, when using the microphone with any application, the audio that I would hear would be downright horrible, but sometimes it would be fine. The mic quality was always very low, but I kept trying, thinking there was a setting or tweak I had yet to discover. I tried looking for the magic button, but I didn't find it. It turns out I found out why the quality of the audio Despite muting the microphone in Ventrilo, Bluetooth was able to use both channels for audio as an earphone because both Bluetooth channels were used for audio only. After I unmuted the mic, one of the channels started recording again instead of playing back, which caused My headset is nowhere to be found I don't even know where it You might find it under my couch, or I might have thrown it out. It doesn't really matter to me, to be honest. There was too much it tried to do, but none of it really worked. His life must have been miserable. I'm blown away by how cool it is! It looks good without the MW3 logo, but I'd prefer it without the logo. I realize this doesn't matter when it sucks, but it does.

Louise Powell
Louise Powell
| Sep 03, 2020
This is a good headset

It is a product I bought a few weeks ago and have been using quite a bit since. Unlike other older headsets/crappy headsets that crackle/make weird noises or cut out (as often happens with old headsets), this one has good sound quality that I am not hearing from fellow online players. It is stated that the battery lasts for 8 hours of talk time, and that's correct. Although mine has been lasting a little bit longer than that (almost 10 hours), it is probably going to decrease with time. In my opinion, the only 2 issues I have with it are minor and will not be an issue for everyone. I guess my ears are just abnormally small, because the ear piece hurts my ear after a while. It comes with alternate ear gel sizes so you can find a better fit, but I guess I just have small ears. 1) It does not hurt me enough for me to stop playing, but it does make me whine briefly. Additionally, there is a problem linking my Xbox to my computer. Despite the fact that I have two Xboxes, it always connects to the other one, even though I have never used In order to fix the issue, I need only press the find connection button on the Xbox I want the headset to work with, and press the find connection button on the headset as well. I have fixed this issue by using my other Bluetooth headset (a "Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Communicator", from 2006), but with this other headset, there is no problem. You just need to know what Xbox you have and it'll automatically verify. This is why I took one star away from this review. All in all, I am happy with my purchase and will buy another one when the price goes down to between $25 and $30.

Thalia Cline
Thalia Cline
| Jan 03, 2021

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