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Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses

Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses

Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses
$ 12.75

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A plastic material
The import of
The rubber frame is made of
A polycarbonate lens is used
It is non-polarized
This UV protection coating protects from the sun's rays
Siskiyou Buckle is an officially licensed NFL product
While engaging in an active lifestyle, you can keep the sunglasses in place thanks to colorful rubber grips
If you enjoy sunbathing, camping, playing sports, or watching the team battle for victory, these high quality sunglasses will provide you with the most protection from UVA and UVB rays.
With flex hinges, these stylish frames allow the arms to stretch out without becoming brittle or bursting.
The die-hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers will be ecstatic when they wear these shades
NFL merchandise that is officially licensed.
The protection offered is 100 percent UVA/UVB.
On one arm, the team wordmark is displayed, and on the other arm, the primary logo is displayed.
Each arm has rubber accents colored in the team colors.

Questions & Answers

Do these are too tight or uncomfortable on people with a larger ?

If your head is big, I think you'd not like them. It's hard to find a good pair of glasses if your head is big. I found the pants a little tight.

Is it possible to wear them ?

While the wrap sunglasses would not fit over another pair of glasses, the aviator sunglasses may be an option for you. Check out other Saints merchandise on GO TEAM/heatherly to see if that works for you.

Could you tell me if the purples come in different shades? The purple color of the flowers is dark in the photo. The color of the tea is light purple when they were delivered to us. ?

Hi there, on this team, you can only get these sunglasses in one color. Please accept my thanks, Fanzone

Selected User Reviews For Siskiyou Sports NFL San Francisco 49ers Wrap Sunglasses

It is NOT at all what is shown on the picture

Even though they were cheap, they were still worth it Unfortunately, they aren't what they appear to be. The website showed a photo of a pair of black sunglasses when I ordered them A pair of light blue, cheap-looking sunglasses that looked like they were bought at a Dollar store was what I received. It was so disappointing as these were a gift. I usually don't submit bad reviews, but since these were a gift, I did. In real life, the ones you are purchasing look much better than the ones advertised.

Orlando Reese
Orlando Reese
| Dec 19, 2020
As far as wifely performance is concerned, you are awesome! I like that

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. These are a real steal for someone who is a huge sports team fan, and I have no problem shopping for someone like this! In addition, there are many logos on the site There's a lot of covered crap out there, and the price does not always indicate quality, so these are great. It must have good quality, a nice shape, a good fit, and must represent your team correctly, as well as serving as a It's not often that I can find good sunglasses for a half price or less. Of all the sunglasses I have bought for him, these had the most brownie points! In spite of the fact that I am not a fan of sports myself It is so satisfying to see their faces when they finally get what they've always wanted. You have just given me priceless advice. It's for this reason that we make all the effort! have a flirty rivalry going on at work (favorite NFL team) and I got a kick out of listening to (secondhand) the playful jealousy between them. The purchase of this item prompted reactions. I am very happy!.

Leroy Simpson
Leroy Simpson
| Dec 05, 2020
My system seems to work just fine

The sunglasses I use for exercise are these. This is a great place to walk. Our area is hot and humid, and I had a pair of expensive sunglasses with a rubber-like nose piece that eventually turned to mush when I walked in the heat. Since I could not find a replacement for that part, an expensive pair of sunglasses ended up in a junk pile. My next experience was with a brand that was easy to scratch. Whenever I am out in nature, these glasses are the perfect choice, as comfortable and durable as they are.

| Aug 19, 2020
I am glad I spent the money

A good set of ears is a plus in terms of comfort. Considering that they do wear these around me a lot, I definitely believe these are worth it! I received these as a gift, so I am not sure how long they will last. For a Texans fan who lost his preferred pair of shades last year, it was the perfect gift.

Everlee Gilbert
Everlee Gilbert
| Oct 07, 2020
The one I bought in September was damaged after I accidentally dropped it from a little lower than hip level about a month later

A crack formed across the top of the lens, and it dropped. The shoes he tried to fix a few ways did not work, so he finally ordered me another pair of shoes. When I dropped them from a height of maybe a foot, they broke in the same place as my old ones! They were tucked in my shirt when I dropped them, and they broke in the same spot I dropped Leaving bad reviews is not my cup of tea Even when I love the style and choose to replace it with one that is the same exact style It's been three months since I bought these and still haven't seen an icon to contact the seller.

Avi Quinn
Avi Quinn
| Nov 01, 2020
Those who love the Bears will love this Bears accessory

One of the things he loved about these for Xmas was that he loved them so much. They are very lightweight and do not press behind the ears too much, but they are not too The price of running is a little high In the Our first experience with mill sunglasses will be to see how durable they are.

Wyatt French
Wyatt French
| Feb 12, 2021
Although is a good product for the price, this won't maintain its quality when it comes to pressure from the lake or from The only thing they are good for is driving

No matter what they are, they aren't sturdy or durable.

Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman
| Jun 15, 2021
The #3 Russell ain't going to wear them

A little more luxurious than the dollar store, but not much more since you are paying just for the logo and the rims of the glasses The licensing process. Although there is a description of "flex hinged for comfort," there is no flexing over here, just hinges on plastic peepers.

| Aug 09, 2020

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