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Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal
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diagonals boast an astounding 99 percent reflectivity thanks to a dielectric coating that has been independently tested in labs
A dielectric mirror coating is more durable and reflective than an enhanced aluminum coating
This design provides a comfortable 90-degree viewing angle when observing the night sky through either a refractor, the Maksutov-Cassegrain (Mak-Cass) or the
This housing is made from machined aluminum and anodized, and has machine-threaded baffles for the best
Using the same size Orion eyepiece filter can be used on the 25" nosepiece barrel

Questions & Answers

How do I get this to work on my There is a match to the first. What do you mean, 25 pieces of eyeglasses?

I'd say it fits in with It would be nice to have two 25 inch eyepieces, but I don't think this would work in a It's important to look at the backside. There is no doubt in my mind.

Can you correct the image with it? What I mean is up to you The down position is L ?

In either case, tradition dictates that the image be inverted to right side up, but in the L-shaped diagonal, no such inversion occurs Keeping R reversed is the best method. In my experience, Celestron provides a decent image diagonal for its Powerseeker and Astromaster scopes, and on their spotting scopes a better 45-degree image diagonal. It is likely that they sell them separately, but keep in mind that for every reflecting or transmitting optical boundary, the incoming light intensity is reduced by 5 to 10%, depending on the surface coating. There is an Orion website on which you can find the correct image diagonal for $50, but it does not Although I find the reversed image inconvenient when looking at terrestrial objects, I have never found it a big issue. There's no upside down here at least. Orion dielectric is a dielectric I highly recommend. There is a lot of detail that comes through with the dielectric mirror, and it not only gives a brighter image but also improves contrast.

Has a defective one been sent to me? My EP comes out freely from where you insert it, and has a lot of play. My Eps don't tighten, and they flop side-to-side, so it seems something is wrong. ?

A scope from another manufacturer has a wider angle so I can see larger animals with my scope. I also own the same model, plus a variation from another manufacturer. Due to the nature of elliptical tripods, where you often flip the telescope around to see the other side of the sky, it has to be free to turn. Larger variable eyepieces and 35mm ones are most likely to produce it, but a small 11mm is more likely to be at ease because it does not sit as far from the center line. The more sky watching you do, the more important an elliptical becomes. There is movement on the planets If you use a higher magnification, it will have moved out of the field of the eyepiece after a couple of minutes. Objects can easily be brought back into view if an elliptical is properly positioned so it points towards the north sky. Turning one of the tripod's two tracking knobs can make it easy to achieve this. As a hobbyist, I had no idea about tripods until I used two I bought elsewhere and failed at astronomy. The second tripod (after the first vanished) was great for looking at sea otters and whales, but disasterous for looking at any Using an elliptical telescope requires that the scope be able to rotate freely as you follow an object from east to west therefore, the eyepieces have to be able to be rotated. Talk to a support representative by calling Orion's 800 number Do not buy new accessories or a scope until you have purchased 1001 already. It was a mistake for me to buy my scope with the assumption it could handle astronomy and wildlife. In my case, I should have invested in a Newtonian Dobson telescope in order to increase the light from deep space objects and planets. My foggy eyes come from macular degeneration and I should have selected a bulkier scope instead of a smaller one that makes it easier to carry, since the trade off in size comes at the expense of sharpness and illumination. Thank you. *br> Hope this is helpful.

Do you use quartz glass in making this?

All in all, I am pleased with the unit. It is not a prism, but a mirror

Selected User Reviews For Orion 8880 1.25-Inch Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

How is it possible for the eyepiece holder's side to turn and jiggle from side to side? It's a no-brainer Having finally figured out how to install this diagonal on my Celestron Omni XLT 127mm SCT, I'm now ready to observe

