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Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves

Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves

Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves
$ 34.95

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Sleeves that are 15 inches long
Middle of the biceps and mid of the forearms
Moving with you is made possible with the breathability of the fabric
Protection pad molded from a single piece

Questions & Answers

Can you please let me know the weight of the small/med and large/med?

As far as the elbow pads are concerned, we are only provided with the length of the sleeves. In order to obtain this information, we reached out to our Product Manager for volleyball accessories. You can email the following to us, and we'll contact you as soon as the size is found The customer. You can contact us using the email address [email protected] I'd like to thank you for your kind words.

Selected User Reviews For Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves

The sleeves were short

The length of the sleeves They did not go up to the wrist, so there was no protection against diving. There are also other styles that have foreshadowed The arm pads in this set are not arm pads.

Colton Conway
Colton Conway
| Feb 06, 2021
I find this amazing

My favorite part about these sleeves is the length! The clothing doesn't stretch too much, but it fits well to size and there is a great amount of padding am no longer left with giant burns and bruises on my elbows the following day every time I dive! I would definitely recommend it!.

Angela Hodge
Angela Hodge
| Apr 29, 2021
My daughter loves these

She plays volleyball and they are great to have around.

Lexie Tate
Lexie Tate
| Apr 21, 2021
Exactly what I needed

It is a great size for scuba diving - Additionally, elbows are protected very well with this product.

| Jun 22, 2021

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