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Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box)

Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box) Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box)

Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box)

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PostFlag is introducing the world's first peel & stick mailbox replacement flag. The installer requires absolutely no tools and installs in a matter of seconds. of rust-proof metal that is powder coated.
This product sticks safely and securely to wood, metal, plastic, rubber, smooth stone surfaces, smooth cement surfaces, and smooth brick surfaces. If the surface is gritty or flaky, we do not recommend using this product.
If your mailbox was not cleaned of dirt and debris before applying your mailbox flag, you will get the best results.
Designed for outdoor use with the strongest materials In the world, this tape is ranked number one. Innovative VHB (Very High Bond) tape by 3M is temperature rated from -50°F up to +150°F There is no temperature difference between 20 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Weather conditions in real life have been tested on the product. You can trust that the adhesive material will last as long as your mailbox does.

Questions & Answers

What if you wanted to mount it on a wall?

You can see my review with pictures here. There are two types of flags those that stick up and those that stick When no mail is being sent out, the wall-mounted mailbox must have a 180-degree swivel so that it can be flush with the mailbox when it is not in use. There is no option other than for it to stick straight out, which is funny to look at.

Do you know if it works on brick mailboxes?

That's not going to happen, in my opinion. There is Gorilla Glue that sticks to bricks, but you could damage the brick with it. Alternatively, there are brick clips that could be used. If the tape sticks to the clip, you might be able to use it. Despite the tape being strong, it does not fail easily. Check the size of the clip before you install it. You will do well.

Would I be able to attach the flag to a magnet instead of tape if it is metal?

Metal is used on the flag

Do you need to use anything to secure this on Brickmailbox?

It does not hold up to rain on a brick mailbox due to the adhesive pad that comes with it. It was found on the ground when it rained for the first time. My contact with the sellers contributed to my receiving a new adhesive pad from them. When it rained, the same thing happened. As I didn't want to drill holes in the brick, I decided to use FLEXGLUE as a way to secure it to the brick mailbox, and I haven't had a problem since then. Since 2018, I have had this letter in my mailbox.

Selected User Reviews For Universal Peel and Stick Replacement Mailbox Flag Replacement (No Tools Required, Fits Any Mail Box)

You can't get a better deal than this! Since the brick is 42 years old, I was concerned the adhesive might not adhere well to it

Instead, I scrubbed it with a wire brush before wiping the surface well with gasoline and leaving it to It was very important to plan where to stick it before adhering I feared it might RE-stick This is a good position. This is good news. When I stuck it down for 10 seconds, it caused a burning sensation in my hand. I was able to secure it firmly to the brick. Since it is made of high quality plastic, it will not corrode, rust, or otherwise erode. It is smooth and solid and I expect that it will remain that way as long as I own it. With the price, this was one of the more cost effective things I've purchased in a long time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this item!.

Leslie Gorman
Leslie Gorman
| Sep 06, 2020
When it rained for the first time, I fell off

At first, I was pleased with the quality of the flag, because the metal was metal, etc. Although, I bought it to avoid having to drill a hole into my mailbox cover. In the early morning I noticed that it was attached to a brick until the first rain rained, and then it was floating in drainage along the roadside. Weather-resistant adhesive does not perform well in any weather, so it is of no use. The following update is available A new "updated" version has been sent from the seller since I contacted them. They were very responsive. In the event that I encounter any issues with the new version, I will update my review. Almost exactly the same thing happened when it rained with the replacement that I received with enhanced adhesive. In summary, the adhesive lacks durability when it comes to brick exposed to the elements. FlexGlue was used on it and it looks so far to be doing well. Despite the first daylong rainstorm, the car was still in great shape.

| Dec 05, 2020
I wasted my money on this

I find this to be complete There is a component inside that holds the little peg that holds the flag upright upright, leaving about a millimeter of space for the peg to pop Also, about 1mm divots are on the outer cover that are supposed to make it easier to pop the cover into place on the left side of You know what I mean? even the slightest movement is made by the flag, the outer cover pops off completely. As long as I remove that part, I think to myself, I'll remove that element that limits how much of the peg supports this outer cover and the flag. Not at all. We won't be able to keep the flag It is equally difficult to follow the instructions. The four steps are to wipe, peel, stick, and Do you really mean that? Time is precious. Please do not waste it.

