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Micro-Mesh 3 x 4 Soft Touch Pads

Micro-Mesh 3 x 4 Soft Touch Pads

Micro-Mesh 3 x 4 Soft Touch Pads
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A bottle stopper, pen, or even a small goblet can now be finished to a high level of satisfaction with the Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Sanding Pad! From 1500 grit up to 12000 grit, start at the lowest setting.
Working with CA finishes is a breeze with this bundle, which leaves your work looking like it was done by a pro! With the step up process, you will leave your work looking fantastic when finished.
Pack of nine soft touch pads with the following grits 1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 & 12000. There is also a color coded grit guide for easy identification of the grits.
When turning acrylics, plastics, resins or impregnated blanks, this is an ideal solution. Automotive and marine bodywork is well suited to this product. Besides being used for fine repairs around the house, these pads are also useful in the garden.
The foam backing and color coded pads make it easy to identify grit. It is possible for colors to differ from what is shown in the images. As a result of the manufacturing process, colors on Micro-Mesh abrasives may vary somewhat from those on the grit chart.

Questions & Answers

How long do you need to apply the abrasive material to ?

Both sides of the disk have abrasive material. This is a fantastic set of pads. A color coded representation of grit. 'Sanded' acrylic is what I have done. Glass smoothness begins with roughness and ends with smoothness. The old has been made new again when it comes to aircraft and motorcycle windscreens. Whether you use it dry or wet is up to you. This product is very durable. The pads are also great. In addition to refurbished bare aluminum, I have refurbished earlier motorcycle alloy wheels and trim bits. A clear coat has been buffed out. DRR, I think these guys will be a very, very big hit with you, Mr. Miller.

What is the best way to polish copper and silver clay that has been fired? Thanks for telling me how to polish base metals. Also, how can I polish a high shine to base metals?

My favorite way to work with Polymer Clay! My only experience with polishing is the polishing of jewelry. Whenever I work with polymer clay, I start at the top and work my way down and the result is wonderful!

Anyone ever try these on ATV plastic fenders?

No matter what surface they are applied to, I don't see why they wouldn't work. Traditionally, these are used on wood pens, acrylic pens, and pens made out of plastic.

These pads have what type of grit?

One color stands out from the rest Included with the set is a guide for coding It is also noted in the product description on Amazon that grits are included! My experience with Micromesh has been superior to those of cheaper brands for years - compare to Micromesh For a great deal, try Micromesh There is no better wet sanding abrasive on the market and these are the ONLY ones I will buy and use in my shop for everything from detail sanding I don't believe so. As for the grits, unless they changed the grit color chart that comes with the set, the grits are finer than sandpaper grits. "Green" was the roughest color, and was noted as "600" in the old color chart I think it was closer to 1500 mm wet You can use dry sandpaper for this. It looks like they changed the color code so it more closely matches sandpaper. Since the numbering now begins with 1500, this could be a result of this. It doesn't matter what you call them, these are the best abrasives you'll ever Despite not being as rough as when new, I still have the first pair I bought about 18 years ago - they still work just fine although are not as rough as when new. You will seemingly never need to replace them, just wash them out with a solvent that is compatible with what you are sanding (mapha and then water if you are sanding plastics, bare wood, or metal). The good news is that if you fine-sand once a week (especially wet sand), these installations will easily pay for themselves in 6 months

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*THANK YOU* for the tip on the difference between sandpaper and micromesh ((No, they won't sand down rough surfaces- The length of the hewn

When I first experienced Micro-I had no idea what to expect Put all ingredients in a stainless-steel bowl and mix well A steel-based alloy There is a scratch on the sink This kit contains the removal solution. It worked fine on various stainless steel items, and even better on tropical hardwoods - I didn't use it on a sink, but it worked well on other stainless steel items There is actually a reflection to the polish applied to Gabon Ebony and so on Unfinished wood is unlike anything I had seen before, not like a mirror, yet also unlike anything I had seen on This is a requirement, by the way. As a result, I purchased the The cards themselves are a full 3" X 4" each It is thick enough for me to write the grit sizes on the side with a fine tip black pen, but I did not measure how thick the foam layer is The fine tip on the It's true, they work fantastically! It is so much better than sandpaper, because it doesn't shed grit, and the abrasive works so well on it. This is a requirement, by the way. When it comes to things like guitar fretboards, I tend to buy materials such as "dimensional lumber. " Blanks for board and other luthier materials My collection is limited to smaller pieces and pieces that are relatively smooth to begin with, simply because I do not own a well-equipped woodworking workshop, which I cannot afford Shop equipped with all the necessary equipment. In addition, anything I do is relatively small. As a result, the smoothing process is as follows Among the many advantages are the ease of applying finish coats, sanding the wood between coats, etc. This is a requirement, by the way. As them are designed to do well, they cannot be used to abrade rough lumber or salvaged barn beams or the like they are not intended to be the first step in abrasion. The ironic part is that *someone* has already given them one star for not collecting salvaged railroad ties to make glass out of- but those stars are not from me These smooth objects of art are hilarious! In all seriousness, I really like these for musical instruments, miniatures, and the like because they work so well, are cleaner than sandpaper, and the sponge/foam layer seems to adapt to curves and imperfections in the surface.

