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Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket
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The outer shell is made of 100% flight nylon, and the lining and fill are both made of 100% polyester.
It is imported
Closure with a zipper
The only cleaning method that works is dry cleaning
Original Design - A piece of military gear crossed over into civilian fashion when the MA-1 fighter pilot flight jacket was introduced. With classic military specifications and designs from the original outerwear for the U.S. military today, today's version is still very similar to its origins. The pilots of the Air Force and the Navy. It is part of the DNA of the MA-1 jacket to be dedicated to quality as it was in 1959.
SPORT YOUR STYLE - The signature "Remove Before Flight" red hang tag on the utility pencil pocket on the sleeve and the Alpha Industries logo on the zig-zag zipper extension show off your personal An adjustable tonal drawcord completes the look. It's accented by knit rib cuffs, collar, and waistband, two lower flap pockets, two interior welt pockets, and shirred sleeves.
With a reversible flight jacket with water-resistant nylon on both sides and double zipper pulls, it offers a combination of form and function. MA-1's interior mirrors its original design as it reverses into Emergency Orange lining, which was originally used for rescued pilots to call for help in the event of a crash.
Fit and Recommendations - The MA-1 flight jacket has a Core fit with extra room in the body and sleeves, and sits at waist length just above your hips. In mild or moderate weather, this piece works well as a layering piece. Additionally, this jacket is unisex, with a men's core fit that is true to size, and a women's fit that is two sizes down.
The shell is made of 100% Flight nylon with 100% nylon lining and 100% polyester filling. The only method for cleaning is to dry clean.

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if these jackets are ?

The jacket I show you looks like a war jacket, however, as I do not speak your language and I'm not sure the translation is accurate, what I can tell you is that the jacket makes me think of a war jacket. In addition to having a prestigious mark (brand), Alpha Industries provides the most advanced equipment on the market. Since 1959, it has been part of the U.S. Air Force. In my home (with me) I have ten of them. Please accept my sincere advice (recommend) that you get this jacket. I hope I have helped you, hello, I recommend that you reconsider it somewhat. Hello Rafaela, if the translation is correct, if the translation is correct, it is true that you resembled the dresses of the war. The Alpha Industries brand is an authentic, prestigious brand, bringing it to the people of the United States. Since 1959, the United States Air Force has been around. The ones I have at home are superb I have a dozen of them. You will benefit immensely by reading this book, I am confident that it will help, a warm greeting to the U.S.

A large would be too big on me because I will be layering it under a hoodie. I'm 5'6 and 140 lbs. Would a large be too small for me?

The medium is a good fit for me since I'm 5'9 170 lbs. How well it fits me is what I like. The large would be ok, but being baggy would make it uncomfortable. Those who know you would think of a large as

The red tag is attached to the arm. Does it come with it?

I believe that you're right, the MA-X A red key chain with the "remove before flight" message comes with the 1 unit.

The size of me is 176cm, and the weight is Is there a size that you would ?

It does fit a little big but if you plan to #layer it fits small or medium well. However, you will look #sick as it elevates your steez by a hundred times anytime you wear this jacket

Selected User Reviews For Alpha Industries Men's MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

We don't sell a China knockoff, we sell the real thing

so I recently bought a jacket from another store and was packing it up to return it as soon as it arrived. There was a missized Chinese knockoff of this item. I think this jacket (although it's made in China) is authentic. This product seems to fit according to the size chart. Heavy duty construction, and it is well worth the extra $40 as opposed to all the knockoffs out there. Despite being a big man at 6'4" and 280 pounds, the size XXXL was exactly right for me. I love the fact that it doesn't ride up my back or up my There is no need to settle for the $45 one, it is junk. By its weight, it is apparent that it is well-constructed and durable. If you are looking for a jacket of this type, don't buy the $45 one. Buy a quality product to avoid disappointment.
Alpha, if this jacket were made in America, I would give it a full five stars. The garment looks great, and I'm eager to wear.

Elora Baker
Elora Baker
| Apr 24, 2021
If you are complaining about the fit, please check out the Alpha Fit Guide

