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Maxell 190135 Protective Thin Clear Plastic Easy Storage CD & DVD Sleeves White 50 Pack (Paper)

Maxell 190135 Protective Thin Clear Plastic Easy Storage CD & DVD Sleeves White 50 Pack (Paper)

Maxell 190135 Protective Thin Clear Plastic Easy Storage CD & DVD Sleeves White 50 Pack (Paper)
$ 3.49

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Protect, store and share your valuable CD's and DVD's
Optimize your storage apace with sleeves which are less than half the space of a slim jewel case
Audio & Video Media
Each sleeve's back flap secures and protects your disc from scratches, dirt and fingerprints
Clear plastic windows allow you to identify your discs easily

Questions & Answers

These are for CDs and DVDs of normal size?

Those are for CDs and DVDs that are normal size 5" by 5"

Do the packs come with a lot of cards?

There are fifty of them

Selected User Reviews For Maxell 190135 Protective Thin Clear Plastic Easy Storage CD & DVD Sleeves White 50 Pack (Paper)

I probably wrote the dumbest review of all time

The latest update is from April 22, 2021, and I think I ordered these DVDs again when my client requested more DVDs, because they're the cheapest options The one I received had 51 points, which is ironic. I was rated with 2 stars for receiving 49 on my very first purchase, which totally makes sense. I don't think I've ever written a review so stupid. **ORIGINAL POST*
I don't think you've ever read one of my reviews before. One of the duties the makers of this product had was to make it, and you shamefully failed. I first congratulate you for creating an ultra-cheap method of storing CDs and DVDs, one that is flawless. Second, you advertised that you were selling a 50 pack of these cheapo containers. purchased this because I was assigned a video project that required 50 DVDs. I decided to buy a 50 pack of blank DVDs and a 50 pack of paper cases, but I only received 49. I had to spend 10 minutes searching my office to find a similar new paper case and rather than simply putting my last DVD into the 50th paper case, I had to put it into the original 50th This is an utter and complete failure and merits 2 stars from me.

Emmie Chapman
Emmie Chapman
| Mar 24, 2021
It is a good product, a little thin, but is suitable for what I intend to use it for

I am happy with my purchase.
I like the fact that there is a little tab to hold the CD or DVD firmly in place. This is a white plus.

I will buy it again if I need one.

Canaan Moyer
Canaan Moyer
| Jan 25, 2021
Compact disks, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs that are affordable This case is part of the Ray Media Cases series

In case you need a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray When you are looking for Ray media cases that have a budget-friendly price, look no further than these. In order to transport media easier and more safely, I purchased these bags. The document does what it is supposed to do. The case is a simple design without any frills or fancy features. Media handouts such as promotional posters or training videos are especially good for this. This media protection method is one I would recommend to anyone who is still in need of it.

Lian May
Lian May
| Feb 23, 2021
I was surprised at how sturdy and lightweight it was

A few days ago, I bought too many CDs. I was hoping to burn some music for my friends and family. It was a relatively inexpensive and effective way to maintain the safety of those discs. It is durable and lightweight, making them easy to store, not to mention easy to see what discs are inside. The sleeves have a clear side, so you can quickly see what discs you are burning.

Aviana Valenzuela
Aviana Valenzuela
| Sep 24, 2020
The perfect solution for my problem

The cases I have are for storing multiple CDs & DVDs, but these clips work great when you only need to transport one CD & DVD for lending. It is good to have extras on hand in case I need them at any time, although I am doubtful that I will use all 50 at once.

Lennox Gonzales
Lennox Gonzales
| Nov 22, 2020
Exactly what it says it will do

The sleeve consists of white paper with a clear window and a folding flap for closure. May 2020 is the date when I will order a box of 50. They did not have any adhesive on the flap, and they did not come with a brush. My only option is to use a piece of tape to seal it, no problem.

| Oct 05, 2020
A nice paper sleeve for CD and DVD

Quite recently, I purchased a box of 100 blank MaxellBlank Media CD/DVD Paper Sleeves (specifically the 100 count Maxell Blank Media CD/DVD Paper Sleeves) and I am very satisfied with the purchase. Their price was not too bad, they gave me exactly what I needed, and I am very satisfied with their work. Yes, it is. Many have complained here about the thinness of the paper used for these sleeves. Although I do not think they are bad at all. In addition, the paper used in these sleeves is likely a bit thin. There are likely other brands that have a thicker paper available in the marketplace. My experience is that these work well.

Kara KAY
Kara KAY
| Jul 07, 2020
It was exactly what I wanted

White mailing envelopes made of light weight paper. They aren't as thick as my mailing envelopes, which I guessed at by touch, but not so thin that they would be A cellophane view window swings out from the back, and there is a flap that clips into a horseshoe-shaped recess. This is not a mailer if that is what you are looking for. The envelopes allow for easy mailing of CDs and DVDs I make, either in a padded manila envelope or on a card. It felt like the price was excellent for the quality and I so returned to this page so that I could put them on my Shopping Wish List, so I wouldn't have to search for them In addition, I mentally noted the name of the seller, Plexsupply. It isn't easy to find exactly the right ones. These are available in a variety of colors that I am interested in.

Khaleesi Valentine
Khaleesi Valentine
| Nov 06, 2020

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