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Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen

Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen

Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen

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The inline control wheel can be used to adjust the incoming chat volume
The inline mute switch allows you to easily muffle your headset mic
This included microphone foam windscreen reduces ambient noise so that you can have a clearer conversation

Questions & Answers

2. Does this count as A range of 5 mm to 3 mm is available. Does this 5mm adapter allow my PX3s to be used with the PS4 if I purchase this?

XBox one controllers with a third button work seamlessly with this. I'm not sure how PlayStations compares, but it works great for XBox one. It is 5mm.

There is a cable 2 here. A side with 5mm and a side with 3mm would be ideal. Would it be possible to move 5mm to ?

Yes, I do. This headset works with older Turtle Beach headsets as well as with the

Can you adjust the audio levels separately for the mic and the game?

sound during the game can still be controlled through the headset. There is a volume control on the cable for muting and unmuting the microphone. As far as I'm concerned, this cable has been a great purchase. On the cable, I appreciate being able to mute the mic when I need it.

Selected User Reviews For Turtle Beach Ear Force Playstation 4 Talkback Cable with Foam Windscreen

Allow the old Turtle Beach X42 headset to work without issues You can now play Xbox One with a new controller On the back there is a 55mm input jack)

To get my old Turtle Beach X42 headset to work with the new Xbox One controller with the 3. 0 USB port, I purchased this item. An input of 5mm is required. There are several other two that I have tried. A range of 5 mm to 3 mm is available. I have tried all 5mm adapters and they have all failed. A 2 has been assigned to this item. Older models of the 2 use the 5mm input. There is a male connector on the X42 that is 5mm in diameter. It has the number 3 on the end that goes into the controller. There is a 3. 5mm plug on the new Xbox One controller, which plugs into the controller. A 5mm hole is needed for the input. There is no problem with the chat or game sounds! You should be able to use it straight out of the box, no issues, no fuss. If you have the old Xbox controller, you will have to get the stereo adapter, and test that item. Out of the way.

Cara Herman
Cara Herman
| Jun 18, 2021
XBOX ONE is now compatible with the Turtle beach X42 wireless headset

Upon upgrading from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, I found that I was no longer able to use my turtle beach x42 headset that I purchased for over $100. Trying to change the 2 with a cheap adapter, I was unsuccessful. Plugging a 5mm jack into a 3mm jack Despite attempting to use 5mm, it did not It was impossible for me to talk. With this PS cable, I was able to use the x42 with both Xbox One Gen 2 and Xbox One Gen 1 controllers with the adapter, getting a USB 3 interface from a USB 2. You need a 5-mm As the x42's are wireless, I attach the cable to the controller for chat, and on the controller, I turn the chat sound up to the maximum setting, and the game sound down to the minimum setting. For my chat volume, I use the volume wheel on the cable, and for a game sound of 5, I use the headphone jack. One surround sound system coming from a wireless transmitter connected to an Xbox One using an optical audio cable. I'm so pleased not to have to purchase As well, I am pleased that I don't have to receive my game sound through the controller, because when I do so it sounds terrible. In short, if you have a turtle beach wireless controller that is for the 360, buy this cord and you are back in the game with functioning chat, and you also can use the optical cord for the best 5-bit performance. The sound comes from one Dolby surround system.

Alaya Phillips
Alaya Phillips
| Jan 27, 2021
This game works great with Xbox One

For my XBOX one, I use this app. I love it if it goes well with my needs! The Turtle Beach Earforce X41 headset that I use for my XBOX 360 came with my Xbox 360 originally. After being disappointed to learn it would not work with my new XBOX One, I decided to get it. In a 360, the number 2 is used. There is a 3mm headphone jack on the One, but a 5mm one on the One. Connect the jack to a 5mm computer It was a simple matter of switching cables that fixed my problem. Exactly what I needed! In addition, it works to use my headset on my iPhone, which I find very useful. Quite a few times a week I use it. The following important point needs to be noted XBOX 3 controllers come with the newer models. The jack is a 5mm one. These jacks are not present in older controllers. To plug in the headset, you will also need the stereo headset adapter if you fall into that category. Thank you for sending it to me! I really appreciate it.

Ricardo Chandler
Ricardo Chandler
| Jan 29, 2021
The pros are Cons that are very likely to be genuine The added controls make it more complex since the script is so short

Pubg is primarily played on PS4, but when it was released on Xbox I was motivated to take it for a spin. Because I use a mixamp pro tr on the PS4, I don't need a chat cable, but my older 2013 mixamp that I use with Xbone requires one, and I couldn't find it available for As expected, the cable arrived packaged in a sealed OEM box from Turtle Beach, complete with all kinds of retail-style features, like little stickers marking each end (like a normal person couldn't tell which end goes where, etc. Neither the 5mm nor the 2 can be inserted into wouldn't expect from a china knockoff. My cable turned out to be much shorter than I thought, so it still works perfectly. In retrospect, the inclusion of the chat mixer is a bit unnecessary and I've never seen a Turtle Beach headset, wired or not, that didn't come with a chat mixer of its own, making this cable unnecessary for Turtle Beach users. In the scenario where one of the two mixers gets turned down, it might take you a few minutes to figure out why you cannot hear the chat, making you look like "that guy". Therefore, while the unique nature of the cable almost assures you'll be getting a genuine product, it is the same thing (and its overall length to a lesser extent) that makes it less attractive compared to a knockoff. This is a 5mm (4 pole) to a 2mm. The diameter of the cable should be 5mm (3 poles). The only way I'd give it more than three stars is if I could. The rating should be 5, but in this world that just rounds up to 4, so it's 4 stars.

Patrick Henderson
Patrick Henderson
| Mar 22, 2021
The Xbox One is compatible with it

It allowed me to chat with my XP500, which I connected to my Xbox One S, without any issues. It's finally here! The old connector used to be spliced with the old turtle Beach chat wire I had on my Xbox 360 when I purchased it. Right now, I use Razer's Wolverine remote control. Exactly what I wanted. I was able to confirm it works with the standard wireless remote that came with the system. In addition, if you experience crackling and popping with your headset and it cuts out the sound, please contact us. The signal transmits from your XP500
to receiving device is interfered with by the RF signal. In part 2, we discuss. Interfering with the WiFi signal is the 4 GHz wireless signal from your router. My phone was off, so I turned it off. I have my old headset working well with port 4 of my router since it's the slower internet connection. If you want to change the Chanel, you should be able to do so. The reason I turned off mine is since it wouldn't.

Remington PARRY
Remington PARRY
| Feb 21, 2021

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