2XS 14-32" The 14 1/2 to The 31st and 26th of December 30 - 31 A 30-day period is 31-31 The 31 31 Regular 5'6" to 6' 120-150 The following model is available in sizes 110*XS I am 14 and a half years old. A 34-28-year-old woman The area between 30 and 32 The 34th of March, The following parts include 31 1/2 131- 14*S - 145 I am 14 1/2 years old and 35-years-old The age range is 38-30 The following are the 32-35 36, 32, 37 The 33-11/2 145-word passage is as follows I have 160mm of height and 15-inch legs The period from 15 1/2 to 38 looks like this The number 40 is 33. 34 35, 38, 39 The number 40 is 33. I am 34 32 166- I'm 175 cm long, 16 inches tall This is the 16 1/2 42-inch version The 44th 36th 38, 42, 44 I think it's 44 34,5 I have a 35. 32. 175. 175 form. 190 pounds XL 17 inches 46-17 1/2 as a whole I. 48 40-II. The following is a translation of 4246 The following are the pages 48 35-39 32 1/2 190-36 32 1/2 I am 215 pounds 2XL 18-inch I am 18 1/2 years old and 50-years-old I am 52 after 44 The following are the 46-50 index numbers 48, 52, 36 34 1/2 32 15- The following measurements are in 3XL 19-br I will be 19 1/2 years old on January 5, 54 The following are the 56-48 code numbers I am 56 years old and weigh 37. 5 pounds The line is 3833230- The dimensions of two 4XLs are 245
20- The 20 1/2 year old 58-year-old This will take 60 minutes 52 seconds The 54th through 58th indices are reversed There are 60 people who are -39 33 245-17 The dimensions of the 260*XL 20-inch are A 20 1/2 62-year-old woman 64 56 52 The numbers are 58, 62, and 65 39-66 35 33 265-0 * Brought to you by 275*MT The period from 15 1/2 to 38 looks like this The number 40 is 33. The following information is from 35-38 The following is a 40-34 ratio The tallest 35 people are 6'1" to 6'4" in height and average 170-185 pounds The majority of 185 people have a LT 16-inch height This is the 16 1/2 42-inch version The 44th 36th 38, 42, 44 The following numbers are in the range 44-35 33 36 185- 33 *200 XLT 17 - 46-17 1/2 as a whole I. 48 40-II. The following is a translation of 4246 The following 48 numbers are 36 and 48 38 1/2 37 3,4 The 225XLT 18-inch tire I am 18 1/2 years old and 50-years-old The number 5244- The following are the 46-50 index numbers I am 52 years old and 37 years old The following is a 40-34-1/2 225-based scale.

Musa Larson
Musa Larson
| Aug 24, 2020
In contrast to the regular fit, the slim fit has a much lower waist

As a result, there are strong threads on the jacket and it is made of high-quality nylon. There is no mistaking the cut and fit of this military-style shirt. After all that, I was comparing the three fits slim fit, standard fit, and this one. In order to understand the original, one must realize that it's designed to work with other military gear and clothing. A jacket that fits over your flight suit and allows you to move freely is necessary if you are wearing a flight suit and other equipment. As a result, there's plenty of room in the upper arm area and a large pocket placed on the left arm of the jacket. You did a great job! Without any problem, I can wear a hoodie underneath the top. Choose the slim fit if you are looking for a less functional, but more fitted look. It is true that the slim fit has less room for arms, but they do look better. It doesn't matter which style you choose. Compared to the other jackets I have, this one has a lot of I don't think there is an issue with them. It only takes a few scissors to get rid of it. To lighten the thread after trimming it low, I use a lighter. Make sure you do not burn anything you don't want to burn when doing this. It might be a good idea not to I love it. of this jacket also reminds me of a tanker jacket I wore while on active duty. Now that you know that, remember that in battle, half the battle is knowing.

Lewis Rivera
Lewis Rivera
| Apr 04, 2021
In Ray's case- The wearing of bomber jackets is forbidden

This jacket is ideal for those who love the Aviator look. If you're interested in ordering this bomber jacket, below is what you need to know. 3) If you are unsure of your size, order one size larger. It's a good thing I ordered the XL rather than the L on me, at least. 3) It is bulky in design. I thought that wasn't a problem, but it might not be for everyone. Watch the movie "The Hunter" to see Steve McQueen. As part of classic styling, that's what you get. It's possible to get a slim fit version of this jacket, but I did not order it and therefore cannot comment. 1) It has longer sleeves than it has a waist, which means when you sit down, it rides up your back. A tall size is available on the AI website, but I'm not sure if it would affect the length of your sleeves. 4) I find this jacket to be A 3-season jacket (Fall, Winter (especially when layered. It's always best to go up a size), and in the If it was cold in the arctic, I am not sure how it would hold up, but in the summer (even on cool nights I think), it would be 5). It looks great and is versatile. This jacket can be worn for both work and play, unless you want to dress up for a formal business setting.

Yusuf Ortiz
Yusuf Ortiz
| Apr 06, 2021
My favorite part of this jacket is the hood

My favorite part of this jacket is the hood. This jacket is a great quality, warm and versatile jacket. I stand at 5'9" 176lbs, I have a 41" chest, a 32" waist, 16" arms, and I have a In order to test the medium and small sizes, I bought them. It is a good fit for me in the small. There is no boxy look to the sleeves, which lie just above the waist. Looks exactly like the model in the picture. I find the size small a little tighter at the chest than a medium, but it looks better on my body than a medium. The medium fit in the chest, but the sleeves were too long and bunched up at the wrist. The medium was unflatteringly boxy, especially at the waist. I tried the slim fit medium and it was too tight everywhere but the waist. I am very happy.

Amber Mathis
Amber Mathis
| May 26, 2021
Fit, Finish, Comfort, and Durability combine to give this style its timeless look

Three Alpha Industries jackets later, here I am wearing the third one. Currently I use the first one for chores despite its 35-year old age A black MA-type was my second I have the same one I have for about 20 years and wear extensively, but the zipper eventually ripped but I still wear it extensively, but I decided to treat myself to a new one that has the same quality fit, finish, casual comfort and upgraded zipper as the old one, to be honest. By the way, the jacket listed as Navy actually has a slight greenish cast, making it more teal blue than navy, but I exchanged it for the Replica Blue, which is a nice, dark.

Zaid Krause
Zaid Krause
| Jul 27, 2020

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