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Flymaster Vario LS - Green

Flymaster Vario LS - Green

Flymaster Vario LS - Green
$ 140.00

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There is a buzzer or thermal sound nearby.
This ultrasensitive variation meter has a reading speed of 10 readings per second and a resolution of 10 cm.
Filter and integration values may be configured with a variable digital filter.
Vario Sound has a fully configurable user interface
There are four Sound Levels (which can be modified via a key or menu).

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to read meters as well as feet on the meter?

Yes, I think so. If you prefer, you can change it to read in feet or meters

Is there a mount for hang gliders on the unit?

Thank you for contacting us. The Vario LS does not come with any mounting hardware apart from The majority of HG pilots use a Flytec bracket with Velcro that goes on the bracket "plate" (which is sometimes called a This should help, be safe during your flight. This is the gene that causes cancer

What is the weight of this item? It comes with the box. ?

The total weight is 8 ounces

Selected User Reviews For Flymaster Vario LS - Green

This is very helpful

It is a product of high quality and reliability that is foolproof.

Loretta Lara
Loretta Lara
| Nov 04, 2020
I was amazed by the low price and the speed of delivery

This is exactly what I need! Thank you for making my life simpler, lighter, and more precise!.

Lilianna Bradford
Lilianna Bradford
| Nov 13, 2020
I am very pleased with the packaging

It arrived in a very good condition.

Rene Riddle
Rene Riddle
| Jun 26, 2021

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