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Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch

Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch

Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch
$ 27.99

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Product is either manufactured in the USA or imported
Circumference of the wrist is 5 inches
The dial has gold-tone full Arabic digits and mother of pearl detailing
With a mineral glass crystal and a gold-tone brass case of 25mm
watch dial that glows in the dark

Questions & Answers

This watch has a band that is adjustable. How do I adjust it?

At the mall, I took my watch to one of those watch repair places for it to be adjusted. We were glad we did Having worn the watch for a few years now, I have grown to enjoy it.

Is the circumference of the bracelet of this watch the same all around but with the band stretched out?

My best guess would be 7 inches, but it is extremely difficult to measure accurately. Although my wrist is relatively large, it fits well (doesn't have to stretch, but also doesn't slip around as much).

Does the band have a certain length?

I appreciate you asking the question, Joann. About eight inches is the diameter of the women's bands. Included in that measurement is the face of the watch.

I need to replace the band on my watch. The spec states that it is 11mm wide. Is that the width of the band I need to order?

With a band width of 12mm, this watch has a slim profile. The timepiece can be returned to Timex for replacement, or a replacement band can be bought from any 12mm leather croco band store.

Selected User Reviews For Timex Women's Essex Avenue 25mm Watch

DYI adjustment of band on great watch, not so much on the band itself

Thus far, I like this watch a lot! It took me a while to decide to buy it since I was worried about how large the strap would be and that it would be too shiny, but I'm glad I picked it up. The watch is more of a shiny gold than a matte gold, but it is not cheesy bright-looking To take an accurate photo, I tried to pay attention to the details. There is definitely a slim look to it, so if you prefer an even chunkier look, you might like the men's version better. Having the indigo and water resistance features is really important to me. However, if you do it yourself, be prepared to adjust the band size. IF YOU DO IT, IT IS NOT FUN. At first, I thought I might be able to wear the watch after taking it out of the packaging. I'm not interested. The wrists on my right hand are rather small, so I removed 8 links (a little over an inch). As I am too cheap and lazy to drive to a watch repair shop, I chose to do the task on my own by watching In case you want to give it a shot, here are some tips You should have as many tools in your possession as possible. For jewelry, you may need a 00 flathead screwdriver, a needlenose pliers, a small awl, tweezers, or fine needlenose pliers. This is not a very complicated procedure, but it requires precision and patience. It was a case of lack of patience on my part. Even though I did it successfully, you can still see that I didn't quite get it right at one point. There is no. Do you know if it's safe? In fact, yes. Being lazy makes me a perfectionist. How does that make me feel? In fact, yes. This is what I suggest I suggest taking it to the watch shop unless you have small tools and can take care of it yourself!.

Dior Larsen
Dior Larsen
| Nov 11, 2020
A mother with a defective heart My new and smooth watch face in the above picture is on the left versus my old, pearly watch face Two of these Timex Essex Avenue watches with the mother of pearl face have been owned by me over the last decade

My old Essex Avenue watch stopped working a few weeks ago. I ordered a replacement from Amazon when the old one stopped working. I have been very pleased with them. As soon as I received the watch, I noticed the mother of pearl face was a little rippled, but nothing that was too bothersome. Neither of my last two watches had a defect in the face made of mother of pearl. I had only owned the watch a week when I encountered problems with it three times. A few days ago, I received my second watch after sending it back for a replacement. As soon as I opened the package, I was greeted by how bubbled and rippled the face of the mother of pearl There was nothing cute about it! I notice that the quality of the face of the watch has declined quite a bit. The watch is so beautiful, and I was so disappointed in the looks. As a result, I too will be returning this watch. You can see the bubbled face of my new watch next to my old Timex watch in the pictures below.

Braelyn Tate
Braelyn Tate
| Oct 15, 2020
I like it

This watch had been on the market for two months, and I went into this purchase expecting to face the issues that The appearance of The finish was just as I expected it to be- Brass that's polished and shiny You've got a nice design and I really My opinion is that it isn't too bright or tacky. I like it because it's simple, classic - A beautiful and elegant design. My favorite part about this mother's sheen is its quiet rainbow sheen Pearl dial, and I like that red numbers are more subtle than black or some other color you would expect to see on a dial. As far as fit and adjustment are concerned '3 cm), and the band almost slipped on without any adjustments. Due to the way the links slid, I edited it and took out three of them based on a tutorial from The Watch Prince See more info A link should be removed by following these steps An expansion. Although I was able to adjust this metal bit with no problem, I do have some experience adjusting tiny metal bits since I've made jewelry and fixed sewing machines. There were also two pair of precision needles I had with me It would be very difficult to do without a tool like that. *gr>*hr>Based on the proportions in the picture, the watch is smaller than I expected, even after holding up a ruler to see what a 25 is. This is how a 5 mm case and a 12 mm band would look. It flatters my small frame nicely. There is no problem with the backlight The light turns on when you push in the stem (the knob for setting the time). You will immediately see the light turn off when you release the stem. This clock is extremely appealing to me because the numbers on every hour mark and thin black lines on every minute, do not detract from the beauty of it. I prefer the look of regular link bands, but the expansion (spring) band is also convenient. It was my intention to purchase a metal band for $10 or less Since installing the new band, I'm very happy with it. I was going to spend $20 and replace it myself, but now that I'm wearing it, I'm very pleased with it.

Hudson Strong
Hudson Strong
| Jun 20, 2021
These keep selling to me because I love the Indiglo

It is a Timex watch as per standard - it is a black dial with blue accents. The wristband is really long, I've ordered an extra-long size since my last purchase of a similar watch had a much smaller band. This has an absurdly long wristband, it's actually way too long. However, since it is an expandable band, I wear it a little higher than usual. These keep selling to me because I love the Indiglo. The hands are easy to see in the dark movies or wherever it is too dark to see them. Though they are not fancy, Timex watches provide confidence and accuracy.

Axl Hughes
Axl Hughes
| Oct 08, 2020
Color of the band is nice but

Dark burgandy is what I would call it. My small wrist fits in this band. I was looking at replacement bands and found them to be 12mm in As a rule it means my watch faces (body) are more elevated above my wrists because the bottom is thicker than other watches I've had, so it doesn't seem to be a problem to me. This time, I have a second hand more familiar to me than other models I've had before. The body for the new watch feels heavier than other hands I've had. This is a keeper for me, but I may replace the band with something else.

Malaysia Nash
Malaysia Nash
| Dec 11, 2020

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