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VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black

VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black

VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black
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There are letter buttons, a piano keyboard, and a color-changing screen
There are twelve learning activities that progress as the learner advances
To conserve battery life, you can set the volume and the automatic shutoff
This toy is designed for kids between 2 to 5 years old and comes with two AA batteries

Questions & Answers

Is this toy suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old?

My personal preference would be 2 and I think that's the sweet spot. A maximum of 5 or perhaps even 4 would be ideal.

Can you explain to me why this product attracts a pink tax?

Those who do not know what a pink tax is should know that it's when things are more expensive for women than they are for men, i.e., redistributive taxes. In other words, the pink laptop costs several dollars more than the black one, which traditionally would mean that the one "for girls" has a "pink tax" added to it as well.

Do you think it has a backlighting?

As the color changes, it changes shape. it's not equipped with the backlight, no. There is a light button on it, and I think it has four different colors!

In comparison to the Leapfrog laptop, what are the pros and cons? As I am trying to figure out which would be best for my 16 month old son to learn how to write, I would appreciate any feedback. ?

The doll I purchased for my son when he was about that Since the keys were difficult to press and activities were too complex for his little fingers, I bought him the leapfrog laptop, which has raised keys, a larger screen, and more simplified In the alphabet program, a letter is presented, its sound is rendered, and a word that starts with that letter is provided. There are times when he laughs when it says, "rrrrrrrr.". Children older than 12 should not use the tablet. The 4th of July is my son's birthday The year is I was more of an old cousin's age, so I enjoyed it more.

Selected User Reviews For VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black

A lot of features you can choose from! Please see the video I've attached to see how this works! It's a no-brainer A nice tablet if you ask me

A one year old who is fascinated by my phone got it for me for his first birthday. It is amazing how much functionality and additional activities this tablet has to offer. Additionally, there are a number of different color screens. In addition to my 3 year old, I suspect my 6 year old will love playing with this. A lot of fun is contained in these games, such as ABCs, 123s, Rhyming games, Spelling games, Music games, etc. Changes the color of the screen and can adjust the volume. Here is a video I am trying to include of all the awesome features that this tablet has. It would be good for you guys to see how everything
I am amazed at how much it does for the price. I enjoy VTECH toys a lot. It seems like they always make me feel good about myself.

Stephanie Lamb
Stephanie Lamb
| Aug 27, 2020
Tablet from VTech - Tablet from VTech - It's a good price for the quality of the toy and its performance

I had to put a little tape over the speaker to muffle the volume a bit because my son loves it so much. The ABCs sounded by a child at 2am put a fear in your heart like listening to the voice of God. You don't match the voice of your child!.

Megan Kaufman
Megan Kaufman
| Aug 20, 2020
It is not a good recommendation to recommend young people

According to the article, it states two Not at all. In my opinion, it is more like 4. 5 or 5. 0 I believe that 7 or 8 is a good figure. Those games are a little too difficult for a child who is only two. Although I'm kind of disappointed, she loves the changing color screen and the keyboard, and she loves watching the dog dance when I 'help' her get the answers.

Corey Huff
Corey Huff
| Oct 26, 2020
The iPad air 2 has a similar size to this

It is easy to keep a toddler busy with so many options. As shown in the picture, the product is as described. It was a pleasure to order a package that wouldn't cause me any frustrations. The toy has a power button that lets you turn it on and off and it's very easy to use. Volume control, screen color and brightness, as well as audio adjustments, such as whether or not to play music, are available. One thing I do not like about the interface is the display quality. My mind immediately starts to wander back to the video games we used to play in the 90's. I love it. I love it, however, since it's a gift for my nephew. That is why I am not too bothered. In addition to the many buttons and modes, it also includes a piano which should keep anyone busy for quite some time. Perfect for families with young children!.

| Aug 18, 2020
Once it has been used for a month, it becomes useless and cannot I spent my money in vain

It's a no-brainer After trying for over a dozen times, I can't get any sound to come out. It blew into the slider after messing with it for a while and after messing with it a bit. It is not making any sound as I write this. The purchase was made on July 29th, the order was delivered on July 31, and the return period closed on August 30th.

Barbara Prince
Barbara Prince
| Mar 24, 2021
You did a great job! As my two year old grows, I am sure that this will also

I am even able to get my 8 year old to enjoy * This is a good size screen * (he knows all the answers, but still). The device has a large number of buttons and is very simple If you think about the price and what you get in return, it's amazing. Kids don't really understand much about it, but it's going to be a good tool for learning. Is a game that is a lot of fun to play and is worth the money! The blue one with less buttons we bought a year ago would have been a great alternative to the orange one!.

Erick Brennan
Erick Brennan
| Mar 30, 2021
This tablet is a good product

I got it for my 3 and 4 year old daughters as I didn't think they were ready for one. Although they liked it, they would get frustrated by the overwhelming number of options available. For children between the ages of 6 and 7, this product is probably best. It's a pleasure to watch the lights and hear the sounds.

Bronson Moody
Bronson Moody
| Aug 29, 2020
It is one of the cutest games I have ever played

You have smart paws, my friend! It is one of the cutest games I have ever played. Are there reasons? I feel like I'm a kid again when I hear it. It is my first time living in the US. I am 22 years of age. Every child's dream has come true with this game, as my younger sister cannot stop playing it. The pros are Please note that Aside from the letters, counting, number order, and matching aspects (of course, my favorite feature is the option to change the screen color, I know, I know, Motivating tool that is easy to use No matter how many times you get an answer wrong, you keep trying because the tone of the game encourages you! My favorite part of the illustration is the bear holding a flower that is wilting and saying, Please note - A feature that allows for a mental break. Gets the piano going--- There are plenty of buttons that can be pushed, giving you a solid, durable item that will last for a very long time. -- This is loud! As far as I can tell, the speakers come in a small size I might have been right, but I was totally Please note - A shut-down that is automatic It's a huge plus to be able to turn it off. This gets forgotten all the time by kids, which wastes a lot of battery power

Minor Please note that Could change the brightness if there was a way. It is still a little difficult to see the picture without the color background. Please note - Although the screen size on this tablet seems large, I would rather it was a bit bigger as I would be afraid of my younger sister playing on it for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Please note - For the boys, maybe a different color than pink would be nice! *** Overall, this is a solid product. It is a wonderful tool for classroom instruction. It's so cute to see the picture of the bear, and the theme song is so catchy! If I had to buy it again, I'd buy it 100 times over.

Jimmy Rubio
Jimmy Rubio
| Feb 19, 2021

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