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Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8

Zildjian 8" FX Stack Pair w/Mount

Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8 Zildjian 8
$ 100.46

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One versatile pair of cymbals that offers a variety of pitches and brilliant staccato sounds
You can use this setup as a standard Hi Hat setup or stack it
With the adjustment of the wingnut, you can transition from bright and cutting to raw and trashy
The Zildjian Cymbolt mount is exclusive to this mount
Sizes range from 8" x 10" to 12" x 14" and 16" x 16"

Selected User Reviews For Zildjian 8" FX Stack Pair w/Mount

Despite tiny flaws, this is a good book

My initial impressions of it were very good. Right out of the box, it sounded great. In my case I had never used a stack before and was curious of how to put it together. There are no instructions, but if you know drums, then the process is rather logical. In the beginning it had a pretty good chaotic sound. I still like it, but after a bit of time it started to have a static sound. If it is used, you can check on Instagram @KeenTruce.

Kiaan Wyatt
Kiaan Wyatt
| Oct 10, 2020
I find this sound to be useful

In a good or bad way. An effective pitch cuts right It works well with Latin percussion, or for funky, chit-chat hat sounds. He claps as if it were real. That mounting system is excellent, but I wish it was a separate purchase.

| Oct 17, 2020
A jazz lover should not listen to this music

To harm MN and get it to behave, it needs to be struck powerfully.

Camila Love
Camila Love
| Apr 16, 2021
A sound that is uniquely yours

I am glad to have added this instrument to my drum kit. I like the sound of that!.

| Jun 23, 2021
I am impressed! Things You Should Know
Jamari Calderon
Jamari Calderon
| Apr 06, 2021

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