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Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope) Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope)

Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope)

Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope) Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope)
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High performance XLT coatings applied to the diagonal of the SCT mirrors 2"
Tests are conducted with an interferometer to ensure quality there is a 10th wave mirror
In addition to being precision machined, housings are also aligned in just the right way.
This package includes a 2" to 1" converter. The adapter is 25" and the case is aluminum

Questions & Answers

In the first place there is. What is the thread size on the bottom of the 25 to 2" adapter to accommodate ?

Two 2"-wide panels will have to be purchased The 25" adapter must be purchased

Can you use a 25-inch telescope?

The 9 will fit it, yes.

What is the compatibility of this with the 11" edge HD?

This should be the case. As many of you know, my C14 also came with one. Having said that, I can't figure out why my I have a C11 XLT and a MB25. What about an edge 1100, wouldn't that work? As with the 14 and 1100, the 1100 also comes with the same back.

Is this compatible with a 1 1/4 inch From the photo, it appears to be so. ?

YES, it comes with an adapter for 1 1/4

Selected User Reviews For Celestron 2-Inch XLT Diagonal Mirror (for SCT Telescope)

The compact diagonal is a smart choice

I'd like to share my second one with you. As part of the first one, I already already owned an 11" Edge HD. I wish I had the metal case that comes with a retail version. One I'd really like to have with my Edge would have been perfect. While the quality of the product is excellent, I did not get the 2" to 1 ratio when I purchased the one from Amazon. There is an adapter for 25" which is really strange, but it does happen. Unlike anything I have ever purchased from any telescope company, this item is packaged better than I have ever seen. I do not really feel that the lack of adapter effects my rating Taking a 4-step approach The rating is based on the fact that it would be great to have a version of this that uses the rear cell in full for 11 and 14 inch SCTs to make sure as much light comes through as possible. In my imaging with an OAG, I used an adapter made specifically for this purpose and I opened up that entire rear cell. I thought it was a good price for a diameter of this caliber. The Flatness Standard that Celestron states it has been interferometrically tested is important, and I believe it from knowing people who work there. But it would be nice if they said Some of their competitors seem to do it at 1/10th or even In addition to being less important in a diagonal, I also do not really change my rating. Although I have a few nitpicks, I definitely recommend it. This one would be it if I choose another SCT threaded scope which also threads straight onto the SCT thread. Due to the lack of adapters, I may have to try other methods this time around in order to fully utilize the incredible telescopes Celestron produces. Using interferometric tests as well as other tests, there is no doubt that they know what they are doing. In other words, if it is what I need, I don't have a problem purchasing it again.

Kamari Bates
Kamari Bates
| Jun 18, 2021
Compared to stock diagonal, this is an incredible upgrade

Based on reviews, this is the very first telescope I have bought. I recently bought the Celestron 8" telescope. The upgrade is indeed very nice. I was so surprised at how much bigger this is than my stock diagonal. The size would probably be two times larger. It is packed in a cool case with foam lining that protects it from top to I find the case to be overkill but I am very happy with it. Due to the fact that I just got it today in the mail, as well as the fact that the sun is shining in the sky, I haven't used it yet. It will be used tonight so I will be able to watch the sky for quite a while. Another eye piece (07743) made by Meade has been suggested and I will almost certainly purchase that next. The cost of everything is high, as it is with There's no better way to spend my evening than to enjoy myself!.

Peyton LEES
Peyton LEES
| Nov 30, 2020
I am upgrading my sleeping arrangements

I'm blown away. After putting off buying it for a while, I bought it For years, I have walked on an inch diagonal. The upgrade isn't much of a deal I thought that was the case. Two out of five is really not so bad The inch diagonal is only a means to an end of two inches It wouldn't be as exciting to buy a new and better pair of eyepieces, would it? The upgrade is probably not as big as the new drive, but it is still a nice addition. More than half of them are two Eyepieces with inches are like hundred dollars, so I expected it to be more like a hundred dollars for the diagonal. I was pleasantly surprised. With a diagonal of two inches, the monitor is a much better upgrade than the stock one. With my CPC 800, I received a 25 inch diagonal. Even my untrained eye could easily tell the difference. The image is brighter, clearer, and contains more contrast. Regardless of whether you plan on only using 1, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your stock diagonal to something like this. Age 25 to A diagonal measurement of an inch. In this case, Celestron seems to have taken the package to the next level. My expectations were high after seeing the companion case that was included with the cardboard box. It was supposed to contain a Gucci bag, perhaps. Nothing fancy, just a nicely made telescope diagonal (I'd rather use the diagonal than anything Gucci). The aluminum latching case on this diagonal makes it look fantastic. The top of the box is equipped with a locking key and handle. The case is well designed and it's nice to have the locking feature - but I'm not sure how useful it is. The only thing I hope is that the price did not rise.

Princess Oliver
Princess Oliver
| Jun 27, 2021
"Great Diagonal" is formed by two parallel lines

The diagonal is in place of the cheap one that came with my scope when I purchased it, and I will be replacing the cheap one with this one. A pair of 25" eyepieces that came with my scope were 2". With it is a 25" eyepiece. It is quite capable of supporting the weight of my diagonal because it has a Celestron NesStar 8 SE. One thing you should keep in mind is that it is a large diagonal, so you will need to make sure it will not catch on your mount when you are going to place it. Since I use an autoalign system, I don't even mount the diagonal until the autoalign is complete since it may cause the scope to go vertical during the process.

Murphy Carroll
Murphy Carroll
| Jul 22, 2020
I use it with my Celestron C5 spotting scope

My dad gave me the eyepieces with 2" diameter that I inherited from him, so I wanted to use them. There is no need to measure alignment with this diagonal as it screws right on. It appears that my 2" eyepieces have a better field of view, but I have not had the chance to compare them to my 1". A set of eyepieces measuring 25" To see fainter objects, I need to improve my vision. There is a locking metal case that holds the diagonal, and that seems to provide greater protection than the rest of my gear.

Aya Dougherty
Aya Dougherty
| Feb 26, 2021
It's a First Rate Diagonal

The 2" is very reasonable in price. The XLT Diagonal is a very attractive aluminum foam-encased, metal device that is made for comfort and elegance A box with a liner. Initially, I thought some parts of the machinery were plastic, but after closer inspection, I found that it is all metal. There are parts of the metal that have been polished so well and are so perfectly black coated that they can fool a person into thinking it is I found it to be easily threaded onto the back of my older Celestron 8, but I found it to be a little stiff when releasing the unit to turn it. By lubricating the threads, this problem can be solved easily. It takes just a little wax to rub them. It is okay to use white candle wax and the drawer ease compound sold at hardware stores. It will rub right on the telescope's threads, and you will need to wipe off any excess with a tissue prior to threading the parts back The eyepieces slide in very easily, and I really appreciate the bronze bushings on the inside, which prevent screw damage to the eyepieces and aid in holding them securely in place. It appears to be an exceptional optical performance, though my initial test is limited by the The new prism diagonal is a distinct improvement over the old prism diagonal. The conclusion is that this is a top-notch film It is a well-made diagonal that is finished well and a good value. It provides significant value and is a great way of upgrading.

Galilea Boyer
Galilea Boyer
| Nov 25, 2020
Split into two, instead of two

A 25" adapter is required. There is a small screw in the 2" to 1" nut. Shearing occurred on the 25" adapter that secures the eyepiece. What are the chances that this will make it It is hoped that Celestron will replace the part, but it is still possible to use the old Meade diagonal if no replacement is provided. The world seems to be in a state of flux at the moment.

Damien Perry
Damien Perry
| Jun 22, 2021

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