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Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL

Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL

Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL
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The Nintendo trademark is the source of this product
Zelda art on the back and a Triforce Piece zipper from 8-Bit Legends of Zelda
The DSi XL or DSi system case protects the system from dirt and scratches while holding a Nintendo 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS XL or 3DS system (not included).
Six Nintendo 3DS game cards can be stored in the pockets
It is equipped with a carrying strap, an extra stylus holder, and an elastic strap for holding it in place

Questions & Answers

When the 3DS XL is protected with one of the clear shell covers, does it fit?

In short, yes. In one of my cases I keep a case from Hori This Nintendo 3DS XL Duraflexi Protector features an integrated video camera. I like the word "Clear" as well as the way it fits in.

What is the compatibility of the 3.DS XL with this case?

The dimensions of the NEW 3DS XL are very similar, so it should work. Dimensions (W x H x D in inches) for the XL are 6 x 12 x Three times one. Seven and zero. The NEW 3DS XL is only 6, whereas the 87 is only for the OLD 3DS XL. Three times three. The 68x0 format. You can see that the new system is just a little longer and the case already had wiggle room for the new system, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't NOTE *br> This morning, I got my Majora's Mask New 3DS XL in the mail. I can confirm that the system fits inside, but it's a bit snug and fills up the entire storage area. I hope you find this helpful.

Selected User Reviews For Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for New 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS XL

The NN3DSXL is safe and accessible and my games are safe

A new case had to be purchased since I got a larger screen. I couldn't be happier with how it fits my XL, even with a case protector on it! don't use the strap to keep them in place I prefer to pull them out so I have quick access to them, but I can secure them with the strap if I am worried they will fall out, which they won't if they are XLs. The case was not treated very gently and has been tossed around for over two years, but it is still close to being stable It is in perfect condition, though the zippers show wear from the paint. This eight-bit game excites me to no end Design in the Mario bit style! Cover and zippers are my favorite parts. I can't see the coins on the zippers in the picture, but I love the cover. I am in awe of those two coins. Getting it closed is a little bit tricky due to the strap which makes it so you can really only use one zipper, but I'm not too bothered by this. It was the downgrade from my previous case that was the biggest downfall for me. This case had three pockets the front pocket contained my AR Reader cards and extra trinkets, the middle pocket contained earphones, styluses, lip balm, bracelets, and extra games, and the back pocket was a slot exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system. There were 12 slots for game cartridges in the back pocket, and there was plenty of space left over for a few more games. Moreover, the other case was also cheaper and as durable. In terms of size, it took up about the same amount of space as this one. There are only six carriage slots in this design, with a little room to continue to float extras on the floor. As you can see, it could have been better, but I am happy with my choice.

June Wilson
June Wilson
| Dec 28, 2020
Disappointed with a two piece Zelda retro case that's glued on

This item I bought about two weeks ago was disappointing to me. I really like the Retro Zelda and thought it looked great. It's in my bag now until I get to work so that I can play my games on the break and I forgot this was glued in. Assuming that all pieces were a single piece, I was wrong once again and am thoroughly disappointed, as I thought Hori made better quality products.

Melvin Carney
Melvin Carney
| Dec 21, 2020
You're doing well

My order arrived when promised and I am happy with it. Once, while going down the stairs, I slipped and dropped my 3DS. My 3DS's screen cracked in half, so I had to contact Nintendo support (or what I like to call Nintendo Hospital). Everything was fine with my 3DS after I contacted them. Even though I dropped it again, this time with the case still Despite being dented, the 3DS was still in good condition. The charger cannot be placed in it, however. So I put the charger in, and I ended up pulling out the little box that plugs in ( I opened the zipper enough to let it stick out ), but other than the charger issue, I highly recommend this product. ( Most cases do have the issue of the charger.

Camryn Willis
Camryn Willis
| Dec 03, 2020
As a child, I used to play the original Gameboy, so I knew this was the ideal My primary reason for purchasing a 3ds was so I could play Mario & Zelda games (old and new)

As a child, I used to play the original Gameboy, so I knew this was the ideal This hard shell case did a good job of protecting my 3ds xl. We have a strap on the inside of the case to keep our 3ds in place, but I don't use it often. To be honest, I find it a little annoying to have to take it in and out, but I do like that there is an Six games, 3DS and DS games are held perfectly in the flap without sliding or falling Additionally, a stylus loop is provided to carry an extra in case one is lost. This 8 bit zelda design features a cool 8 bit pixel effect. The strap is slightly raised up, so it might catch on the things in your bag or whatever you're carrying it in, but I haven't had any problems with that so far. Those who are fans of Zelda, no matter how old or new, should get this case.

Kamila McKinney
Kamila McKinney
| Mar 27, 2021
The protection is decent and the quality is good

With these super Mario Bros. 3DS XL cases, you can show off your age with pride. On the top is a little Mario. However, apart from the wrist strap, which is too small and thin to fit through the wrist of an adult, the quality is good. Overall, the design of the zipper and the overall construction is good. It will only fit if the charger isn't present Separately, you will have to carry that. Having said that, I don't blame them for this choice, since the case would be a LOT thicker if it had room A heartbeat would be enough for me to buy this case again. It's the coolest case I've ever had for one of my Game Boys, and I've owned them since the original was released. I smile every time I look at it. Every time I look at it, it makes ME smile as well.

Hector Burgess
Hector Burgess
| Nov 26, 2020
A protective measure

I got this for my 3DS XL Majora's Mask edition

Pros The 3DS fits snugly in the hands. Drop it and you will not have to worry about it bouncing around. I'm sure that the hard rubber case will keep everything in it safe. In addition to being snug and secure, the cartridge slots allow games to be played. I haven't seen any sagging after a week of putting and taking the system in and out because the elastic loop holds it tight. The cons are There is a zipper made of rubber Triforces, which is cool, but I believe that they are not very durable. I have not yet experienced any damage, but I think they will eventually tear off with excessive use. In the case of the Hori Duraflexi TPU clear case, the Nintendo 3DS will not fit. Actually it fits, but the elastic loop that connects it to the jacket seems to be too thin and would stretch or tear. The bulkiness of the case is not a problem because it's not the manufacturer's fault. If you still want to use a bulky case, gameStop offers the Majora's Mask universal case.

Amari Allison
Amari Allison
| Jul 04, 2021
HORI is a brand you can depend on

In addition to this case, I bought another HORI case for my iPad that featured Pikachu, so if you have read my review on that case you will understand In terms of functionality, they are the same except for their aesthetics. You did a great job on this. There are six slots configured to hold any of the New 3DS/3DS/DSi/DS games, which can be used as a travel device (what other reason might there be? How about aesthetics? are more than enough to satisfy your gaming Your 3DS will die once you arrive at your destination (assuming you are unable to charge it during your travels. Can suffer from low battery). With a slot for storing a stylus, as well as room for your New 3DS/3DS XL, it comes with a lot of storage. Having just received this case a few hours ago, I haven't actually had a need to use it for travel yet, but I've been playing with the case and filling it up with all my New 3DS goodies, and it works great. It is topped off with a retro-themed aesthetic. an affordable price. *fr>*g>HORI branded products are never to be missed as they usually have Nintendo's official backing rather than some bogus company backing.

Zechariah BARLOW
Zechariah BARLOW
| Feb 09, 2021

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