Parker Clark
Parker Clark
| Aug 05, 2020
Buying these fountain pens should be your first step if you are into them

It was recommended by a fountain pen reviewer on YouTube (the pen habit, how to tune your nibs)
what a magical experience to smooth the nib on my fountain pen! You can do it in no time at all. As well as a bunch of cheap chinese JinHao, Hero, and WingSung pens, I also have some high end japanese pens and French fountain These cheap Chinese pens write so much better after smoothing the nibs that they are worth a lot more than pens that cost 50x, 100x, and even 200x more! There is only one downside to these pads, which is the smell of toxic foam. I just throw the pads away after I'm done using them, so I don't mind it I would recommend this as the best $20 you can spend if you are a fountain pen lover. It really is important to buy some cheap but high quality pens to make them write as smoothly as you wish.


| Jun 27, 2021
I highly recommend these sanding pads

What a great set of photos! Using patience and a gloss finish on wood can be made to look like it was put together with a special surface finish. As a sanding pad, I start with 1500 grit and progress all the way to 12,000 grit for sanding knife scales after rough shaping. Two sets of 2 x 3 pads are made from each pad after being cut in half. IMPORTANT NOTE There is a color coded chart to identify the different grits that is available for the pads. If you have poor vision or are color blind, you will find it difficult to discern some of the colors. Since my order has come in order of grit, I take a permanent marker and mark it from 1-9 on the foam edge of each sanding pad to see coarsest to finest. I also use the number on the color chart to identify which is which.

Malik Cervantes
Malik Cervantes
| Sep 01, 2020
I am speechless! What a fantastic event! It deserves 10 stars, but I don't have the ability to do so

In my guitar refinishing project, I just couldn't achieve the high gloss level I wanted with wet sanding and buffing with rubbing compound then sanding again with sanding block and paper. The buffing wheel and compound took it to a degree of gloss and shine that (once finished) looks like it's been done by a professional. It is an absolute necessity for nitrocellulose lacquers who desire a high gloss.

Maria Friedman
Maria Friedman
| Jul 01, 2021
Guitar necks will be smoothed and cleaned with this product

If you only plan on cleaning frets or smoothing frets on the edge of the neck after crowning, then this is the perfect solution for you. Those are the best products to use if you are going to crown or smooth out fret edges on 1 or 2 guitars. Thank you so much for making my guitar neck as smooth as silk! Please note. Make sure you know what you are doing, if not watch some videos on the topic on YouTube!.

Felicity BROOKES
Felicity BROOKES
| Jun 16, 2021
There are 1001 uses in this book

The Microcomputers in these Microcomputers I use mesh sanding pads to achieve magnificent finishes on wooden firearm stocks (and since I am no longer secret), I no longer need to keep this a secret. I then switch over to these after I've sanded my surface with paper to 1000 grit and using a sanding block. The small size means they are perfect for the palm of your hand, but the thinness of the boards makes it easier to feel small curves of the wood, and best of all, there's no need for sanding blocks. In some cases, human touch and a finish sanded by hand are all that's needed. Is it sides, and the pads are quite durable themselves. As they are good for either wet or dry sanding, I have successfully washed and reused them several times. Dirt can trap easily on them if oil is introduced, but they can readily be washed and reused because they are oil-free. I have so far tried to use these fine grits for the final finishing of bare wood (dry sanding) between coats of primer A mixture of oil, urethane, lacquer and BLO is used. It's worked well for me to shine plastics from small scratches and even glass headlights with scratches using a fine grit. Yes, these sanding pads are a little pricey, but they still offer a lot, so in terms of longevity and versatility, they're the best.

Yehuda Bernard
Yehuda Bernard
| May 08, 2021

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