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Paddle Fan Speed Control

Paddle Fan Speed Control

Paddle Fan Speed Control
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If you would like to upgrade control of your fan speed and stop using hard-to-reach fan cords, this product is the perfect solution. Paddle Fan Speed Control powered by adorne allows you to control your fan without disturbing others. It features four speed settings, plus an on/off switch for quiet operation.
It can be used to control a fan from one location, or it can be used along with a second switch to control a fan from two places.
To create a uniform look throughout a room or your entire house, pair your paddle switch or paddle dimmer switch with matching paddle switches.
Does not require a new electrical box for typical installation as it fits into the existing outlet.
In 15 minutes or less, you can have it installed.

Questions & Answers

This fan switch will work with a Mink fan, right?

Since the wiring in the back of the switch looks like all of the wiring switches I've seen for fan dimmer switches, I am convinced it does.

Selected User Reviews For Paddle Fan Speed Control

If you want to express your modern sense, then these are your best bet

Since the beginning of the year, we have completely upgraded our entire home to the Legrand Adorne switches, dimmers, With an exceptional appearance, these products are of excellent quality. The prices for some of the items in our Kitchen and Bath are rather expensive (we went with stainless steel in both). However, the expense was well worth it to us! These are the way to go if you want a modern look.

Miles Harrison
Miles Harrison
| Jan 14, 2021
There is enough amperage for the switches, but not the wiring

There is nothing wrong with these switches, but the amperage is not sufficient to turn the fans on at medium speed You should set your paddle to the lowest setting.

Shawn Branch
Shawn Branch
| Mar 24, 2021
A beautiful picture

I love the color and the In addition to looking great, the new remodel has a lot to offer.

Olivia Wade
Olivia Wade
| Dec 31, 2020
To match the entire collection, here is a switch that has been upgraded

As I replace my first floor switches with these, I am making progress. A switch to turn off the fan would be nice. A level corresponding to the switch on the actual fan is provided in stops along the way.

Mario Banks
Mario Banks
| Apr 01, 2021
I give this product five stars

This switch looks and works great, replacing all my switches with Legrand improved my living space immensely.

Dior Larsen
Dior Larsen
| Mar 15, 2021
The connections you make should be guarded

There are some connections on the back that seem to be less than 100% secure, so I'm not sure if my wires will stay in place. I was not clear in the instructions, you need 3 wires to make this work. You can find out if the white neutral wire is there in the electrical box you have to dig into if your original switches had just two wires. The plan looks great, but I'm not sure how well it's going to work.

Judah Fuentes
Judah Fuentes
| Jan 31, 2021

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