The side that holds the eyepiece is loose for some reason, and maybe this is the case for all of them, but I doubt it. The game rotates as well as plays from side to side. As far as I can tell, my original did not rotate in any way. There is a need for a SCT to rotate where it attaches to the back of the scope (the visual back), but the rotation is built into where it connects to the scope. An attachment point is located on the side. I've seen Jupiter and I can see my neighbor's trees, so I believe the mirror is fine. We've had some heavy cloud cover for the past few days, but at least I've seen Jupiter and I can still see my neighbor's trees. The screw appears to be made to rotate, and I cannot get it to catch on any threads no matter how hard I try. It is difficult to imagine this diagonal from the side, and I have some wonderful, heavy EPs. The EP has enough play in it so that when I rocked it to one side, it rotated As it was screwed in tight, I didn't have to worry about it falling The first thing I'll do is post this to the questions section to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem as me, before I contact Orion support. I will update this review in case it turns out that I have a bad product or it is a "normal" issue. My problem can be seen in the video that I just uploaded. I tried asking about this in the questions, and I appreciate all the help, but it seems I am not making myself clear enough. It is hoped that this video will demonstrate the issue clearly. I would appreciate it if someone had a quick fix for this instead of arranging a return and exchange. Contrary to the stock diagonal that came with my scope, the mirror on this diagonal is very good. There is little doubt that the difference in clarity is very clear despite the loose end issue. My only concern is that it should be free of defects.

Kaysen Middleton
Kaysen Middleton
| Sep 26, 2020
It is a diagonal star that isn't aligned with the dial

It didn't seem to make a difference in brightness to my dark-adapted eyeballs between going through the scope and directly through the telescope. The scope provided a much brighter image than the diagonal that came with it. A Plossl eyepiece set can take a cheap refractor and make it much easier to view the stars. That may double the cost of a small scope, but it will make stargazing a much more pleasant Additionally, it helps in the upward movement Righting the image so what I see in my main scope is the same as what I see in.

Justice Morrow
Justice Morrow
| May 24, 2021
I am so glad to see such an improvement! The dielectric mirror diagonal that comes with my 90mm scope performs far better than the stock Celestron diagonal that came with it

I have never seen anything like this before! From the ground to the sky, everything is so much sharper and more clear than before. My scope has now grown beyond my wildest dreams (at least for me). I also have the ground object version, which is somewhat uncomfortable when used for ground objects, so I have that as well.

Leah Lamb
Leah Lamb
| Sep 07, 2020
I found the barrel / nosepiece that fits into the visual back to be unreliable due to it being loose from the diagonal body with no obvious way to tighten it

This was not much motion, but enough so that any amount of weight on the eyepiece side would cause it to move out of alignment. (The eyepiece side could be screwed back into place, but with no success on the other side. ) I returned it because the image quality was good, but I was not pleased with the price.

Juliana Williamson
Juliana Williamson
| Aug 03, 2020
There's nothing to worry about

Despite not coming from the factory with this diagonal, I purchase it 3 months ago and I always keep it on my Orion Apex 127mm since it's far superior to the one that comes with it. In recent years, I rarely used the telescope without the diagonal. However, today I saw Saturn with a 6mm eyepiece (257x) and I decided to remove the diagonal to test it. This is a better and well-detailed view, I don't think the difference is due to one percent of a difference in It is better than the one that comes from the factory, but I still see it as a weak link that prevents the telescope from reaching its full potential. My vertical and horizontal lines will now only be used for terrestrial views (only because without the diagonal the image looks.

Martha Lane
Martha Lane
| May 10, 2021
The Star Diagonal is an excellent upgrade from stock

The star diagonal upgrade is an excellent upgrade from the standard one. With this Orion 8880 1, I've replaced the stock Celestron 8SE star diagonal (which works just fine). Age 25 to A couple of notches higher in viewing quality than the inch dielectric mirror is the Diagonal Mirror. The investment is well worth it.

Zakai Dyer
Zakai Dyer
| Jan 22, 2021
An upgrade you cannot afford to miss! We found that this diagonal gave us much better performance than the stock diagonal on our Orion StarMax Maksutov An optical instrument known as the Cassini Astrophysicists face their own set of challenges, and the images they see under this 99% reflective diagonal are a far cry from those that were produced with There is a lot more beef to this component than stock, and the OEM has done a good job making it

Using this brass compression ring, the eyepiece can be held securely in place In terms of packaging and shipping, everything was excellent. Make this one of the upgrades that you include on your punch list *rayb* RayB.

Aislinn Casey
Aislinn Casey
| Feb 15, 2021

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