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Dewalt DPG62-C Interceptor Protective Safety Earmuff

Dewalt DPG62-C Interceptor Protective Safety Earmuff

Dewalt DPG62-C Interceptor Protective Safety Earmuff
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A lightweight design
Originally from abroad
This model offers remarkable noise reduction and maximum comfort at a 29 rating.
It can be worn all day long due to its lightweight design.
A compact folding feature keeps dust and debris out of the ear cups while allowing for easy storage.
inside ear cups is as comfortable as it is effective in blocking out noise.
It is a light and highly effective Earmuff that provides the maximum level of

Questions & Answers

Is it too hot for your ears when you wear them?

While wearing these, I do not experience excessive heat in my ears.

Is this noise blocking at low frequencies?

I am sorry, but I am not confident it can block low frequency noise. At what level would that be considered low?

Is it possible to order them in 7 3/4 hat size? thank you! ?

If you have that size, they will adjust for you

Do you have a hard hat that you can wear over those?

Any hat you wear over these will not work. The Author Dave

Selected User Reviews For Dewalt DPG62-C Interceptor Protective Safety Earmuff

I recommend that you don't buy it MONEY SPENT FOR NO GOOD REASON

In addition to the plastic headband which is not stated in the description, these also broke quite easily during the first use. I have had many experiences with ear muffs with plastic headbands that have not lasted very long but have broken first use. My preference not to use them on my ears when I'm mowing was due to the fact that the audio seal around my ears was not satisfactory like with previous other brands. When I tried to squeeze the headband to make them more snug over my ears, I ripped apart the plastic piece that connects the muff to the band, so the tension on the headband is lost, and they are no use. Having opened them up, I was able to find the only broken part is the small plastic sliding piece, but it actually shattered into five pieces. Even duct tape isn't able to keep the tension between them. The only alternative is to ask for a replacement part, but that would mean doing more work Dewalt was the brand that I used to associate with That will never be a thought in my mind Despite 5 years of use, my daughter is still wearing my old gun shooting ear muffs when she does My hope was that these Dewalts would be a nice pair for me, but I was sooooo very wrong. Buying it is not a good idea. If you can, find ear muffs with metal pieces that will not break easily.

Brian Simon
Brian Simon
| Jan 01, 2021
What's the deal with peas? (No disrespect meant guys, just perfect for you!) Even though I am a die-hard fan of Dewalt, I do believe that this particular product could be improved

I'm sorry. Increasing the length and flexibility of the extensions would be helpful. This fits my 6 feet and proportionate head just barely, but I am 6 feet and it is just out of reach. My head is an inch longer and it would be too small so if you do not have a fairly large head that would be an issue. As a result, the way it's wrapped on your neck after you take it off changes as well. It's literally choking me to keep it there because the earmuffs are so tight. The DEWALT company. I do hope that the extension will be longer! Among the pros I'm sorry. This thing takes all the abuse I can dish out to it- The comfort is excellent - especially when traveling and drilling for long periodsbr Good luck! Such a great way to block out the noise, whilst not being so deafening that you are unable to hear others,
- It's probably a caricature of a cartoon Uncle Jim would have drawn on the 4th of July at the local fair so look elsewhere. I hope you enjoyed my two cents and we wish you great fun as you drill!.

Jett Gutierrez
Jett Gutierrez
| Apr 14, 2021
The only downside is that it's rather As far as ear muffs are concerned, I prefer them over ear plugs, as they are easy to put on and remove

It can be extended though, but I have an almost enormous head, lol, so putting the covers over your head will put you in discomfort eventually, especially if you're wearing goggles While wearing these muffs, you can be assured that the strap will be held tight around your head. Rather than wearing the headband toward the front, I wore them with the headband at the rear. The only reason I needed them was for a one semester college construction class, so I wasn't exposed to excessive amounts of noise It would hurt my head if I wore these muffs for longer than two hours, but when I also wore eyeglasses and a goggle strap, both were holding extra tightly to my head, which is good, but only to an extent before doing harm. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It has been about 4 months since I have used them at least once a week, and I have dropped them about three times, but they still seem sturdy. This is a great product from Dewalt).

Pablo Valencia
Pablo Valencia
| Feb 07, 2021
well at cancelling noise, but they can hurt the ears if used for too long

they do cancel noise well, they also apply pressure to the cartilage of the ear, which is uncomfortable. Over time, you will experience the same level of pain if you lay on your side for too long. It is not possible to manage the pain unless the earmuffs are removed for a while. This means that they are not perfect as a one-size-fits-all device. A one-size-fits-all model The whole thing. In an ideal world, they would be available in a range of.

Ruby Park
Ruby Park
| Jun 01, 2021
It's a little bit on the small side, but since I bought them to replace a cheaper pair my dog obliterated, I decided to upgrade to these

It's pretty ridiculous to say that this pair is better than my old ones, but I have to say they're not bad either. The old pair I had rated a 22 and these are rated There is no doubt that they block out more noise. If my father had not been with me, I wouldn't have noticed that a wooden gate had fallen over while I was working -- An example of a law jump is i can converse a little with these on, but I think it's a challenge. p> The earmuffs fold down into a pretty small package, and the cups stay pressed together, which is a nice feature for keeping off dust. In addition to using the packaging as a makeshift case, I have also cut it open carefully. It would be helpful to add another inch or so to these. Their largest size barely fits and I've got them adjusted to their smallest size. Since I have a big head (my baseball caps are usually positioned at the last hole on my head), I often have to wear a big hat. With my hair buzzed short, these aren't too close to fit now, and growing it out would be impossible for me to wear them. No matter what, as long as you don't have a giant noggin, you should be okay.

Bryson Terrell
Bryson Terrell
| Sep 26, 2020
It is comfortable, but it is too loose

As part of my job, I often wear these for most of the day, taking them off only occasionally for a few minutes to freshen up. I find they do not make my ears sore and the headband is soft and padded- Comparatively to hard plastic types, covered types have a number of advantages. The only negative is that they don't stay on my head well. A good feature is their ability to be adjusted, but the "adjusters" need to be tighter so they keep the fit that you want. My head is quite large, so perhaps they were designed for that, but if they hadn't been I would have given them a higher rating. The fact that they keep slipping around because they won't stay tight enough is very frustrating.

Kamari Bean
Kamari Bean
| May 30, 2021

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