Creed Herrera
Creed Herrera
| Jul 07, 2020
I didn't think it was worth it *NEW REVIEW (READ We were very disappointed by this

I had high hopes that this mailbox flag would solve my mailbox flag problem due to its description that it works in any weather and is held in place by the strongest tape around. I kept it for a day before it fell off and there was no sticky substance that we could According to the advertisements, this product does not work. My recommendation is not to do so. I heard from the seller that the flag was not working and apologized for the inconvenience. Upon reviewing it, I noticed it had a stronger adhesive and a handwritten notecard. It has been working well so far. Flags have been displayed on mailboxes ever since. It was a pleasure doing business with this seller and I was impressed with their.

Cohen Welch
Cohen Welch
| Sep 05, 2020
When magnets are added, it works perfectly! This is an extra flag I bought to go on our house-mounted mailbox, which does not have a flag for mail pickup

However, since the mailbox is so large and narrow, I could not simply stick it to the side of the box- I would notice that it stocked out horizontally when I did not have mail to pick Therefore, I stocked the very strong magnets with the adhesive of the flag and then positioned them on the Mail I have for outgoing mail gets placed on one side of the box and I take it down once the mail arrives. Otherwise, the magnet is stuck to my front door! If I open and close my door, the magnet moves! Exactly what I was looking for.

Tatum Krause
Tatum Krause
| May 05, 2021
In the top- A notch up for the mailbox flag! The mailbox flag that came with my new house is flimsy and I have had a problem with it

As a result, my mail that I needed to send out stayed in the mailbox because the mailperson didn't know that I had mail to send back. The flag was old and faded, and the star kept breaking off, causing it to fall down. My day started out bad, but now it's a whole lot better! Only 30 seconds were needed to install the software. This windbreak has held up well against the strong fall winds we have experienced around our area. It is sturdy, strong, doesn't fall down easily, and is easy to erect. Investing in this business has been such a good decision for me. I would like to clarify This black metal mailbox is made out of steel. Different surfaces behave differently when it comes to adhesion.

Emiliano Wu
Emiliano Wu
| Mar 11, 2021
I love this stick - A Red Flag has been raised in your mailbox! Replacement Flag for Mailboxes - Peel and Stick - I love it! Disability and being disabled is a barrier to employment In my recent thoughts, I thought it would be convenient to have mail delivered to my apartment

When my mail carrier rings the doorbell to say "I have mail," I always know "I have mail!" I'm on the second floor. My favorite thing about her is that she's Since the covered stairwell was designed in such a way that she could see a red flag from the road or sidewalk, I had to purchase one to see if there were any out-of-the-way items. On the days when I didn't have any incoming mail, I would send outgoing While I was not in need of it myself, I wanted to ease her job. Having a stick-like character It was a breeze to fill out the application! All you need to do is follow the directions, and voila! When applied to a smooth surface, it sticks great! The idea of this and how it could benefit my mail carrier excited me. As soon as it was installed, my sister came to visit and commented that she could better see it from the road with the flag 'down' rather than Hence, I left a note for my mail carrier with a choice to see which way was easier for her to see, and told her what my sister said.

She, too, chose to use 'down' to indicate outgoing mail was We have had no problems with it! Her job is to raise the flag after she receives my mail. It's easy for the flag to rise and fall. I am very pleased with my purchase! Furthermore, Synergy Labels LLC, the Vendor, sent me a Customer Service email to ensure that I was satisfied with my transaction. It is a great product and an amazing company. A win for the team The winner is.

Junior Mayer
Junior Mayer
| May 17, 2021
Thanks, I had a problem, but I fixed it

The outgoing mail flag is a perfect solution for mailboxes without any way to mark outgoing mail. It would be great if you were able to adjust it so the flag could be either facing forward or backward instead of only one way. Other than that I like it a lot it works perfectly, I have it on the right side which is less visible but will do the trick.

Kinslee McCall
Kinslee McCall
| Apr 14, 2021